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Yes the work has begun to clear things out to get the sewing room empty which mean cleaning a few other parts of the house out too.  Melanie and Ric will put the living room chair in their storage rental until so I will have the short wall in the living room (that joins part of the kitchen) to put my sewing machine table up against and my square quilting hoop that is in the work shop will come up – I can fit my office chair in a corner with the hoop and can quilt there – with the sewing machine next to it.    Please excuse the mess we do not live in a “perfect” house it does look lived in.  That end table might have to go out to the work shop so I have enough room in this area for sewing table, office chair and square Grace hoop.  I will leave pin basting the Postage Stamp Quilt until I need to take the quilting frame apart – last minute you know!


I didn’t think to take a before photo of this part of the closet that I was working on in the bedroom.  I got a lot cleaned out – there are some shelves on the right hand side of the closet behind the wall that were absolutely stacked with unnecessary garbage – I mean really will I ever use over a dozen picture frames and why did I store them there where they were not easy to get to. – They have been moved to two boxes and taken to the workshop and the shelves now hold hand bags, and some other odds and ends.  I will be able stack project boxes, scrap boxes and maybe sewing machine bags ( I have two that I barely use) on the floor up to about 3 feet high once I get that little step stool moved – need that to reach the sweaters easily on the top shelf.  And I am getting a small 2 shelf unit to put shoes on instead of that big round thing that has shoes on it now too – I’m not a shoe person and I don’t even have it all full.


Three bags and odds and ends stacked up for the donation store –  even though I don’t need to for what I am doing seeing as I am going to the donation store (MARVA) I will go through the kitchen first and add another box or two to the pile from there – again – how many coffee cups and glasses do you really need we are a household of two people with two more as regular visitors in and out – and old baking pans – 4 cupcake pans – really! when I make them I only make a dozen at a time – where did they all come from.  So many things stacked up on the shelves that I really and truly do not need or use – time to downsize more.


Now this – don’t laugh is Mike’s side of the sewing room – he is starting to clean out his closet that has the make shift book shelves in with computer books that are over 15 or 20 years old – antiques lol – yes they got to go.  Also travel books, history books, genealogy – every thing (or most) is available on line now.  He wants to take this wall out and dismantle the closet – wasted space full of junk.  It will make the room slightly bigger.  Yes he is not a neat-nick like I am – the odd couple – I’m neat/he is not – it gets hard to deal with at times!


so enough on the cleaning – I barely did any sewing yesterday but progress was made at the quilting frame each evening and I rolled it down again and I am on the half way row – when row 5 of blocks gets done it is half way – I would like to get it to that point before I pin baste and dismantle the quilting frame.  Which reminds me where does one buy the heavy strip fabric for the “leaders” is that what they are called for the quilting frame fabric that you attach your quilt to?  It really needs new fabric – what is on it now is getting quite old and shabby at places and seeing as it would be coming apart it would be a good time to replace that – any place on line – I want the heavy stripe – nothing light weight.  I believe the same kind is used for long arms as is the 3 roller hand quilting frame.


And one more hexie getting started for the Handful of Scraps quilt – when this one is done I need 3 more for this “ring” around and I will start to attach them all and then start to square up before I add a border.


Goodbye 2016. Hello BIG savings. Don’t miss the End of the Year Sale  at Craftsy.  All sorts of supplies are now on sale, check out the new Boundless line of fabric – solids $5.60 a yard – I love their bright white and have been getting it instead of Kona Cotton – a little more of a savings on it and it feels pretty much the same. Kits, fabric, notions, yarn – it is all there – Robert Kaufman flannel on closeout in the Sewing Fabric section (not in the quilting fabric) I think at $4.40 a yard I got some for pajama pants?   Also in the Sewing Fabric (not quilting) are several different patterns from Liberty of London $14.80 a yard – I believe it is usually over $25 a yard?  I have never gotten it but I know some of you like it. Robert Kaufman white muslin at $2.80 a yard in that same section of fabric.   Grab a cup of coffee or tea and have fun browsing from your chair in your pajamas.

Sale through Saturday the 31st at midnight! Click on the links to get you there – thanks.


(I am compensated for any purchases made through my links.)

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  • Gretchen Dec 29, 2016

    Remodeling is such a mess but it is worth it. You need ‘ticking’ for your quilting frame. I’ve seen many stores that sell it but it isn’t the ticking our grandma’s used. You want the actual, old time, heavy duty ticking. Yoder Department Store in Shipshewana, Indiana should have it. They do mail orders: # – 877-768-1945. Ask for the fabric dept and they will take care of you. You could have them send you a sample first if you don’t want to order sight unseen.
    Gretchen recently posted…December Monthly Goal Flew Out the Window!My Profile

    • Karen Dec 29, 2016

      thanks for that info Gretchen I contact them – have heard good things of that place

