The Postage Stamp Top is Done!!!

Handful of Scraps, Postage Stamp Quilt

Now on to the quilting – well I guess I better finish the Final Frontier first that is.  Yesterday I got furniture moved so I could lay the Postage Stamp quilt on the floor and measure – then cutting white strips for the top and bottom – sewing, measure again and add the sides – then photos! So very hard to get the whole quilt in the photo – I had to stand on top of the coffee table which I had pushed out of the way  – then lean over a bit to center – I guess Mike should have been in the room taking photos of me almost falling over!


Then I scooped it up from the floor to admire it on the bed and to make sure it fit – of course it fits I measured enough times this past year while I was making the darn thing – I started this top back on August 14, 2015 – just a little more than a year ago!  It is about 96 x 99 so I will need to make sure it is not on high heat and I’m not even sure yet about how I will wash it with the wool borders – it has all of course (the wool) been boiled and felted, washed and dried so it should be ok.  4,000 – 1.5 inch squares were used in this quilt with the finish of those little squares being one inch.  I used an almost a large almost full shoe box type of box  – full of 1.5 inch scrap squares and ended up cutting about 300 –500 more before I was done.


A close up of one of the borders.


The other side – harder to get as a narrow area between the closet and the bed there.  I have been very pleased working with wool – it is so easy to work with I have found.  I am already looking through some books for an idea on a wall hanging perhaps or table runner.


Now for Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching I think I will get the Handful of Scraps back in action –  I left off at the neutral areas at the bottom and to the right need to be worked on.  I will also soon be getting back to Williamsburg Beauty which will have some hexies for hand work coming up in a border also.  I am linking to Quilting is More Fun than Housework today and Tweety Loves Quilting and Main Crush Monday #41 and Em’s Scrapbag and Esther’s Quilt Blog.


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  • Sherri I Oct 2, 2016

    Very nice!

  • audrey Oct 2, 2016

    LOVE this so much! The applique border is just perfect!

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks – I too am glad to be done – now to get back to other projects that I neglected the last couple weeks.

  • Tazzie Oct 2, 2016

    Wow! That is just amazing Karen, I love it!

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks Tazzie – I am glad to be done with this – hope to quilt it this winter

  • Gretchen Oct 2, 2016

    She’s beautiful! Looking forward to seeing how you decide to quilt her. Blessings, Gretchen

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks Gretchen – I will be sticking with simple quilting for sure – the quilt is too busy and too many seams for anything fancy!!

  • Swooze Oct 2, 2016


    • Karen Oct 2, 2016


  • Kathi Oct 2, 2016

    I love this quilt… the whole view is excellent! Glad you didn’t fall getting it though 🙂
    I also like how it fits your bed!
    Have a great Sunday working with your Handful of Scraps!

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      it fits the bed pretty darn good doesn’t it!

  • Kaholly Oct 2, 2016

    Oh, my! Congratulations! It is absolutely to die for! XO

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks! I hope the quilting will do it justice

  • Deb Oct 2, 2016

    Another absolutely phenomenal finish!! 🙂

  • Deb Oct 2, 2016

    karen you may WANT it that way but just in case….the usual box to check, indicating this is not a spammer, is gone at the moment.

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks Deb well check it out

    • Mike Oct 2, 2016

      Thanks Deb. I found the problem and maybe this will help with Karen’s excess spam.
      Mike recently posted…A Flower and A PoemMy Profile

      • Karen Oct 2, 2016

        as you can see I put my webmaster onto the problem immediately this morning 🙂

  • Helen Anne Oct 2, 2016

    Congratulations! It looks lovely. I’ve been wondering about just the two borders but that works really well. I’ll need to remember that!
    Helen Anne recently posted…OMG – September ResultsMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      yes it didn’t need a border on the top and bottom – also the bottom of the quilt gets tucked behind the footboard so wouldn’t be seen and I didn’t want wool applique by the head of the bed as our hands would be pulling the quilt up a bit during the night time and I wasn’t sure if we would damage applique over time without intending too

  • Sandra B Oct 2, 2016

    Awesome finish, Karen!! I knew the appliqué borders would look great with the postage stamp blocks, and I was right!! Love this quilt!! So much scrappy goodness…

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks Sandra I thought it turned out really good – shows what you can use tiny scraps for – for sure

  • Karen Oct 2, 2016

    Very stunning quilt. The appliqué completes the quilt. Enjoy it.

