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Quilty 365 – The Final Frontier, scrap quilts

Last night Melanie and Amanda brought Aniya over for Trick or Treat and it was 83 degrees outside! It feels like summer – it is to change around Thursday but still we have had a week of this now and I’m ready for fall.  (Melanie – and her niece Poison Ivy (aka Amanda) and great-niece Wonder Woman (aka Aniya)  – Melanie didn’t get in costume she has been sick and was going back home after they left here – she just stopped in for a quick hello without breathing on me LOL


I got a picture of Aniya with the Halloween bag I made for for her – she says thank you really well and said it was the best bag in the world.


My Aurifil #12 thread arrived yesterday for the Postage Stamp quilt – I was expecting a thicker thread but very pleased with it – I find I do not need any special needle for it though and tried threading my regular quilting needle a Roxanne #11 with just slight difficulty and the Roxanne Applique needle did great.  I think the Pepper Corey needles that I got are going to be too thick for me to use I am so used to a smaller needle and we all know how hard it is for someone who has been hand quilting for years to do big stitch – I have a feeling mine won’t be all that big stitch.  I put a piece of King Tut thread that I normally quilt with next to it to see the difference.  There are always so many new needles and other notions on the market constantly I wonder – if you had your choice from all the notions you have seen this year what would you buy if you had the chance?


I finished this end of the Final Frontier and rolled it down.  I am linking to Audrey at Quilty Folk for the beginning of the month progress on Quilty 365.  I started my circles on November 18, 2015 and quickly realized I could not make one circle a day and just plowed on through making circles as I wished.  I put the queen size quilt (100 x 100 inches or there about) on my hand quilting frame on July 31, 2016 and started to quilt.  I am almost done with it and plan to be finished complete with binding by the next link up on Dec. 1st.   I actually wish to be done by November 18 and have it been one year in the making.  I am also linking up to Esther’s Blog.


I found it a little bit of a stretch though to quilt to the border too so it will need to be rolled down one more time still!


I finished one block for the scrappy stars that I am making from my 2 inch scrap box.  I had such difficulty with it though!  I am not good with math ok – I kept messing up the measurements over and over again for the stars!!  I am just going by a photo from someone else’s blog and do not have a pattern.  After I finished it I realized I have the accuquilt dies for the triangle and the corner squares LOL – I just didn’t realize – it will go faster when I work on this block now.  One down and how many to go? this is just an off and on project to use up scraps for now.  I will need to come up with a name but will probably end up with Scrappy Stars.  I am linking my scrappy star to Busy Hands Quilts: Fiber Tuesday.


I have been reading blogs from the designers and store owners that went to the Houston Quilt Market this year – have you ever gone to it and the show afterwards?  I know you have to be in the business to go to the market but I do wonder what it is like.  If you have gone to the Paducah quilt show and the Houston Quilt show which do you like better and why?

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  • JoAnna Nov 1, 2016

    I’ve been to the Houston show and thought it was amazing! The quilts were extraordinary and the vendors – oh my! Paducah is on my bucket list and I hope to be able to go in the next year or two! Your quilting continues to inspire me!

    • Karen Nov 1, 2016

      thanks JoAnna – I have been to the Paducah show and it is amazing too – it is about 6 hour drive from me so easy to get to

  • Rebecca Grace Nov 1, 2016

    I’ve tried so many needles. I think the ones in my hand quilting basket are Roxanne needles, but for hand applique I finally settled on Bohin applique needles, size 11 for cotton thread or size 12 for silk. Every other needle I tried would only last for an hour or so before it bent or even broke on me, but the Bohin needles are really STRONG, even the tiny thin ones.

    I never thought to use that orange cone Aurifil for hand quilting. I’m looking forward to hearing how you like it!
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    • Karen Nov 1, 2016

      I had been told that the Aurifil #12 is like perle cotton #12 on the balls – from looking at it though I think it is a little thinner but should still give really good attention to the thread — I mainly stick with Roxanne needles as I have had the best luck with them I have a packet of Bohin needles tucked away someplace I will give them a try and see what they are like – I know I ordered various packets once last year or so to try them out and I don’t know if I ever did!

