Hertfordshire Quilt vs. Mrs. Billings Coverlet

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So many have asked me about the differences in these two quilts that are so much alike.  I found photos and you can compare.  If you look closely the very center square are different.  Then go out to about the 5th round – on Hertfordshire you have small nine patch blocks on point, On Billings you have hexie flowers.  From there out it looks pretty much the same to me until you get to  the final border where if you look closely they are different.  I have not tracked down which quilt was designed first but both were taken from a historic quilt that was made back at the end of the 1700’s or early 1800’s from what I have read – anyone know which came first?  EDITED @ 7:31 – Celia left a comment with a link to the original quilt that some of you might want to check out – beautiful – thanks Celia.

This is the Hertfordshire Quilt designed by Carolyn Konig – this quilt and pattern can be found in the book “Creative Heirlooms” by Carolyn Konig printed by Quiltmania.  This is the pattern that if I ever get around to it that I would be making as the pattern is in the book I have ordered.  I believe this quilt design is the one that looks more like the original – but I could be wrong.

Hertfordshire quilt

And this is Mrs. Billings Coverlet designed by Karen Styles you can find patterns for this quilt from various sites, some in Australia and a few here in the states.  You can get the paper pieces from Paper Pieces but no pattern.  You can do a search on her name and find someplace to order if you are interested.  From what I hear most do a combination of EPP and machine or hand piecing for both quilts.

Mrs. Billings coverlet

I stayed busy all day yesterday – I did not even want to dwell on the elections here in the states – I do pay attention to the election process and this past year has been hell to say the least – I just hope all well turn out ok – nothing we can do about it now but live with it and hope the transition goes ok.

I worked outside cleaning out leafs and building supplies that have been gathering up from out outside project then I came back in and worked on my scrappy stars to take a break from the hexies.  I had mentioned a week or so ago that I realized that some of accuquilt dies would work out for the outer borders of the scrappy squares – I was able to use the dies in the smaller box of this package on the right – this is the 12 inch block set of the GoQube, the Accuquilt GoQubes are now on sale until the end of the year – there are three sizes of these – 12inch like what I have, 8 inch, and 6 inch – those are the sizes of blocks that you can make – most I believe have about 72 variations of blocks and now they have companion qubes that make your selection about double what you had.  (sale link at end of post)


These are the two I was using for the stars.


not much waste.


corners are dog-eared for easier sewing.


Four scrappy stars now added to the wall!

scrappy stars

AccuQuilt Die Qubes on sale through the end of the year.  If you are interested in a purchase please click on  the words or the box below.  I appreciate any sales made through my links.


(I am compensated for any purchases made through my links.)

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  • Michele Hill Nov 10, 2016

    Nothing like throwing one’s self into quitting when life gets too much Karen……..a nice escape form politics ever there was one! Love what you are doing xx
    Michele Hill recently posted…Smelling the RosesMy Profile

  • Michele Hill Nov 10, 2016

    That waa supposed to say quilting not quitting!!
    Michele Hill recently posted…Smelling the RosesMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 10, 2016

      LOL – I figured that one out Michele – you should see all the typo’s I have when I am texting my girls and my sister! it can be quite funny at times.

  • Michele Hill Nov 10, 2016

    I think I should check what I type…..this time from and not ‘form’ and was and not ‘waa’…over and out now while I am ahead!
    Michele Hill recently posted…Smelling the RosesMy Profile

  • Marianne Nov 10, 2016

    Those quilts look amazing! I wonder how long it took those ladies to make them – they look like a lifetime’s commitment. I saw a similar quilt last winter in Alabama and took a picture, but I know I will never buckle down and make one. It’s just too complicated and time-consuming for me.

    So glad we have quilting to keep our minds off of events of the day and the future uncertainty. Going to pick my sewing machine up later (it’s been in for cleaning these 2 weeks) – it is my therapy.

    • Karen Nov 10, 2016

      Doesn’t’ the quilt look amazing – I have had my eye on it for over a year now I bet maybe close to two years. If I make though I need to decide what fabric to use. I do like it in the faded type colors in the photos – the browns, pink,I think there is blue in there too

  • Celia Nov 10, 2016

    Karen, the Hertfordshire quilt definitely seems to be closer to the original, which is owned by the Quilters Guild in England. This link should take you to their website where you can see a picture of the original quilt and a few details about it.



  • Ruth Nov 10, 2016

    I saw one of those quilts at a museum last summer. Can’t remember which quilt it was, but it was gorgeous! Will you hand piece, EPP, or a combination? You are one brave woman!
    Ruth recently posted…Dresden platesMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 10, 2016

      Haven’t committed to it yet 🙂 I am awaiting my copy of the book I need to look it over really well and then decide. Some do it all by EPP – others a combination of methods. I really do not know until I look it over well – need to see the size of the pieces LOL

  • Deb Nov 10, 2016

    I came across a video of Bob Schieffer the other day prior to the election where he was commenting and saying ‘it was if America was under a curse ” and he was asking what was next…raining frogs? Like the Bible plagues. He just cracked me up.
    Deb recently posted…Quilting Projects : Election WeekMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 10, 2016

      he can be amusing – kind of a dry humor at times – I can just imagine “rainy frogs”

  • Mayleen Nov 10, 2016

    I’m making Karen Styles’ Mrs. Billings pattern. I think I bought the pattern at Houston Quilt Festival from her several years ago. Its definitely a commitment.
    Mayleen recently posted…Orphan Block progressMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 10, 2016

      beautiful quilt isn’t it. Looking forward to getting my book that has the pattern in it – I can afford it better that way and print out templates as I need them on my scanner/printer – I will probably do some of it by hand, machine and EPP – but first to get the book and then start thinking of fabric – what fabric colors and design are you using.

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