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016


  • Quiltdivajulie Oct 2, 2016

    OH, how MARVELOUS!! All those tiny squares add up to beautiful. The appliqué borders are really wonderful, too. Congratulations!!!!!
    Quiltdivajulie recently posted…Scrappy Stitching – Cherie’s Broken DishesMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks! 4,000 tiny squares!

  • Karen Oct 2, 2016

    An unusual postage stamp quilt. I love the setting. And the applique makes it even more special.
    Karen recently posted…Baby Emma Block and MoreMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks – I made the body of the quilt after I saw a design on Pinterest that was a computer drawing – it went no where so I had to make up and went with my own measurements – I wanted a border instead of continuing with more blocks and saw an idea from a book by Wendy Williams that I thought would be good but it was for a wall hanging so I made it a lot longer and used the pattern in the book as inspiration and did it my own way.

  • Stephie Oct 2, 2016

    WOW!!! Karen what a glorious finish, absolutely stunning! Your border’s lovely – the little birds are so sweet. It’s so inspiring – I have a Grandma’s Flower Garden that I’ve been deliberating about the border on for, um, a year or two! I knew I wanted to applique it, and you’ve just given me the confidence to go ahead, thank you 😀 : Love how your hexies are coming along too, it’s the perfect palette for this time of year. Honestly, I’m just blown away today!
    Stephie recently posted…As Luck Would Have ItMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks Stephie! applique borders can really add to a quilt top I think and I will be glad to get back to my hexies.

  • Sandra Oct 2, 2016

    So beautiful! I’m envious as I have a postage stamp quilt that’s been neglected for a long time!

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks Sandra – I hope you finish your postage stamp quilt

  • Deb Oct 2, 2016

    Congrats on a beautiful quilt top finish! It turned out lovely.

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks Deb – I’m so glad I finished it – it will be one of my favorites

  • MaryAnn Mings Oct 2, 2016

    One of the most original quilts I have seen lately. Simple and modern and one of a kind!

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks Mary Ann – the quilt pattern was inspired by two that I saw – one was a drawing on pinterest with no leads back to the person and the other was a border in a book – I combined the two into this

  • Deborah Oct 2, 2016

    I love this border it is so unique to the postage stamp quilt and gives it such character. Your work is stunning.
    Deborah recently posted…First Slow Sunday Stitching for OctoberMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks Deborah – the border is inspired by a smaller wall hanging in a book by Wendy Williams

  • Barbara Oct 2, 2016

    Congratulations, it’s absolutely beautiful! All the tiny pieces of fabric and all the little decorative stitches in each wool piece, just add up to a prize winner.

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks Barbara!

  • JoAnna Oct 2, 2016

    Gorgeous top! You’ll hand quilt it? Your hand quilting inspires me to try. Although I have no where to put a large frame.

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      yes I will hand quilt it – I will keep it to straight lines and maybe a grid in the border – outline the clam shells – nothing fancy – the quilt is too fussy for that! too many seams

  • Pat Evans Oct 2, 2016

    This is absolutely gorgeous. I admire your perseverence and willingness to work with so many tiny pieces. The appliqued border is just perfect.

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks Pat – working with those little pieces made for a lot of seams but I just did one block at a time over a period of four or five months. I love the border too 🙂

  • Quilter Kathy Oct 2, 2016

    OH my goodness this is gorgeous! I love the look of the border with all those postage stamps! Great job!
    Quilter Kathy recently posted…Slow Sunday Stitching Link UpMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks Kathy — I am totally pleased with this quilt.

  • Cynthia Brunz Oct 2, 2016

    Congratulations on getting that lovely top finished. It looks great on a bed. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!
    Cynthia Brunz recently posted…Oh Scrap!: Little Penguin Quilts TutorialMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks Cynthia – I look forward to quilting this quilt but need to finish the other first!

  • Kate Oct 2, 2016

    Wow! I really love your postage stamp quilt. The borders are gorgeous!
    Kate recently posted…Stash Report for Week 40 of 2016My Profile

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks Kate

  • Mary Oct 2, 2016

    What a wonderful accomplishment! I am so inspired.
    Mary recently posted…Sunday Slow StitchingMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks – happy to inspire!

