The Postage Stamp Quilt–Quilting Begins!

Postage Stamp Quilt

On the frame and ready to quilt!!  Excited for some reason – I really do believe this will be one of my favorite quilts.  I love the borders and I am so glad I decided on wool borders on there.  This quilt is going side to side on the frame instead of top to bottom as I wanted to be able to work on one border at a time instead of a little bit on each side and all in between before I got to the border again – I am hoping it will flow better if you understand what I mean.

Of course getting a big quilt like this ready when you do not have large tables to make sure all is straight and even means more floor work for me – two days in a row!  We ate out last night – I was too tired to cook!!  I lay the backing and batting on the floor, position the quilt top over it all to make sure all is nice and even, trim the batting down a little – the backing was just fine as is and it was straight!  No trimming necessary.  Then several hours of work getting one layer at a time on the quilting frame and here it is!

Postage Stamp

Because I knew I was going to have to use different needles then I normally do I thought I needed to sit for 30 minutes or so after I got it on the frame to fool around and try needles – finding the perfect one.


The drawer I keep all the small odds and ends in and the chocolate – two squares of chocolate are allowed per quilting session LOL – dark chocolate – it is good for you and necessary for your health you know.  I meant to zoom in on those needles and had to rearrange them.  The Altoids tin is for used needles and rotary blades – tape shut when full and toss.  (this drawer was recently cleaned that is why it is so neat – isn’t normally)


Here you can see where all the odds and ends of needles end up – purchased over the years and discarded and Melanie knows exactly where they are so if she shows up with out her needles she can come grab one they are all much bigger than I normally use for quilting or piecing.  Some of you might like those Pepper Corey big stitch needles – I don’t they are too thick to glide smoothly through my quilt – they will get passed on to Melanie if she can use them.  The little plastic box holds needles that I found scattered throughout the drawer when I cleaned it!


Trying out the thread – works really well.


Not real big stitches, but not real small either – most likely not what some consider “big stitch” but when you are used to small stitches these are big stitches.


Right now I am using Bohn Embroidery needles size 9, Aurfil thread # 12.  I hope you will enjoy following along on the quilting of this quilt for the next 3 months or so.  I am linking to Quilt Story today and Esther’s Quilt Blog.


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  • Pale Blue Corner Nov 15, 2016

    I just have to say WOW! I’m not a professional quilter, and seeing the size of your quilt and quilting frame is just mind blowing. And you will be hand quilting it in 3 months? Wow! 🙂
    I will deffinitely follow you on this quilting journey and I’m sure it is going to be a great quilt!
    Pale Blue Corner recently posted…Felt Scraps NecklacesMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 15, 2016

      thanks for stopping by Emese – I’ve had my hand quilting frame for going on 20 years and yes most of the time I can do a queen size quilt in 3 to 4 months – not all the time but most times.

  • Gretchen Nov 15, 2016

    How exciting! A new quilt in the frame! Can’t wait to see how you quilt the wool borders. Blessings, Gretchen
    Gretchen recently posted…Floral Vase Arrangement Block Finished!My Profile

    • Karen Nov 15, 2016

      they well be done as easily as possible!

  • Liz Nov 15, 2016

    It’s really beautiful. It looks so pretty on the frame.
    Liz recently posted…Almost black and whiteMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 15, 2016

      thanks – helps to decorate the room for sure!

  • Deb Nov 15, 2016

    I had to laugh because awhile back you were going to take a week off from quilting…but I think when you went away for that weekend you gave your sore fingers a break.
    This looks absolutely stunning in the frame. So much hard work and now pure enjoyment ahead as you stitch along this border 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Sewing Review Fall 2016 & Weekend Applique and QuiltingMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 15, 2016

      that is exactly right Deb – I was gone for 4 nights plus there were a couple days here and there when I didn’t quilt. The fingers are bad right now but I have told myself that I need to take a night or two a week off from quilting and do something else – lol yes we will see if that actually happens.

  • Marianne Nov 15, 2016

    I can understand why you’re quilting starting from the border – it’s just such a fun looking border! I love the variegated thread you’re using and think this will be quite a pretty quilt when finished. Congratulations for getting it all started! Will look forward to seeing it progress.

    I hate crawling around on the floor basting, so I have been using a bed to do most smaller projects. I slide a couple of old cutting mats underneath for pinning. It isn’t the best solution but helps my back and knees. When I have something big, I go over to our historical building when no one else is using it (usually at the crack of dawn). There’s a gigantic table – at least 80 inches long and about 50 wide – made of some kind of countertop. I don’t worry about ruining it with tape and pins, like I might my wood floor.

