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candy-canesTwo sides of the quilt binding on Hopscotch are done and on to the third side – about one side a day it seems – it is about all I sit down for I guess before I move to another project.  The yellow dots are showing up pretty well on that second side aren’t they.  I surely do hope to finish up this quilt on the weekend as it will be too cold to go outside anyway – I think all errands will be done today and I will hibernate Sunday for sure – Saturday morning will be warm enough to do whatever but the temperature will be dropping like a rock throughout the day.


I started all over on Ciera’s ponytail hat with a totally different yarn LOL – I had gotten about half way done with the purple yarn I was using and tried it on my head – it just didn’t look right – it was too small – tight on my small head and her head is a little larger. Also the yarn felt a little scratchy.  I looked through the basket of yarn I have and felt them all and this one felt the softest – so started over and making it a bit larger now lets see how it goes once again.  (this is what happens when you don’t have a clue how to make a hat and are winging it!)


One more Scrappy Basket done and on the wall.  The next 3 or 4 will have light backgrounds and they will get mixed up a bit on the wall.  Linking to Sarah’s Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Fort Worth Fabric Studio, and Crazy Mom Quilts and A Quilting Reader’s Garden and a new to me blog – Sparrow in Flight.


Marie at Quilt Bee posted some links to her cookie recipes.  I need to check some of these out and see if there is something new to make this year – I think the Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread cookies sound delightful – kind of like my Ginger Cookies but with chocolate in them – maybe combine the two recipes in some way?  Might give it a try!!  We all like chocolate!!

Craftsy has a two day sale on some classes – might be worth it to check it out.  Did you know you can gift a class – when you go to order a class look for the “gift this class” and follow the instructions.


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  • JEANie in MO Dec 16, 2016
    • Karen Dec 16, 2016

      thank you so much Jeanie, I hadn’t seen that one, I had done a search for a free pattern for crochet, came up with a few but none that I liked – this one has so many variations

  • Deb Dec 16, 2016

    Good luck on the bigger hat ! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Snowing and Sewing ( Flower Basket Medallion Borders Progress )My Profile

    • Karen Dec 16, 2016

      LOL – thanks Deb I need it – I will try one of the patterns Jeanie mentioned in previous comment

  • maxine lesline Dec 16, 2016

    Th new yarn color is lovely… rich deep colors.. I call them “broody colors”. Yes.. today is the day to be out ‘bringing in the sheaves’… and tomorrow will be a good day for home.. soup.. cookies…. knitting…

    • Karen Dec 16, 2016

      Saturday will not be bad for us as the cold now is not to get to my area until evening – starts at 63 degrees and drops to 19 by Sunday morning – Sunday will be the cold day and I think Monday too – then back to normal – Sunday will be a baking day I think!! all day

  • Dottie bishaw Dec 16, 2016

    I like the new yarn too, Karen. The polka dots are just so cute. We’re going to be 70 degrees today here in the DFW area and the cold comes down to 25 on Sunday. Staying inside baking and quilting. Have a great day!

    • Karen Dec 16, 2016

      I think this yarn is softer for sure – the other one had a bit of a scratchy feeling to it when I put it on my head to try out – yes Sunday is going to the cold day!

  • Doreen Dec 16, 2016

    Great yarn choice! I haven’t made a (knit) hat in years!!!! With the snow/cold on the way, we will get our few errands out of the way today, also. Stitching tomorrow and a few packages to wrap… Stay warm. Am liking those baskets!!!!!!

    • Karen Dec 16, 2016

      I’m sure I will get back to work on the baskets better after the holiday season is done – now I all of a sudden decided to make a present or two – just quick ones but need to get them done

  • Cathy Dec 16, 2016

    I’ve found some crochet hat patterns, even if I have the right gauge, just don’t seem to fit right…sometimes too big, sometimes too small. I found a book of hats to make for the granddaughters and it seems they have all been turning out just right, thank goodness! Good luck!
    Cathy recently posted…These Might Be Pear Trees But There’s No Partridges Around HereMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 16, 2016

      thanks Cathy – I found one at the link one of the commenters gave me earlier, will try to do one like it and see what happens – I have already told granddaughter she might end up tossing it in the trash if it doesn’t work out LOL

  • Belarmina Dec 16, 2016

    Karen las cestas se ven preciosas
    mirare las galletas
    el domingo es mi dia goloso
    pienso hacer galletas de nata y manzana
    una amiga me trae nata de la leche de sus vacas
    buen fin de semana

    • Karen Dec 16, 2016

      apple biscuits with real cream sounds wonderful Belarmina! I love apples in almost anything. Yes Sunday it will be cold a good time to do baking and keep the chill out of the house

  • Angie in SoCal Dec 17, 2016

    Nearly finished. Binding is a soothing task. Merry Christmas!

    • Karen Dec 17, 2016

      Finished and in the washing machine!

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