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We have been trying to get done with as much outside work as we can this fall before the cold weather comes and would you believe the outlook for the week is around 80 daytime and nights in the high 50’s-mid 60’s – at the end of October! Cold weather not coming this year until November I guess – ok with me saves on the heating bills.

In between working outside I was putting the border together for Williamsburg Beauty.  I thought I had measured right but I hadn’t and needed one more neutral border.  If I hadn’t added another strip around the diamonds would be resting into the brown border which was too close to the print – it would have clashed something awful.


Now the diamonds are all pinned to the border but not evenly spaced – I hope to get to that today – but I might not – I have a hair cut appointment and need to run to Wal-Mart before I head home, laundry to do to.  Melanie is coming over for supper this evening too – so I might not get to the diamonds.  I will need to spread the dining room table out to work on it so I can evenly space things before glue basting in place.


The diamonds will take awhile to work on so I will have plenty of time to think about the next step for this quilt – next border most likely brown if I can come up with enough of it.  Right now the quilt is about 54 inches I believe.  I had not planned on 3 strips so now that beige strip is almost covered up – but there you go I’m not changing it now.


This flower bed is almost all dug up! progress


The big bulbs collected up so far – my foot is a size 9 so that might show you the size of those bulbs.  I have at least 2 more big ones in the bed and maybe 3 more small ones? Something like that.


The area that we started to work on a couple months ago – the deck is now extended a couple boards from where the old flower bed cut in on the corner.  Cement steps and next is a cement sidewalk in front of that which main point is to channel heavy water drainage to the draining area that I couldn’t get a photo of today as Mike had the riding lawn mower and trailer parked over it.  One of the main reasons for the cement work is to keep water from  going under the deck – too much at times with our heavy rain we get in the winter and spring.  I’ll take more photos when we get it done.


This photo from late August shows at a different angle how the flower beds cut into the area by the deck.  We didn’t need to add many boards but about 4 to 6 I guess.  Now it is straight and cement steps – the drainage area is improved but much more work to do.  Taking awhile to do as their has been so much digging to do, transfer plants around, pull out railroad ties, move a rock garden – yes it has been work!  I try to do as much as I can but I know I’m really not doing that much.


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  • Kathi Oct 27, 2016

    I am loving how Williamsburg beauty is coming along and I love the tan between the creams actually… adds interest!!!
    I love all the work you and Mike are doing around the porch too… I can’t believe how big that one variety of bulb is!!! Thanks for using your foot for reference too? Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Thanks to Hurricane Matthew… it has been almost 3 weeks now since I quilted!!!My Profile

    • Karen Oct 27, 2016

      thanks Kathi – now to get those diamonds evenly spaced – maybe they will need a circle appliqued between them to even them out LOL – or maybe a small diamond? huh, just an idea that popped into my head

  • Summer Oct 27, 2016

    The diamonds are looking fantastic, Karen ?
    Summer recently posted…Create From Your Heart ♥My Profile

    • Karen Oct 27, 2016

      thanks Summer!

  • Doreen Oct 27, 2016

    Yes, the season has wound down. Spoke with a Harlingen,TX, friend last eve…..they have had another 90+ day yesterday….warm again today. We are at 40 with the furnace on…..definitely!!! Humidity at 90%+ and drizzle makes one hunker down indoors for sure. Luv the quilt. It will be gorgeous, as are all your creations!!!!!!

    • Karen Oct 27, 2016

      warm here for another week then back to fall weather – feels like late summer right now – windows open though so that is good.

  • Deb Oct 27, 2016

    Those bulbs are amazing. More outside work than indoor here too, and still not very much foliage change even with another frost under our belt the other morning.

    I like how the diamonds look over the border section and that strip just adds interest and depth 🙂
    Deb recently posted…After a summer hiatus my Blue Jay buddy is backMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 27, 2016

      thanks – I have not been too sure about that middle beige but I just do not want to rip again so glad others feel it is ok. I’m not sure what I am up to today – started the day way too early at 4:30 and been up since – today I must fit in some looking for jeans day – I have to try them on no getting around it and my jeans drawer is full of jeans that no longer fit or no longer deemed wearable!

  • Sandra B Oct 27, 2016

    Karen, I love those diamonds! This border is going to be great….I love how the colors tie in so well to everything that has come before it, and it really makes that little border of tiny squares pop! This is going to be an awesome quilt!! Have you decided how many more borders you will add, or is it just plan as you go, and you will know when you’re done?! I just love quilts that evolve as you go!! Williamsburg Beauty was certainly the right name for this one!!

    • Karen Oct 27, 2016

      I think I will just know when it is done – right now after the diamonds are on it will be around 54 inches I think – I know I measured it but didn’t write it down and forgotten

  • CARLA Oct 27, 2016

    I like the diamond border you added! Coming along nicely!
    CARLA recently posted…Finally Finished!My Profile

    • Karen Oct 27, 2016

      thanks Carla – now to get to glue basting and applique them in place –

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