  • Kim Webb Oct 2, 2016

    That is absolutely beautiful. I have enjoyed watching you work on this and now look forward to seeing how you are going to quilt it.


    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thank you Kim – I am looking forward to quilting it

  • Alida Oct 2, 2016

    WOOOW. That is an amazing quilt! I really love the layout and the border. Thanks for sharing and congratulation on your finished top!!!

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks Alida – I really I’m glad I made this border to go with the quilt, I love the way it turned out

  • Paula Oct 2, 2016

    Wow! This looks very nice, especially one the bed. It will be interesting to see how you quilt it. Thanks for sharing your quilting journeys with us.

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      your welcome Paula

  • Judy Dietrich Oct 2, 2016

    Love your postage stamp quilt!! The borders are an unexpected bonus, and makes it so fun!!

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks Judy I’m glad I had the idea at the right time for the borders for this quilt

  • MargeP Oct 2, 2016

    Totally awesome! Love your postage stamp quilt and doing the borders in wool is something I would never have thought of. You are so right, wool is so fun to work with. Thus far I have only done small hangings but I do love working with wool.

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      I think I will be working with wool in the future – table runners, wall hangings etc.

  • Doreen Oct 2, 2016

    Congratulations…. Your Postage Stamp quilt turned out AMAZING!
    The embroidered borders are Gorgeous and really compliment your beautiful postage stamp blocks. This will be such a Treasure!
    Doreen recently posted…Anniversary Block and a month of TreatsMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks!! I do love this border it goes with the quilt so well I think

  • Belarmina Oct 2, 2016

    Karen !! espectacular me encanta

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016


  • CARLA Oct 2, 2016

    Great job on the photo. I usually find my toes in the photo when I try to do that! Looks great on the bed too! Will it be next on the frame?
    CARLA recently posted…TrapuntoMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      yes next up to the frame – I figure if there are no interruptions I might finish the circles in about 6-8 weeks

  • Marie Oct 2, 2016

    Such a lot of work, but I love it. That border is ideal – it just takes everything to the next level. Love it.
    Marie recently posted…Me And Anna LevensMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thank you – I am glad I decided on this border

  • Jenny Benton Oct 2, 2016

    Congratulations – your quilt really is both a labour of love and a work of art! Well done on your wonderful finish.

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks! I love it too

  • Evie H Oct 2, 2016

    Karen, your postage stamp quilt is gorgeous! I, too, work with 1.5″ squares, so I know how many it takes to make a decent size quilt. I’ve enjoyed the journey. Thanks.

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thank you Evie – it does take a lot of pieces doesn’t it – you use so many I was surprised I had to cut more I thought my box would be enough – the second time I have made a postage stamp quilt the first one was twin size about 12 years ago

  • LisaS Oct 2, 2016

    What a beautiful quilt top you have there! Congrats on getting it to this point.

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks Lisa – now to begin quilting it soon

  • Liz Oct 2, 2016

    Wow a beautiful flimsy. Lots of scrappy goodness.
    Liz recently posted…It’s quilted and binding madeMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks Liz

  • Sandie Oct 2, 2016

    Oh my gosh Karen! Your postage stamps are gorgeous!! Way to sew! Your Williamsburg is a beauty too! 😉 Have a great week!
    Sandie recently posted…Looking For A Quick Gift idea?My Profile

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks Sandie I hope to get busy on Williamsburg Beauty soon

  • Patti A. Oct 2, 2016

    That is the MOST amazing quilt I have seen in a long long time. I love it.

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks Patti

  • DEB Oct 2, 2016

    Oh my gosh it is breathtaking!

