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Most years I leave the Christmas decorations up until the end of the year – but this year we want to get to work on redoing the sewing room/computer room and we need to get busy.  So yesterday I packed all the decorations up and everything is now put away. Next up is to clean out the bedroom closet and pack thinks up for our local “goodwill” type of store – it is not Goodwill but a local store employing the handicap giving them jobs and training.  One of the best things I like about this place is that it unloads your car for you!  Of  course you have to load it yourself but that is half the battle isn’t it to clean your house.  I need my closet cleaned out so I can put some of the sewing things in there to store out of the way.

As I was packing Christmas things away I thought I would share an idea for scrap batting – over the years I have been using small pieces of scrap to wrap decorations in.  The Nativity Scene gets all the little statues wrapped this way.


I didn’t buy a lot of candy and these candy canes were on the tree that is about all that was left!


I need to plant this living tree that I had bought for a decoration – better get busy on it this week I guess.


This Christmas Cactus is the one that I brought home from mom’s house almost dead two years ago – I don’t know if you can tell what the terra cotta thing is in the plant LOL – Melanie and Ric got that for me – it is shaped something like an icicle and you put water in it and stick it in your plant and the water slowly leaks out – it is an odd looking frog but hard to see in the photo I think.  Amazing this plant has grown so much – no flowers but I have kept it alive and that counts.  Needless to say no sewing got done I was too busy getting in my 10,000 steps putting all the Christmas things away – I was in and out to the workshop, packing boxes, unstringing lights etc.  Sewing tomorrow!  linking to Sew Fresh Quilts today


Goodbye 2016. Hello BIG savings. Don’t miss the End of the Year Sale  at Craftsy.  All sorts of supplies are now on sale, check out the new Boundless line of fabric – solids $5.60 a yard – I love their bright white and have been getting it instead of Kona Cotton – a little more of a savings on it and it feels pretty much the same.  I needed a few notions and got in on the sale that started unannounced yesterday and got an email by last night saying it was already shipped!  Kits, fabric, notions, yarn – it is all there – I even checked out the sewing fabric for a change and ordered some small red checked flannel for a pair of pajama pants – I do not sew much in the line of clothing – but even I can make a pair of drawstring flannel pants – Robert Kaufman flannel on closeout I think at $4.40 a yard? I think that was the price.

Sale through Saturday the 31st at midnight! Click on the links to get you there – thanks.


(I am compensated for any purchases made through my links.)

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  • Marianne Dec 28, 2016

    Funny – I was thinking about doing some un-decorating and some downsizing myself. I look around our house and wonder what we’re saving some things for. Several big snows are predicted for the rest of the week, so I’ll be indoors quite a bit. Will probably tackle some of these things, but leave the tree and village up til New Year’s Day (tradition!).

    BTW, I enjoyed your week in review – what a lot of quilts you got done, many by hand! I am still handquilting one piece, a wallhanging, that I started last year!

    • Karen Dec 28, 2016

      I usually leave all of my decorations up until New Years Day or the day after too – I just really need to get busy though so I can start to get the sewing room cleared up and the living room needs a little rearranging so we can move a few things in there temporary for a month or two.

  • Kim Webb Dec 28, 2016

    For the first time ever, my cactus didn’t bloom this year. This is a huge plant my great Grandmother had and I have had for the last 25 years. I mentioned it to someone just yesterday and was told they need 12 hours of continuous darkness each day to set blooms. I did move it to our living room this summer and it definitely has more light then where I have always had it.
    Cleaning out sounds like a great idea and something I should be doing.

    • Karen Dec 28, 2016

      some people say that about darkness but then others say they never do that and have flowers. I have read that you do not need to give it darkness – and one that reads my blog says she never does that and they do just fine! Yours is an old plant 25 years wow sounds like you need to move it back to where it didn’t get as much light?

  • maxine lesline Dec 28, 2016

    Lotta labor in your future month or so… probably longer than you presently think… but you have in-family construction expertise… that will help… and won’t it be time to cheer when the project is done.. and then back to the routine… !! As I have become older I have become really fond of my routine… in that respect, babies and oldies are much alike. While living midst the turmoil, you might be eating frozen leftovers from the freezer?Even the cookies?

    • Karen Dec 28, 2016

      oh it won’t be that bad – the sewing room is a small room at the back of the house – the rest of the house will be just fine a little crowded here and there but routine will be the same

  • Jan Dec 28, 2016

    I’m with you. Decorations are gone and time to get onto some sewing.

