A Somewhat Lazy Day

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vic12It really wasn’t a Lazy, Lazy day – as I did a bit of housework and stuff – but it was a little lazy in the sewing room – after that marathon machine quilting session for about a week with Hopscotch I just needed to chill.  I cleaned house and actually dusted and straightened up one horrible corner in the living room where Mike keeps piling up his “stuff” and not putting it away – the dust was horrible – I just finally had to tackle it and I hate dusting!!  I went to Hobby Lobby and the Fitness Center – exercised for a whole hour which I need with more Christmas baking coming up.

Our daughter Jessica had seen a knitted or maybe crocheted (I don’t know which it was) hat where you leave the top of the hat open and you stick your ponytail or bun through the top of the hat and wondered if I thought I could make one for Ciera (granddaughter) well I don’t know if it will turn out but I’m willing to give it a shot – after texting with granddaughter yesterday afternoon and warning her she might need to toss it in the trash if it wasn’t right – I got her head size and got started with the crochet hook (I’m better at that then knitting – which isn’t saying much).

Got off to a start – I’ll let you know how it works out.


I cut four more baskets to work on and I have one more sitting off to the side that was left over from the other day that I hadn’t gotten to yet. Scrappy baskets for sure – as I start to go through my box of fabric that was set aside for the Williamsburg Beauty quilt that is finished I thought I would cut a basket from each piece as I get it folded and set back on the shelf.


I steamed and starched the Snowman to get it to lay nice and flat and at Hobby Lobby I got a press and stick board – now I need to check for a frame first which I forgot so I know what size to the cut the board before I press the snowman to it.  I totally forgot to check frames and now need to run by there once again today to do that.  The board is a little big – I need to cut some off so I can pull the fabric to the back and tape it down, the front is sticky and you press with your hands to get the design stuck in place to hold it firm.  I am linking up to Mrs. Sew & Sow and Esther’s Blog.



This is the type of item I am talking about – it is found in the needlecraft area of Hobby Lobby – this one that I show is on Amazon – HL had it for about $5.99 for that size (and I used my coupon of course)

Pres-On Mounting Board 16x20

I did work more on the Postage Stamp quilt last night and Sunday night also but forgot to take a photo – I finished the 2nd row of blocks last night (10 rows) and rolled it down to start on the 3rd.  Moving along.  It was 52 degrees yesterday – so nice after several chilly days I was walking from the car to the store in my long sleeve T with no jacket – so nice! so very sunny as well. Of course later this week it will be cold again by Friday in the 30’s – then a warm Saturday in the 60’s then in the 30’s and so winter in Arkansas has begun. Up and down all winter long – the jacket needed – then it isn’t-  then it is and so the cycle continues.

Thank you everyone who ordered Craftsy products and Accuquilt products this month while sales are going on – the month isn’t over yet so keep an eye out for more sales!!

(I am compensated for any purchases made through my links.)

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  • m. mercè olivé Dec 13, 2016

    Good morning! (is in the morning now here in Catalonia)
    I see your snowmen and I thing that is something left. The glove in the right is not subjected anything. Perhaps is the photo efect.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    • Karen Dec 13, 2016

      not quite sure what you mean?

    • Karen Dec 13, 2016

      Ok I was just looking at it to see if I could figure out what you mean –l there is no loop holding it to the branch – thanks

  • Jean Etheridge Dec 13, 2016

    When they are on sale, I buy the press and stick boards and stick on a neat layer of left over batting. Then I trim away the extra, and I use them for mini design boards and laying out blocks. I have a stack of then in different sizes.

    • Karen Dec 13, 2016

      great idea

  • Marianne Dec 13, 2016

    Thanks for telling us about the press and stick boards. I have something I’ve been trying to decide how to finish. Maybe I’ll do that – it is at the bottom of my UFO pile. I know what you mean about getting more exercise. I made Chex Mix yesterday and plan to make some of your ginger cookies soon. They have become a holiday tradition at this house!

    • Karen Dec 13, 2016

      yes I need to make some of the ginger cookies too – much find the recipe I have it on here someplace and in a cook book too where I stuff the pieces of paper

  • Deb Dec 13, 2016

    That press and stick board is a handy invention! It’s going to be so pretty in the end when framed. Love the baskets in those fabrics.
    Deb recently posted…Warm & Cozy : Applique and QuiltingMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 13, 2016

      thanks – I will need to cut a lot more baskets

  • Dottie bishaw Dec 13, 2016

    Sounds like you had a busy day anyway. The weather here in Texas is the same way. Your snowman stitchery turned out so beautiful!

    • Karen Dec 13, 2016

      Yes I keep busy whether I am sewing or keeping up with the house – just different activities – I like how the snowman turned out – after pressing and steaming it a little it looked much better.

  • Carla Evans Dec 13, 2016

    I want to crochet one of those ponytail things too. Let me know how your’s turns out!! I’m horrible at figuring gauge. Are you doing that or are you just using a starting chain a little smaller than the head measurement?

    • Karen Dec 13, 2016

      I’m just started a chain LOL – I never know what I am doing with things like this and wing it – I put 70 stitches on a chain and linked together to make a circle and going from there! I tried the chain around my head for fitting – Ciera’s is a little bigger than mine, I have a small head

  • Nicky Dec 14, 2016

    Those baskets are adorable! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday! !

    • Karen Dec 14, 2016

      the baskets are so quick to make – of course you sure need a lot of them!

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