    • Karen Nov 15, 2016

      that big table sounds like the perfect solution and I bet it works better than the bed which you still need to be bending over for I bet. my dining room table does stretch out but not enough and I would have to cover with cutting mats and things too in order to protect it. We keep talking of getting new flooring and I would have to switch for sure to pin basting on the quilting frame if that happens

  • Astrid Nov 15, 2016

    Wow! It’s on the frame and ready to quilt already! Love it and the beautiful border makes it stand out. It’s a happy looking quilt. I agree, chocolate IS important when quilting! 🙂 Have a nice day!
    Astrid recently posted…Happiness is ScrappinessMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 15, 2016

      The border will go quickly and then it will be same old stuff to look at for awhile

  • Ruth Nov 15, 2016

    This is going to be stunning! But then, all your quilts are!
    Ruth recently posted…Dresden platesMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 15, 2016

      well I am not doing any fancy quilting on it just around shapes and diagonal lines but there is something about this top with the wool applique that is fun to me and will be a favorite

  • Barbara Nov 15, 2016

    Exciting, I love this quilt and look forward to updates! Thanks for the great tip about the Altoids tin!

    • Karen Nov 15, 2016

      your welcome. I have found the small breath mints tin and plastic to work well – the smaller of course just for needles the larger for blades.

  • Kathleen Nov 15, 2016

    obviously the quilt itself is lovely, but the border just puts it over the top! Gorgeous. Are you hand quilting this???? OMG

    • Karen Nov 15, 2016

      yes hand quilting – I love my 3 roller quilting frame. I am using a thicker thread than normal and right now after one night of quilting I am not sure if I like it – need to find a different needle – do not care for these Bohn needles – bend to easily

  • Teresa Rawson Nov 15, 2016

    SOOOOOOOO jealous that you have something beautiful all set up and ready to stitch on! I have not hand quilted in a while…hope I still can with this dumb finger. I just love your outer border…such a nice contrast with your precise piecing interior!
    Teresa Rawson recently posted…LITTLE TREASURES are stitched into a “treasure box”…My Profile

    • Karen Nov 15, 2016

      thanks! the patchwork isn’t really all that precise thought 🙂 hope your finger gets better soon so you can get back to quilting.

  • Cathy Nov 15, 2016

    It looks so pretty already! I can’t imagine it when it’s finished. Beautiful!
    Cathy recently posted…Snapshots QuiltMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 15, 2016

      Thanks – no fancy stitching though just around the shapes and diagonal lines on the white – the patchwork I’m thinking on – lots of seams quilting might be slow going!

  • Karen Nov 15, 2016

    Only 3 months to quilt!!! You are fast. You must really enjoy hand quilting. With today’s modern quilting machines, I think it’s a dying art.

    • Karen Nov 15, 2016

      Well it might take 4-5 months you can never tell, depends on how many things I am working on and if I have hand issues – arthritis you know. I do a little machine quilting but not a lot – I do have a queen size pin basted and ready for the machine work as soon as I’m ready.

  • Gail Nov 15, 2016

    Looks like you have all your ducks and chocolates in a row, ready for some serious quilting! My friend has a tin of emergency chocolate in her sewing room…what a great idea!
    Gail recently posted…It’s an Elephant Parade!My Profile

    • Karen Nov 15, 2016

      it is hard to control myself at times to limit myself to two pieces of dark chocolate – but I try!

  • Glenda Australia Nov 15, 2016

    WOW Karen its surprising what happens when you miss a couple of weeks blogging, I will have to go back through your blog and catch up. How lovely this edging is, your quilting is going to look lovely in the colour threads and bigger stitching, may not grow as quickly as most will think as it is harder to push the thicker needle through 3 layers of fabric or more. Thanks for been so generous with the photos and showing just how you work Im a visual person so love seeing lots of photos. Cheers Glenda
    Glenda Australia recently posted…16th Nov 2016 All most finished cutting out felt circlesMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 15, 2016

      thanks Glenda – the I have found that this thread is not as thick as I had thought it would be – maybe like two strands of embroidery thread? it is going through the eye of the needle really well and I switched needles and now trying a Roxanne Applique needle it is thinner than the others I tried and hasn’t slowed me down much

  • Vicki W Nov 15, 2016

    I so enjoy watching your quilting progress.

    • Karen Nov 15, 2016

      thanks Vicki!

  • LisaS Nov 16, 2016

    Hooray! It’s on the frame!

    • Karen Nov 17, 2016

      yes and moving steadily along for now

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