Williamsburg Beauty

Quilty 365 – The Final Frontier, Williamsburg Beauty

I have been designing Williamsburg Beauty as I go and I’m trying for a historic antique type quilt – nothing flashy, not real bright – more of a almost faded type look if you know what I mean – old without being old! LOL  there have been ups and downs with it.  Right now I know I want the tiny hexies in the border but I’m not sure how I want them.  So I’m making them and trying out different arrangements and will decide as I get more of them made.  (the center 4 applique blocks are from the Caswell Quilt pattern).

These are just different layouts I am trying out – sometimes I can decide what I want by seeing it on the computer screen.  I am linking to Quilt Story: Fabric Tuesday, and Mrs. Sew and Sow, and Esther’s Quilt Blog.


A close up – yes some of the colors blend in too much – I am finding that out as I go – not to worry though as whatever hexies do not get used here can go in another quilt as a flower or whatever.


Maybe clustered in the corners?  Maybe a couple vines and leaves should be appliqued to make them look more like flower clusters perhaps? just an idea for now among the many.


One in the middle and clusters in the corners?


Spaced apart all the way around?  Plenty of ways to do it. I originally thought to have a chain all hooked together but I didn’t take a photo of that one – I was busy changing things out and forgot that one.


A little more work on The Final Frontier


A piece of fabric has been ordered  – linen to have for the background of the Winter applique wall hanging and will have enough to do all four seasons if that is what I decide to do – hopefully it will come in by the end of the week or early next so I can get busy with it – all of the pieces will be cut out and waiting for it and for me to get started.

This is where I picked up last night – I have been asked plenty of times over the past year what is that white board across the top of the frame for – it is for my laptop to keep it off of the quilt because of the heat it puts off – I have it hanging slightly off one edge for ventilation – I don’t use my Ipad normally when I am quilting for Netflix because the lights cause too much glare on the screen and the computer works out better for it.  The “plastic” type thing over the board is one of those gripper type of shelve plastics that keep the computer from slipping – I also keep one under the board as it helps keep it in place.  The computer gets put back immediately on the sewing table when I am done quilting – I do not keep it on the quilting frame other than when I am watching a show.


I have all of my tiger lily bulbs now planted and still need to get the daffodils done but I have run out of flower bed areas.  I have over 100+ bulbs – I think for this season I will plant them all in one or two of the raised vegetable beds and let them flower there next spring and then decide where to plant them.  We haven’t had rain in a long time and the ground is getting so hard – it will be easiest to put them in the raised beds – it doesn’t matter if they are fairly close together – the main thing is to just get them planted!  Work continues by the driveway for the drainage area, the drain is in now and the long step – next up is a short sidewalk to funnel the rain water to the drain – get it going in the right direction if you know what I mean.  We actually had to water the area last night so the dirt would be soft enough to work with today – I really do not remember when the last rain was – might get some on Wednesday night to Friday morning the weatherman said – we do need it.

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  • Marianne Oct 11, 2016

    I love the center of your Williamsburg Beauty and think a hexie in the middle is a bit distracting. I like a cluster of hexies at opposite corners – maybe 5 or 7 each? My next favorite would be a few in the center of each side. I’ll be curious to see what you decide!

    • Karen Oct 11, 2016

      thanks for the ideas – when I get about 10 or so made up I will be able to start figuring it out more

  • Teri Dingler Oct 11, 2016

    I agree with Marianne- it is such a beautiful piece of work that the centered hexie draws away from that as a distraction. If you decide to use them I personally prefer the clusters in the corners and your idea of vines would go along with the appliqué of the squares. Beautiful work!

    • Karen Oct 11, 2016

      yes the vines would kind of tie it all together in a way

  • Deb Oct 11, 2016

    I like the corners idea 🙂 Not just the corner but going past it a bit, yes maybe with vines or something ….
    Deb recently posted…Pumpkin Festival Parade & AppliqueMy Profile

  • Wanda Oct 11, 2016

    I think your Williamsburg wallhanging looks nice and formal right now without the hexies. I would consider it done. The hexies add whimsey to it and if I put them on I might use 5 in the corners….maybe try just 2 opposite corners…but really I think it is finished without them.
    Wanda recently posted…4 blocks…………My Profile

    • Karen Oct 11, 2016

      I don’t have room for a large wall hanging so I have ideas for this to grow like a medallion type of quilt. More borders to come – it might turn out that I will hate it when I am done LOL – but I just don’t have room on any walls for it and no one with walls to hand it off to where I know it would be used.

  • Janice Holton Oct 11, 2016

    Oh Karen, your Williamsburg is GORGEOUS! I thought you were posting a finish and I love it just the way it is! However, if you are wanting to add more rounds, like a Medallion, I think I would add one more wide border using the same color background as one of your four inner big blocks and do your hexies with vines and leaves on that. Can’t wait to see what you decide!
    Janice Holton recently posted…A Finish and a Halloween GiveawayMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 11, 2016

      it is nice to hear everyone’s ideas about this quilt. Yes it well have more rounds – I’m not sure how many and what they will be at this point I’m just winging it and deciding as I go. there will probably be another pieced border and then and then possibly an applique border to finish but I’m not sure how or what it will be at this point

  • Belarmina Oct 11, 2016

    Karen me gusta como esta Williamsburg en este momento.
    pienso que ya no necesita nada mas

    • Karen Oct 11, 2016

      thanks Belarmina – I want a large quilt not a wall hanging so it must be made bigger, it is only 43 inches square right now – I want it to be bed size.

  • Doreen Oct 11, 2016

    Your finishes are always so pretty and this one is shaping up as gorgeous as well. I am partial to things being asymmetrical or odd numbers and going from there but if everyone did the same where would the beauty be???

    • Karen Oct 11, 2016

      thanks – yes we all do things differently

  • Kathi Oct 12, 2016

    Hey Karen… I am loving your creativity with Williamsburg… it is such a beautiful piece in progress… look forward to seeing how you set your little flowers on that triple border area too!
    I haven’t quilted in over a week but I do look forward to soon finishing my current starlight project and get to the wall hanging on my nice wood frame :). I love how your frame maker made your tool holder and how you n mike came up with a laptop holder as well! Makes me ponder how mine will get further customized as I use it ? Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Happy Sunday Catch Up!My Profile

    • Karen Oct 12, 2016

      lol Mike didn’t make anything for my laptop holder 🙂 it goes with my Sew Ezi table – it is the piece you put on the table to make it more of a table not an opening for the machine.

  • Nicky Oct 13, 2016

    I you want this one to grow I would consider a hexy flower border all the way round added to what you have already done! Easy to say I know! Have fun whatever you decide. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday
    Nicky recently posted…Scraptastic Tuesday – October Link UpMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 13, 2016

      I had thought to just put the hexie flowers in the corners but when I added the temporary vine to see what it looks like I think I could add more here and there mixed in with the vine – not a straight line but kind of curving here and there and then the clusters in the corners.

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