Another Day Machine Quilting


img-thingI don’t have much to show as it is hard to get a photo of the big bunch of quilt on the table in the process of machine quilting-  it is just straight lines so nothing spectacular about it!  I can say I am half way done!!  About 6-8 hours of quilting?  Not really sure as I have not kept track.  I did work pretty steadily Tuesday morning and then again an hour or two in the afternoon and the same yesterday.  All of the lines are done going in one direction and now to turn it this morning and work going the opposite direction – I don’t know how much I will get done with as the afternoon will be a cookie baking day.  All of my give away winners got in touch with me and I will try to get the packages in the mail on Friday.


The back of the quilt


The Christmas decorating has been complete.  It is so much fun having a small dining room now to decorate too – for those that don’t know Mike and I added this on to the house ourselves and finished it two years ago shortly before Christmas.  Now you see why it is hard to try to do the machine quilting at the table – the table extends to seat 8 so it is big enough-just too tall!  I am linking my Christmas Decorating up with Cozy Little House.


One of the Christmas quilts made over the years.


The big Baltimore Christmas Album quilt that I finished in 2010.


On the table is my small version of a bigger quilt called “Dutch Treat”  I like the colors for Christmas even though it is not a true green in any way.  Dutch Treat was one of those quilts that you really think you want to make and then – for me – quickly lost interest in – maybe because I had just finished two Dear Jane quilts shortly before and I really should have went to some quick and easy quilts for a change first perhaps!


Craftsy is having a 12 day of Christmas sales – Sale ends Monday the 12th of December.  Don’t know what the sale will be day to day so stop and check if you wish.  And just ignore these messages if you are not interested!  Thanks!

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  • Pale Blue Corner Dec 8, 2016

    I love your christmas star quilt and the colour of the Dutch Quilt is perfect 🙂
    Pale Blue Corner recently posted…Crochet Button Necklace for KidsMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 8, 2016

      thanks Emese, I like the house decorated at Christmas but it is a chore at times

  • Gretchen Dec 8, 2016

    Quilting a large quilt on a sewing machine takes a lot of time but so much faster than quilting by hand. Your dining room looks lovely. I was gifted the Dutch Treats book, I don’t know if I’ll ever make any of the blocks or not. I’m leaning more toward hand embroidering the blocks but that won’t happen for many years yet. Have a good sewing day!
    Gretchen recently posted…Churn Dash QuiltMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 8, 2016

      that quilt is a lot of work, the book is rare to find now and I sold my book when I decided I no longer wanted to make the quilt, I sold it for less than I could have gotten as it was to someone who I knew wanted to make the quilt.

  • Marianne Dec 8, 2016

    I have the Dutch Treat book and, being Dutch, keep thinking I should make one. I am thinking of starting in the new year. Or at least embarking on a few blocks. We’ll see! Your house looks really festive – I better get busy and uncover the tub with all of our decorations. At least I have a wreath on the front door!

    • Karen Dec 8, 2016

      the blocks are very small and someone that was making it at the same time I was said she wouldn’t have except she decided to make the blocks larger than in the book – I think she made hers 6 inches and they looked a bit easier to do

  • Deb Dec 8, 2016

    I loved seeing your Christmas quilts! 🙂 The dining room looks wonderful with the decorations up.
    Deb recently posted…Family, Quilting, and Flower Basket Medallion Center FinishMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 8, 2016

      I know – I am so glad we have that dining room now, we use it everyday and it really adds to the house, I wish we could redo the house to look like that room, I really like the wood – maybe room to room

  • Jan Dec 8, 2016

    I love the christmas star quilt. It looks so homey.
    Jan recently posted…OMG DecemberMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 8, 2016

      thanks I made the feathered star 10 years ago – anyone who has made one knows how tricky they can be – you think you have it right and then you stand back and you see one or two pieces pointed the wrong way and out comes the seam ripper!

  • Raewyn Dec 8, 2016

    Looking very Christmassy! Dutch treat is lovely – another blog friend is making one of these and it’s nice to see a finished one. Also love the feathered star, one of these is on my list too 🙂 Happy Quilting!
    Raewyn recently posted…Bears and Christmas sewingMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 8, 2016

      do not see the Dutch Treat quilt often nice to hear you know of someone else that made it – the whole quilt is quite lovely mine is such a small one compared.

  • Karen Dec 8, 2016

    Your dining room looks festive! I love all the knotty pine.

    • Karen Dec 8, 2016

      thanks Karen – I like to do the decorating but have it down to a science that it doesn’t take long to do LOL

  • Sandra B Dec 8, 2016

    Your machine quilting is coming along great…..
    Love that little Feathered Star wall hanging….. I have never tried to make a feathered star, but have heard several friends make the exact comment as yours…that they thought everything was perfect, only to discover something pointing the wrong way…yours is beautiful!
    And your Christmas Baltimore Album quilt is amazing, Karen! Your appliqué is beautiful, and I really like the background you used…really makes the appliqué pop!
    Your little Dutch quilt is so intricate! I know it was a lot of work!!

    • Karen Dec 8, 2016

      I kind of wish in a way that I would have made the whole Dutch Treat but I just couldn’t even think about finishing it at the time (kind of like Love Entwined!) Feathered Stars are so easy to mess up!

  • Belarmina Dec 8, 2016

    Karen que bonita decoracion
    me gustan los edredones
    me encanta la madera
    ¡¡ a disfrutar de este tiempo festivo!!

    • Karen Dec 8, 2016

      Thank you Belarmina – Christmas is a festive season!

  • Dottie bishaw Dec 9, 2016

    I just love that feathered star! It certainly is a beauty as are the other two quilts. The dining room looks so warm and homey with all that beautiful wood.

    • Karen Dec 9, 2016

      thank you! the feathered star was made about 10 years ago I think. We love the rustic look – would love to live in a mountain cabin in the woods but don’t so we can pretend we do instead 🙂

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