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I got a little more quilting done on Tuesday night at the quilting frame and it is moving along smoothly now that I changed back to Roxanne needles – the thread even though heavier than what I normally use actually fits in my tiny quilting needles!  I am going back and forth right now trying to decide which I like best with this thread the Roxanne applique needles or the tiny between size 11 that I normally use.  I know a lot think you have to use big thick needles for this heavier thread but if it fits in the eye of the needle why bother.

I got up to this area last quilting session as you can see I am only able to reach half of the wide border at a time so I will be rolling down at least once while I am doing borders.  I am spritzing out blue lines so the photo looks better and so far no bleed from the wool so it should work out fine for tossing in the washer and dryer occasionally – I do not wash quilts often but once every couple years or so should be fine I bet.


Two little baskets cut out, pinned in place & ready to applique in place.  I mentioned the scrappy baskets yesterdays post and yes I know I need to have some one slap me upside my head – why start another?  well if I aim for only 2 to 4 baskets a month this project is just as doable as the retro air ship propellers which is 2 to 4 a month  and the scrappy stars!  The main goal for this year has been to use scraps!! and I’m doing it!!  Every single quilt project that I am in the middle of right now has been using fabric off of the shelves from what has been sitting here for years.  Yes eventually I will need to buy more neutrals but for now I have enough to last awhile.  For the baskets I think I will make two of each print.  This same red print for the baskets that I am using right now is set aside and I will  cut out another retro air ship block from it as well.  I sure hope I am not going to regret starting one more quilt Deb – it is your fault!!  With all the patterns being so different even if the same fabric is used in places on these quilts the look will be totally different.


I found the book on line that showed the whole quilt and has the pattern —  it is in the book called “When the Cold Wind Blows” by Barb Adams. 

Off to visit family for the day so doubtful I will get much work done other than in the evening before I go to bed – I hope to be home by late afternoon or early evening – Mike is staying home – this is time to have lunch with a couple of my sisters and shopping and visit one brother in the hospital who had a knee replacement yesterday morning.  We are to have another great day weather wise as we did yesterday – up to 78 degrees – November 16 and 78 degrees!! and today more of the same – then a cold slap of reality and the temps on Friday will drop to the 50’s or so and 30’s at night – well we will enjoy the two warmer than normal days while we have them!!

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  • Liz Nov 17, 2016

    The bird legs are so cute. As normal your hand quilting is awesome!
    Liz recently posted…Log cabin experimentMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 17, 2016

      thanks Liz – the legs on the birds were a bit of a challenge

  • Kaholly Nov 17, 2016

    It’s looking scrumptious, Karen! Have a nice lunch with the sisters. A knee replacement is no picnic! The Ranger had one over four weeks ago. Mornings are still pretty rough going. XO
    Kaholly recently posted…Yes, Sir, Yes, Sir, Three Bags…My Profile

    • Karen Nov 17, 2016

      glad I won’t be around for the rehab! I imagine it will be rough – he should have had it done several years ago but waited to start his retirement out like this instead.

  • Marianne Nov 17, 2016

    The baskets look really cute – how big are the blocks? I hop from project to project, too. Have a block of the month going along with a couple of swaps in various stages. I also have an applique project from a class I taught and am hand quilting a wallhanging. I like the variety. I am doing a “block robin” in one guild – we pass bags of fabric around and make two blocks for the owners each month or so. The bag I have right now has fabric I don’t like, so I’m setting it aside until I get some inspiration. I think the fabrics are too dark and could use some lightening up, but I’m the first person to make the blocks. So I don’t feel good about adding any [lighter] fabric.

    Have a fun time with your siblings! I’m off to genealogy club this morning.

    • Karen Nov 17, 2016

      I cut my blocks at 6 inches, have a template from another quilter and ordered the book because the whole pattern is in and because it looks like more quilts in it to make

  • Deb Nov 17, 2016

    Cute baskets, said the culprit, ha ha ! 🙂 I managed to do one yesterday and in the way of sewing that is about all that I did. Many of us were glued to the policeman’s funeral online coverage yesterday and then we took the children down the street to meet the procession as it went by. SO long that the hearse and family had reached the cemetery in one town, while the procession was still in another and still rolling through here.
    Deb recently posted…Sewing Under the SupermoonMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 17, 2016

      that is so sad but so supportive for so many to morn with the family. Glad the children are taking part as well and show support of the local police.

  • Sandra B Nov 17, 2016

    Have fun visiting family! Safe travels there and back!
    Love your little baskets…And I love that book “When the Cold Wind Blows” …. I made a quilt using the basket quilt in the book as inspiration. I emailed you some pictures….
    Looking forward to seeing your baskets grow in number!!

    • Karen Nov 17, 2016

      loved you layout Sandra, looking forward to seeing my book I have heard it is good and saw photos of all the quilts and there will be several going on my lists

  • Belarmina Nov 17, 2016

    Karen tu acolchado se ve genial
    esas cestas están en mi lista, tengo ese libro
    y también el patrón de Sue Daley
    asi que dudo cual delos dos hare

    • Karen Nov 17, 2016

      hope you do your baskets too!

  • Astrid Nov 17, 2016

    Safe travel and have fun with your family. Cute baskets. A basket quilt is on my bucket list, together with a zillion other quilts I want to do! 🙂
    Astrid recently posted…Happiness is ScrappinessMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 17, 2016

      something about those baskets – grabbed my attention I have seen them for awhile and decided to jump in

  • Kathi Nov 18, 2016

    Hey Karen… I am loving your quilting on the postage stamp quilt… as far as your number of projects… I agree you are having fun using your scraps… have fun??
    Hope you had fun with your family and your hands may have enjoyed the rest! Lol. Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…I have been FEARLESS this week!!!My Profile

    • Karen Nov 18, 2016

      nice visit but tiring drive!

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