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Do you ever have one of those days were you look at your sewing room and think “ I have to get this cleaned & organized” well last night I had one of those moments and it became a mess quickly and then —it finally  got better!  (I am thankful to have this narrow small bedroom that I can  call almost my own I know a lot of you work off the kitchen table – Mike has a corner of the room  and the closet full of shelves for all his books on a various amount of topics – and yes that closet is a mess but it is behind closed doors) I have 3/4ths of the room so even though I do not have the closet I have more room.

It all started because once again I thought I needed to try to move my cutting table so that I could keep the extension on the back of the table extended!   Tried one way, tried another – Mike is saying “you tried that a couple years ago it didn’t work” yeah I know but I thought I would try it again and while I am at it I can vacuum all those threads out from behind the table and clear out the dust!

It started out like this – table is a mess completely out of control – the shelf under the table is overflowing


I pull the table out from the wall and everything behind it collapsed – cutting mats, heavy acrylic sheet that I use for a light box at times – I pull it all out.  I did remember to move my thread holder eventually to the sewing table before it fell off LOL


I try the table in the corner with the extension out on the back by the design wall – nope – don’t like it, not going to work.


That stack of two canvas boxes with all the patterns stacked up has to be organized – it is taking up too much room – has to go – at least under the table is neat now and yes the table is  back where it originally was.


The striped basket under the quilting frame was full of tote bags – why do I have so many tote bags I really and truly rarely use them – I gathered them all up and put them in the bedroom closet swearing by God that I trip to Marva (our local type of Goodwill store) I have to I can’t fit any more on the closet floor!


So now patterns, templates, freezer paper, fuses, etc are in this box – please don’t let me forget.  And all four canvas boxes are stacked together – one had and still has scraps stacked in it.


The shelf under the table is a little more organized


All the patterns that were hanging on hooks under the rulers are in that striped basket under the quilting frame too – some have been hanging there for 5 years or more – well I ever make them – doubtful – think I am going to need to hold a give away before the end of the year with a dozen winners!  The big stripe basket under the table is where I put quilts to be quilted – it is empty at the moment.


So now by 7:30 last night my room was fairly put back in order and I remembered I wanted to show the book that arrived – it has the basket quilt pattern in it and lovely other patterns that I  swear I will make one day – and yes my keyboard of my laptop has letters worn off of it and I wrote over them in a white marking pen!  It works although you have to redo it now and then of course and it is not as fine point print as I would like.  Linking up to Esther’s Blog today.


I was asked which flannel kits do I have – here is one.


And here is the other (the big stack of flannel on the bottom is the backing fabric)  that yellow though is not quite right – not so yellow – a little more of darker color really.  Thought it might be good for a quilt in the camper.


So now it is almost 8 PM I have my blog post about done and ready to schedule for this morning and I’m ready to relax and do a little bit of quilting – hope you had a relaxing time reading about how disorganized I was LOL – I’m tired just thinking about all I did!

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  • Kaholly Nov 22, 2016

    The only time my sewing areas are tidy is when I pack everything away for winter storage!
    Kaholly recently posted…Things My Mother Used to Say Give-awayMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 22, 2016

      🙂 I can not work in a mess and sometimes that table just gets out of control

  • deb Nov 22, 2016

    I will usually do a big organized job when I start a new project sometimes even when I am still at another project (who am I kidding most times..LOL) I like to always start when I have a clean room. I see now I have many partial projects I have to finish.
    I absolutely love that hexie you are working on your design wall that is amazing!
    deb recently posted…Quilt Shows and BasketsMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 22, 2016

      In a way I am glad I do not have a really big room – I can just imagine bins and boxes and another table full of stuff

  • Jill Nov 22, 2016

    It feels good to work in a tidied up space.
    Jill recently posted…Crochet FleeceMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 22, 2016

      yes it sure does

  • Deb Nov 22, 2016

    Whew ! Now in the morning you’ll walk in there very pleased with your tidy space 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Weather Extremes, Applique & QuiltingMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 22, 2016

      yes it does look a heck of a lot better – now just thinking of packing the car full for the second hand store on Friday or Saturday – or maybe I will put it off to Monday?

  • Swooze Nov 22, 2016

    Thanks for showing your kits. They look like they will go together quickly.
    Swooze recently posted…November ONGMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 22, 2016

      I’m not all that fast with kits – I tend to read the cutting directions over and over to get them right and I do not sit for hours at the sewing machine – they will take awhile I’m sure!

  • Jayne Nov 22, 2016

    Oh my gosh, we’ve all been there! I totally relate to you in so many ways. I was one who used my dining room for quilting and then decided to move to the spare room. I have half my quilting ‘things’ in the dining room closet and half in the spare room, so I’m forever running back and forth. I’m not sure my idea of moving was the best idea, but I love having my very own…do not enter…room!

    • Karen Nov 22, 2016

      At times I think about changing the bedroom to this small room (after all the bedroom is just for sleeping) and use the bigger of the two bedrooms for sewing/computer – but would the bedroom furniture fit in here LOL – I would have to do some measuring!

  • Thimbleanna Nov 22, 2016

    And now, can you come and clean up my mess LOL! The best reason for cleaning things up is to remember what you have — and I REALLY need to do that. There are so many things stashed away for someday in my room — I sure do need a cleanout. Thanks for the inspiration!!!
    Thimbleanna recently posted…Making Luna LapinMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 22, 2016

      I have a lot that I felt like tossing right then and there and then think well someone else might like it – I really must stop impulse quilt supply shopping.

  • Wanda Nov 22, 2016

    I had the same problem with my laptop that just died. Within weeks of owning it the keys were wearing off and I couldn’t see the letters.

    I need to clean my main floor studio too. I know the answer for mine is moving at least half of the stuff out of the room and then organizing.

    • Karen Nov 22, 2016

      the letters really wear of quickly on some computers – Mike occasionally uses my computer when fixing things etc and he has to be able to see the letters – I was a secretary at one time and I don’t look at the keyboard

  • Jen R. Nov 22, 2016

    I have been feeling the need to organize lately too. Sometimes you just need to do that with your sewing area. It refreshes the creativity I think. 🙂 And it really gives you a good motivation boost too.
    Jen R. recently posted…Rainbows and ScrapsMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 22, 2016

      yes it was nice to clean some of it a bit and toss a few things that needed tossing

  • Karen Nov 22, 2016

    I enjoyed reading your rearranging post. Might I suggest that you just pull that table out from the wall and put up the hinge side just enough so it fits. You’ll get used to it after awhile and you’ll enjoy having the extra space on top. I too have a small space to work in and moved my machine to the kitchen table for most of the summer as I was working on a large project and then was just too lazy to move it back downstairs.

  • Karen Nov 22, 2016

    The other thought I had was to put roller wheels on the legs so you could roll it out when you want to bring up the hinge side and roll it back when finished. Plus adding the extra height of the rollers onto the cutting table makes cutting much easier on the back.

  • Belarmina Nov 22, 2016

    Karen que maravilla cuando todo esta organizado
    mi cuarto es un caos….

    • Karen Nov 23, 2016

      it is hard to get organized at times isn’t it

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