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A little break from the bigger hexies (7/8th inch) and switch to prepping some tiny hexies (1/2inch) for the applique border for Williamsburg Beauty.  Hexies are hexies though and I know I will be taking breaks from this as well.  I need to find a yard of linen type of fabric for the background for the snowman wall hanging – I have plenty for one on the shelf but I will probably make 4 hangings one for each season and I want the background to be the same in case I hang them as a grouping.  Hope to start the snowman work at the end of the week or so – in the meantime I have some of the pieces cut out and on the cutting table.  I think it will be cute when done – have to cut some branches out of the brown wool and various leaves for the mistletoe and holly still but most of the cutting is done.


My table got a little crowded when I decided to get the little hexies cut – I got my project box out and selected some fabric and got some pieces cut to cover the area on the mat – I believe I cut 5.25 x 3.50 inches for the fabric – the freezer paper was cut much smaller – 3 x 2? something like that.  So yes you still have to do a little cutting before you are ready to run your fabric through the cutter.


To give you a better idea of how big the area is for these tiny hexies I laid the cutting ruler over it.



lay a stack over the cutting area, make sure that all pieces are covering the templates.  I have stacks of 4 or 5 pieces here.


I just ordered a new cutting mat for these tiny hexies – I don’t have the right size and do it carefully with this one – I need a smaller one so while they are on sale I placed an order for a 5×10 and another 6×12 as this one is starting to get worn although it can be used for some time still.   The cutting mats are not real expensive and only have to be replaced once in awhile they can be used for a long time.


Pieces gathering up


this is the waste from the size that I cut – not really all that much – of course if you laid this out and drew around each hexie you would be able to squeeze out a few more but this is very accurate and easy – saves some time too if you have the cutter.


Excuse the dirty ironing cover – I am using freezer paper for hexie papers so I bring all the tiny pieces to the board and press the freezer paper down to the hexie – makes it a little easier for thread basting as the hexie stays put.


On the right hand side of the box you can see some prepped as they are much smaller now!  Linking up to MCM#42 Cooking up Quilts and Em’s Scrapbag.


I have plenty more to cut out as I will need quite a few for the chain that I am making that will go around in a square but it is a start – I will pin hexie flowers in place on the wall as I do them and take photos now and then and also be figuring out how many I need as I go along.

The Craftsy Blog says that if you use the code on that page you get half price on classes.  A lot of the classes are already on sale so you might not need the code.  My link takes you to the Craftsy blog where you can get the code.

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  • Liz Oct 10, 2016

    Your seasonal wall hangings will be fabulous when finished. I love the small hexies…no I don’t need any other projects.
    Liz recently posted…Bear Paw FlimsyMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 10, 2016

      I don’t really need more projects either but somehow that doesn’t stop me from starting more LOL

  • Beth Oct 10, 2016

    That snowman wall hanging is going to be adorable! I’m looking forward to seeing the finish on it. Hexies….you really are working on some small ones! Mine are much bigger, and I love working on them when I have a few minutes. Prepping the fabric is the most time consuming part. I didn’t realize there was a cutter for the hexie shapes – I wonder why they didn’t fit more on that die? Looks like there is certainly room, especially for the smaller size ones. (Things that make you go Hmm…..) LOL Thanks so much for linking to MCM!
    Beth recently posted…MCM #42 – Quilting with FriendsMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 10, 2016

      there is room for more hexies on the die I think they could have fit more of each size on it – two of the dies for hexies come with the area for the papers to cut too – the once inch size and the half inch size – I’m not sure if there are any others for EPP like that from accuquilt – it might be something new they are trying to see if people want it – makes it easy you can use freezer paper like I did or cardstock, printing paper – which ever kind you like

  • audrey Oct 10, 2016

    Always so interesting to see how you work! Love your process.:)
    audrey recently posted…Circles, circles and more circles….My Profile

    • Karen Oct 10, 2016

      thanks Audrey – at least my table is a little neater today 🙂 I was able to take all my cut hexies and paper into the living room in a project box and continue from there and leave the wool cut out on my table – found a background fabric but it was on line so maybe I will get it at the end of the week? Should have all my pieces cut and ready to go to work on it

  • Kate Oct 10, 2016

    Love your fabric choices for the hexies. It’s going to be gorgeous. The snowman is going to be fun. Enjoy your stitching time this week.
    Kate recently posted…Weekend Stitching: Butterfly BordersMy Profile

  • Thimbleanna Oct 10, 2016

    Wow — those ARE tiny hexies! They look like they’ll be lots of fun to stitch up. A hexie quilt is on my bucket list — along with a bajillion other quilts LOL!
    Thimbleanna recently posted…Blue SocksMy Profile

  • Kathi Oct 12, 2016

    I love how your brain works with colors… like choosing the colors on your snowman project… just awesome!!!
    Which accu quilt version do u use… I have a press that should hold that die size… maybe next month I will get that small hexi set and give it a go in my cutter.. I have many different plates and shims to get good pressure for cutting!! Can’t recall the name of it but is green and I used it to cut and texture paper when I scrapbooked!!! Lol
    I like how these hexi plates coordinate … please email me the link for ordering these and I can order through your link when they are on sale :). Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Happy Sunday Catch Up!My Profile

    • Karen Oct 12, 2016

      go in through the accuquilt link on the side bar and do a search for hexagons and it is the 1/2 inch size I am using for these small hexies. The mat that I have ordered to fit it is 5 x 10

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