  • Sarah Dec 29, 2016

    I do like the idea of starting the new year a fresh, but I can’t bear the idea of all the mess so I greatly admire your determination! Good luck.
    Sarah recently posted…Merry ChristmasMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 29, 2016

      yes it will be different for awhile but will contain the mess to the back room 🙂

  • Deb Dec 29, 2016

    I see that Gretchen answered about that fabric ; I was curious! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…2016 looking back; a photo diary review…July-December (with new Christmas photos )My Profile

    • Karen Dec 29, 2016

      yes I will call them in the next couple weeks – i don’t need it for awhile – I will see if I can get a sample – I want the strong stuff like I have now as I have had my frame going on 20 years now and have never replaced it

  • Marianne Dec 29, 2016

    Mike has nothing on Paul. He swears ever scrap of paper he ever generated, either by writing or photocopying, is essential to his research and writing. Nonetheless, he doesn’t organize them in any way so can’t ever find anything! The cleaning ladies can hardly vaccuum his “office.” But at least it has a door we can close when company comes! Good luck with this project – I’ll be living vicariously through your efforts to reorganize.

    I got a yard of “Boundless” cream fabric and a layer cake of solids, and like them. I think they are a little less stiff than Kona which always disappoints me when I use it.

    • Karen Dec 29, 2016

      yes I too think Boundless isn’t quite as “stiff” as Kona – just a little bit softer and lighter makes a difference

  • maxine lesline Dec 29, 2016

    A big yard/garage sale might be a solution… but sounds like your home is kind of rural .. You may end up with so much space that you ask yourself why you need a big house…laughing… I am fascinated by the name..”Shipshewana”.. was there years ago while visiting near Kalamazoo.. another interesting name for a town. Yes, having a sample of the ticking is a good idea.

    • Karen Dec 29, 2016

      I don’t do garage sales it is too much work and being in the country you never know if you will have more than one person show up – I tried it once years ago and I think I had 2 people and I had put an advertisement in local paper – now I just bag it up and give it away. We will only gain about 3 extra feet of floor space so not much extra – it is not a big do over!

  • Sandra B Dec 29, 2016

    I always dread any projects that will disrupt the household…seems like working in one area always spills over into the rest of the house! But the end result makes it worth dealing with a bit of clutter while the work is being done. And you will be surprised what a difference even three extra feet will make…I can say that from experience….a number of years ago, we added four feet to the end of our den. It sounded like such a small amount that I wondered if it would be worth the time and expense for the little bump out. When it was done, we were amazed how much bigger the room felt. And we wondered why we had waited so long to do it! I know you aren’t adding on to the exterior, but you are still gaining more space….we can all use more of that!!
    I am planning to spend this afternoon with my feet up, doing some hand appliqué. Haven’t done that for a couple of weeks now, and I miss it!

    • Karen Dec 29, 2016

      yes I don’t like disruption either but well be worth it in the end – the floor is so uneven and the carpet so old – really need to fix this floor and then will have the same flooring as the kitchen. We figure if we ever sell a closet can be built back in if needed – when we bought the house it had one closet for the whole house! – old house what can I say

  • audrey Dec 29, 2016

    How wonderful that you’re making a start on your remodel! No fun while it’s happening of course, but it will be exciting when it’s all done and functional. Hope it works out well for you! My husband is so slow with these kinds of projects I’ve actually come to sort of dread them, but I won’t tell him of course.:)

  • Dottie bishaw Dec 29, 2016

    None of us lives in perfect houses, mine included. I think perfect houses are in magazines, we have to live comfortably in ours. There is always a need for more space, isn’t there? I decluttered when we moved from Colorado Springs to Texas six years ago, and now I think it’s time to do it again! Lol! Love your hexie flower.

    • Karen Dec 29, 2016

      I try to declutter the closet every year but somehow I never toss away everything that I do not use always thinking I might use it next year LOL

  • Nanette Dec 30, 2016

    De-cluttering is really fun – it can bring back memories – OR as you start to ditch it in the trash or set aside for giveaway one asks themselves, “why did I need 3 of everything”? So funny. If you have a JoAnn’s you can purchase heavy duty fabric for your leaders. I purchased some striped mattress ticking, but did not like it as it was not strong enough, now I have a heaver cloth from JoAnn’s that is white and they have lasted a long time. I am in the process of doing a Blog on my last 7 days of “de-cluttering”. Now to get ready for the new year and enjoy quilting.
    Nanette recently posted…Happiness is Quilting, Knitting, and No Back Surgeries! Hurry Up 2017!My Profile

    • Karen Dec 30, 2016

      I will get a sample of the striped fabric for the leaders before I purchase any – I like the stripe as you can use the strip to pin your quilt straight on the frame. If Yoder’s has it it is possibly the correct fabric for it made especially for leaders on frames. Mine is very strong and has been on my frame for close to 20 years

  • Simona C Jan 3, 2017

    Wow that’s a massive effort Karen! Every year I plan to do a big clearout and spring clean and every year it just makes me groan and I hardly get any of it done! I need some of your motivation 🙂

    • Karen Jan 3, 2017

      well I really wanted the floor redone – it is an old house the floor has really settled in places and it was necessary – otherwise I don’t know if I would have done it.

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