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Finally a little progress on Handful of Scraps.  And thank you to one of my readers that pointed out to me that I had 2 hexies too many on my bottom row – I had noticed them the other day but I was thinking I had to add two more to the row without really looking at it but in fact the two I had there had to be removed and they were!

So I finished one more hexie and stood back and took a photo – progress!

Handful of Scraps

The pattern for those of you that do not know the finished look – but it is not my finished look as I am not doing the applique – at this point I do not know how I will finish it – that applique though is too much for my taste.


One more Retro Air Ship Propeller block – I now have my two blocks a month caught and have a total of six blocks – I am trying to stick to two blocks a month for now with all the other projects that is ok I think

Retro Air Ship Propeller

The purple and deep indigo blue (almost black ) is the newest.


The Final Frontier that was worked on Thursday night.


This is what is left – I got 1/3 of the way across Thursday – I might be done by the end of the weekend.


Craftsy is beginning to have some Pre-Thanksgiving sales – you might want to check them out.  Fabric has been added to what was a depleted stock if you have been checking you would have noticed a lot of things as being out of stock.  Craftsy has introduced their new fabric line called Boundless – and they have Batiks!! Lots of them.  Another line introduced is Colonial Manor – if you are into knitting and crochet a new line of yarn called Cloudborn has been added – these that I list are all Craftsy lines and are lower priced than some of the other products that are still available although some have been discontinued.  If you are interested in sales now is the time to start checking these products out!  Great time to be buying Christmas gifts or making them – for you or for others!


(I am compensated for any purchases made through my links.)

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  • Deb Nov 12, 2016

    I love that applique border but doubt I’d have the patience to do four of them! 🙂 Your stars on the wall look nice and blend in color-wise with the hexies. So pretty.
    Deb recently posted…Small Town TragedyMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 12, 2016

      You know I put the stars up on the wall to see what they look like and I liked them with the hexies too – I’m leaving them there for now and have been wondering if they would work for a border – just an idea for now

  • Sandra B Nov 12, 2016

    Great progress, on several fronts!!
    Handful of Scraps is really coming along …. love your scrappy stars! …. Quilting on Final Frontier is so close to being finished … And the Retro Air Ship Propellers are looking great! Thanks of sharing all your projects…you give us a lot of inspiration!!

    • Karen Nov 12, 2016

      thanks Sandra! I’m working on too many things right now and sometimes if I will ever get things done!! LOL at least I know I should finish Final Frontier tonight or tomorrow

  • Connie Nov 12, 2016

    I’m loving the propellers. They look great.
    Connie recently posted…CookedMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 12, 2016

      thanks Connie – when I first started them I wasn’t sure if I was going to find them interesting but when I started to use a various amount of light color backgrounds instead of just white it regained my interest – I guess I just like things scrappy!

  • Debbie Nov 12, 2016

    just curious..do you quilt away from yourself or towards yourself? I use a hoop so it fascinates me that some have the ability to quilt away.

    • Karen Nov 12, 2016

      Debbie I use little thimbles that stick on my fingers – I use a little metal disc on my middle finger and a leather disc on my thumb – that way I can quilt any direction. Do you need a link to the stick on thimbles or have you seen them?

  • Sharon S Nov 13, 2016

    I hadn’t realized that your Handful of Scraps quilts was an Edyta Sitar pattern. I just discovered her this past summer – love her work, but it looks so complicated!!! I have her butterfly pattern and her “Friendship Strips and Scraps” book, but haven’t started anything yet!!! Maybe after the holidays…..

    • Karen Nov 13, 2016

      I like a lot of her work but I don’t care for the applique with this quilt for some reason and this one I think she had intended for machine applique and fusing which I do not do with applique! I know I would loose interest and it would sit for awhile

  • Debbie Nov 14, 2016

    Thanks, Karen I will have to try the stick on thimbles. Yes, i have seen them,thanks !

    • Karen Nov 14, 2016

      good luck! if you try the metal stick on’s take them off very slowly with a fingernail pushing the stick on part back to the metal – sometimes especially after the first session that part can come off easily and you don’t want it to as they can be reused for hours of work – normally one adhesive last me about a week of quilting an hour or two in evening on the metal piece

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