No Quilting – A Trip to the Zoo


I brought a bag of quilting stuff with me and I haven’t even touched it! Today was trip to the zoo and then a drive out to the area Mike lived when he was in high school before he joined the navy and left the Houston area for good.  Maybe I will get to some hexies yet in the evenings? We will see.  In the meantime here are a couple photos of the critters at the zoo.


The last time we had went to this zoo was back in 1972



This is one of the biggest Long Horns I have ever seen – a bit different than the Texas long horn  this one is from Africa.  I always feel sorry for the animals at the zoos – I hate seeing them caged – some of course are almost extinct and being hunted for their ivory, their parts etc. but not all of them!


Sunday is our last day here – might rain – it might be an ideal day to wander the Galleria Mall – huge place with all the pricey stores – nice to browse now and then – don’t do it often – maybe find a movie also then head back to small town USA on Monday

Thanks for all the comments and to Celia alerting me to the fact that Mrs. Billings is in a book also – I will be looking for it!

Thank you KJ for telling me about air drop for photos from camera to Ipad – I figured it out – thanks

edited: some asked about food at the show -  was it any good when we finally found it on the third floor – we didn’t think so – so totally over priced for the sandwiches that you got or the meal – and $4 for a bottle of water!! Really and not a huge bottle either – I didn’t want to carry a bottle around in my tote bag but when I finished my bottle I did just that – carried around an empty bottle and then filled it up for later.

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