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks Deb – so many nice comments today

  • Teresa Rawson Oct 2, 2016

    Oooooo…this turned out so very cool! And it is big…wow! I just love your border treatment…
    Teresa Rawson recently posted…Where did my blog list go?!? Anybody seen it?!?My Profile

    • Karen Oct 2, 2016

      thanks Teresa – I have learned after this first attempt with wool applique that I love it!! I can see more combo projects in the future – it is so easy to work with

  • Diann Bottrell Oct 2, 2016

    That is just gorgeous! I love the postage stamp blocks, but the appliqued borders just make it so unique. Beautiful!
    Diann Bottrell recently posted…Scrappy and Useful!My Profile

    • Karen Oct 3, 2016


  • Béatrice Oct 3, 2016

    Original and wonderful and so large ! bravo
    Béatrice recently posted…Summer Solstice Quilt A LongMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 3, 2016

      yes queen size

  • Nann Oct 3, 2016

    What a beautiful quilt! The appliqué border is splendid. Congratulations!
    Nann recently posted…Weekly update: One bite at a time and September stash reportMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 3, 2016

      thanks the applique does make it unique doesn’t it

  • Carole Oct 3, 2016

    Wow, that is incredible.
    Carole recently posted…Autumn Jubilee!My Profile

    • Karen Oct 3, 2016


  • Vicki Oct 3, 2016

    The quilt top looks fantastic! Those borders really make is special.

    • Karen Oct 3, 2016

      thanks Vicki

  • Astrid Oct 3, 2016

    Gorgeous! The border especially, and you know how much I love scrappy quilts! Working on 1.5 inch squares too, just adding them together 6 x 6 squares, haven’t decided on any pattern yet.
    Astrid recently posted…Jelly Roll Race Quilt – Quiltsy Team ChallengeMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 3, 2016

      it takes a lot of tiny squares to get a big quilt doesn’t it. I love the applique on this one too – my first experience with wool and I love it.

  • Patricia Oct 4, 2016

    Such a lovely quilt top – sure to be an heirloom!
    Patricia recently posted…Philippians 1:14. Covered In Love + OMG.My Profile

    • Karen Oct 4, 2016

      thanks Patricia I do love this quilt

  • Glenda Australia Oct 4, 2016

    Oh Karen it is so so lovely, how wonderful to see it on a bed, you have spread Spring all through the room with this quilt, I love it. Not sure I love it enough to cut up 4000 1 1/2 inch squares though. LOL Hugs Glenda
    Glenda Australia recently posted…5th Oct 2016 Mens Tie shoulder bag finished.My Profile

    • Karen Oct 5, 2016

      well it is folded up and put away for now Glenda – it will be the next on the quilting frame though- it will be a very much spring time quilt won’t it or maybe for a touch of spring in the middle of winter

  • Emily Oct 5, 2016

    Great finish love the border
    Emily recently posted…Cookin’ Up Some GoodiesMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 5, 2016

      thanks I think it really worked out well

  • Marsha Cooper Oct 5, 2016

    It’s so pretty!
    I’m currently working on a scrappy with 2 1/2 inc squares and thought that was bad. Not sure I want to go any smaller.
    Marsha Cooper recently posted…WIP Wednesday — My First Quilt Shop HopMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 5, 2016

      LOL – yes 1.5 is small

  • Wendy Oct 5, 2016

    The postage stamp quilt is stunning! I love the border!
    Wendy recently posted…Work in Progress WednesdayMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 5, 2016


  • Beth Oct 5, 2016

    I am *so* doing the happy dance for you Karen!!! I love this quilt and those borders are heaven! Congrats on your finish, thanks so much for sharing on MCM, and have fun quilting it! 🙂
    Beth recently posted…MCM #41 – A Little of This and ThatMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 5, 2016

      thanks Beth – I did enjoy making it

  • Debbie Oct 7, 2016

    I’m treating myself to a fun computer afternoon…catching up on blog reading. Your Postage Stamp quilt is awesome!!! I have a neighbor who wants to start quilting and she was asking about hand quilting…I told her she should look at your blog…very inspirational. Lots of variety in your projects and fabrics.
    Debbie recently posted…A Day of RestMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 7, 2016

      thanks Debbie! I love the postage stamp quilt too and can’t wait to get it on the quilting frame – November for sure! I don’t think I have more than a month left of quilting on the circles at this point.

  • Sally Oct 11, 2016

    It is lovely. I keep thinking of ideas for the 3,000 squares I still have from the millennium. This would be a good one.
    Sally recently posted…Lovely way to start the day.My Profile

    • Karen Oct 11, 2016

      sure would!!

  • Liz Brown Oct 25, 2016

    I absolutely love this postage stamp quilt. I was already loving it, and then I saw the applique borders-swoon! Wonderful job Karen!

    • Karen Oct 25, 2016

      thanks Liz! I enjoyed making it

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