    • Karen Dec 28, 2016

      I know what you mean – even with cleaning a closet getting things ready for donation I will be sewing and exercising too – we will probably start moving things out of the sewing room this weekend and then get busy but will be sewing from the living room instead while the remodel goes on

  • Barbara Dec 28, 2016

    After being attacked by termites my poor house in undergoing major, really major, renovations. Over the last year the external walls on one side have been rebuilt and now I’m on to the interior. As my son said now is the time to remodel if you ever intend to because the downstairs finished ceiling has been removed to repair termite damage and now there is access to plumbing & electrical. So now interior walls are being removed (some surprisingly had also been eaten into) to make a large room instead of separate kitchen, living, dining rooms. An upside is that my laundry will be moved upstairs which is helpful as one gets older. I think I’ll like the new layout but it has meant moving everything into the bedrooms or my 4-season room. I’m glad I started getting rid of stuff (mostly donating) after my husband died so I had just a few pieces of furniture to move. My sewing room is my refuge as all the work is being done. I have few Christmas decorations to put away because I had no place to decorate since I had to give the workers open space to do their work. I’m so happy to have a nice cozy sewing room that has been untouched by termites or workers. Happy sewing to all in 2017!

    • Karen Dec 28, 2016

      glad our project is much smaller than yours – we tend to do room to room to remodel. mainly the floor needs to be replaced to the studs as uneven – old house, then new flooring, paint redo the closet so we can use the space better – it won’t look a whole lot different when done – but a lot more level for the floor

  • Raewyn Dec 28, 2016

    We’ve had a quiet few days since Christmas with our resident family off to the beach – I thought I’d be busy packing away Christmas then sewing my heart out but instead I’ve just pottered!! Which has been relaxing. I like your idea of using the batting to wrap the delicates in – for some reason I’ve never thought of that!
    Raewyn recently posted…’tis the season for leftoversMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 28, 2016

      putting away Christmas things can be done slowly! I usually do – this year was just done earlier than normal

  • Dottie bishaw Dec 28, 2016

    Yes, remodeling is never fun, but the results are worth it in the end. I hope all goes well and everything gets back to normal. I’m sure you will be working on something in your spare time anyway to keep your hands busy! Beautiful plant, and so special since it was your Mom’s.

    • Karen Dec 28, 2016

      I dread painting – but it must be done too! I used to enjoy that part but no longer

  • Teri Dingler Dec 28, 2016

    My decorations were down Tuesday! And had we not had this upper respiratory crud I may have had it down the day after Christmas! I am re-doing my sewing area also which means cleaning out my sewing closet, getting books/magazines (quilting) and quilt kits along with fabric that I know I won’t use and somehow get it in the hands of other quilters! And of course the moving of furniture and building a screened in deck off the sun room! Everybody seems busy! A good thing!

    • Karen Dec 28, 2016

      I just finished working on my closet and ordered a short shoe shelf – I am not a big shoe person and do not have 50 pair like some 🙂 so a short shelf will do me well and then I have room to store some of the project boxes or sewing machine bags with the extra machines I rarely use on the floor of the closet – have to find room in this little house for things LOL — hope you are feeling better now!

  • Wanda Dec 28, 2016

    Your cactus has the rounder leaves instead of pointed ones so it is more likely to bloom in spring.
    Wanda recently posted…Almost finished………My Profile

    • Karen Dec 28, 2016

      I have another one with the leaves that are more of a spiky edge to them to – that one hasn’t flowered since I got it over a year ago when there were flowers on it!

  • Melanie Goad Dec 28, 2016

    Glad to see your Froggie is getting some use!–Love Melanie

    • Karen Dec 28, 2016

      yes and since it got wet it is changing color too for a more “worn” look I guess!

  • Sandra B Dec 28, 2016

    I haven’t taken down decorations yet….that will be done over the weekend. As much as I love Christmas, I am ready to get back to the normal look of things, and normal routine. And, I am ready to get back to some stitching!! I miss that routine so much!!
    They say we may have some winter weather next week here in Virginia, so I will doing some stitching then, for sure, with a hot cup of tea at my side….Love it!!

    • Karen Dec 28, 2016

      I’ve been cleaning and getting in a little sewing too – when xmas is over I’m always ready to get the house back to normal shortly after – glad I don’t put out more decorations then I do.

  • Magali Dec 29, 2016

    Good luck for your 2017 projets! I haven’t had the energy to undo the Christmas decoration yet… But I have many projects for the coming year as well!
    Magali recently posted…O Christmas Branch!My Profile

    • Karen Dec 29, 2016

      I don’t know if I will have the energy and I will be gone about 10 days in January – Hubby starts work again so mainly we will be getting work done on weekends

  • Karen Dec 30, 2016

    I have a Christmas cactus that I inherited from my grandmother when she passed away about 38 years ago. I had it in the daylight basement for years and it never bloomed. For the past 15 years, it’s lived in my sunroom enjoying a lot of sun (as much as ND gets, anyway) and now it’s been happily blooming every year in early November. I have another cactus plant I bought about 12 years ago from a store and it never bloomed until 2 years ago. It bloomed in May. I moveed it from directly in front of the window to a shelf that gets indirect light. When we are at our other house in AZ, we pay someone to come and care for the plants as I don’t have the heart to get rid of them yet. We have a lot of plants, including an asparagus fern of my grandmother’s. Happy New Year.

    • Karen Dec 30, 2016

      the older the plants are the more we want to keep them! Mom’s cactus was blooming the year I gave it to her but never after that – I think I gave it to her two years before she died so it is about 4 now. Maybe one day! I hope your plants continue to prosper!

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