  • Alycia Nov 1, 2016

    What fun Trick or Treaters you had! Love your scrappy Star block

    • Karen Nov 1, 2016

      I like the star block a lot more than I realized I would – I was thinking just a way to use up some little scraps but can see this turning into a big favorite scrappy

  • Paulette Nov 1, 2016

    Your Final Frontier is looking stellar! Such a beautiful and interesting take on the circle blocks!

    • Karen Nov 1, 2016

      thanks Paulette

  • Béatrice Nov 1, 2016

    Congrats for your almost finished Final Frontier !
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    • Karen Nov 1, 2016

      yes almost done! soon 🙂

  • Dawn Cooper Nov 1, 2016

    have attended both the Paducah & Houston shows. Both are wonderful & have the highest quality of quilts that I have seen.

    I have been to Paducah 4 times & hope to make a few more visits. It is my favourite show & love the town.

    We did it as a road trip from southeast British Columbia. We love the fact that it is in a small city & everything is easy to get to & parking was not a problem. The museum is just a block or 2 from the show venue & there is always a display of antique quilts by the Rotarians at a venue away from the downtown. Other displays are in the downtown & easy walking from the show. Good shuttle bus between everything.

    Accommodation has to be sorted out way in advance of the show if you want to be within 30 miles of Paducah.

    Our 1 visit to Houston was a fly in. The city is so large that we were not prepared to try & drive around & pay for parking etc. The shuttle bus system that was in effect at the time worked well. Not sure if they still have that service in effect any longer. Everything at this show is under 1 roof, half the hall was merchants & half was quilts. It took me a day to do each half. Huge number of merchants.

    I would love to get back to Houston, but not sure if it will happen.

    • Karen Nov 1, 2016

      Dawn I too have been to the Paducah show 4 times and two times I drove myself and it was so easy from where I live about 5 1/2 hours drive but more like 6 and a half with stops along the way to stretch. I like the small town and could do it easily. I have not been to Houston for the show but have been to Houston years ago when family near the city. I hate driving in cities! but would love to see the show

  • Belarmina Nov 1, 2016

    Karen tu edredón esta rapido terminado, ya deseo verle fuera del bastidor
    pitufina esta feliz con su bolsa me alegro
    utilizo las agujas Roxanne y Bohin nº 12 igual para aplique que para acolchar
    acabo de recibir como regalo Hiroshima Needles Tulip aun no las probe

    • Karen Nov 1, 2016

      thanks! I have not tried the Japanese needles

  • Sandra B Nov 1, 2016

    Looks like Aniya was enjoying Halloween! I hope Melanie is feeling better!
    We never know how many trick ‘r’ treaters we will have…. Because the weather was warm here in Virginia, we thought we would have a lot, but ended up with between 25 and 30….Last year we had more than double that amount! So, we have a good stash of candy on hand now….I will freeze most of it and pull it out whenever we feel like we need a sugar fix!!
    We live practically next door to a college, and, occasionally, we will get a group of college students show up at the door….that didn’t happen last night… Most of the kids who came by last night were very young….they were so cute….some of them seemed overwhelmed by it all, but they had a parent, or older sibling along to show them what to do…. It is always a fun evening!

    • Karen Nov 1, 2016

      I wish I had a few more kids – I bought too big of a bag of M & M’s but they well keep!

  • June Nov 2, 2016

    Karen, I second everything Dawn said. Both shows are wonderful. I go to Paducah every
    Year and Houston every two years. If I could only go to one it would definitely be Paducah though. Paducah is simply more fun. The vendors are great and the food is definitely
    Better. Would love to go to some of the other large shows. By the way, next year
    There will be two AQS shows in Paducah. The second one will be in September. Do
    Not know if it will be the same format as their April show but I am going!

    • Karen Nov 2, 2016

      why two shows in Paducah next year? That is weird. I have been to Paducah 4 times for the show – I was just wondering peoples opinions – which do you like better? why kind of thing – curious as to what others feel. I have not been to the Houston show

  • Patricia Nov 4, 2016

    Thank you for sharing your Final Frontier progress! Amazingly beautiful! The scrappy star block is so pretty! A great idea! Thank you for sharing!
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