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tn_FreeVintageImagesofChristmasClipArt11_jpgMore cookies then quilting yesterday.  Wow a little girl can tire a person out when you are not around children all the time.  Our son-in-law had a funeral on his side of the family so we had Aniya (his great-niece) over for the afternoon to help the family out – Sugar Cookies were made.


This little 5 year old love frosting almost as much as the cookies – I seem to remember that with our girls when they were young!


I did get in a couple hours of machine quilting on Hopscotch  in the morning and the very middle of the quilt is done!  now only about — how many lines of quilting left to do LOL – I will work on it again today and the weekend – I truly hope to be done by Sunday and fold the extra tables back up and put back in the closet out of the way.  Linking to Sarah’s Confessions of a Fabric Addict , Fort Worth Fabric Studio and Crazy Mom Quilts.


The back design always shows up more it seems.


I turned my chair around in the tight space I have and finished this area of the Postage Stamp on Wednesday night and then rolled the quilt down and started on the opposite end where I have more room to move last night.


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  • Gretchen Dec 9, 2016

    I like the quilting on both of your quilts. Especially since you are saving $$$’s on machine quilting the Hopscotch quilt. Straight line quilting looks great!
    Gretchen recently posted…Churn Dash QuiltMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 9, 2016

      I can’t even think about paying someone to do my quilting for me for some reason – I guess when I know that with just a little work I can do it myself that I can’t stand the thought of paying someone LOL

  • Deb Dec 9, 2016

    What a little cutie she is and clearly having a blast with you! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Family, Quilting, and Flower Basket Medallion Center FinishMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 9, 2016

      she has gotten very used to being around us now the last couple of years and is very comfortable with us – she has become a part of the family for sure

  • Marianne Dec 9, 2016

    What a cutie! When my son was little, he always decorated the cookies. Sometimes the colors were a bit weird – camouflage for one! – but he had a good time and it kept him busy when he was itching to open things under the tree.

    • Karen Dec 9, 2016

      I place a couple of empty gift boxes decorated that I put under the tree- the boxes were from gifts that I gave my mom – she liked the boxes so much that they were saved in her closet and I found them when cleaning things out – so now I put them under the tree each year as they are festive – before I realized it Aniya was sitting down by the tree opening them up! she was disappointed to find them empty LOL

  • Lorna McMahon Dec 9, 2016

    I could have used your helper last night! I am not a baker…. But made some cookies anyway. Your machine quilting is coming along nicely. It’s a lot of work to quilt along each side of all those seams…. But it will look so good when it’s finished!
    Lorna McMahon recently posted…Stepping Stones Christmas table runnerMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 9, 2016

      with the practice at machine quilting that I have been doing the last couple years this big quilt is turning out ok, I am so much more pleased with the way it is turning out then how the first quilts I did

  • Marie Dec 9, 2016

    Icing always tastes best when you lick it off your fingers! Sweet!
    Marie recently posted…Memory LaneMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 9, 2016

      so true – this is such a sweet little girl we are lucky to have her over to visit now and then and be part of her family even though we are not really related..

  • maxine lesline Dec 9, 2016

    Sweet little girl.. and already has her own apron.. I am into aprons…. tho my sweats don’t need the protection. Not paying for another person to do the quilting is right down my frugal alley.. and the straight lines of your machine quilting seem to match this lovely utility quilt… usefulness is often the best.

    • Karen Dec 9, 2016

      she brought her apron with her! I never wear one – and at times my jeans and shirt show it, I never have been able to bring myself to have someone do my quilting for me as to me that is part of making the quilt my own. yes straight lines suit this quilt really well I think

  • Dottie bishaw Dec 9, 2016

    It looks like you had as much fun as your little visitor did, lol! Your quilting looks great. How big is that quilt? You really know how to get it moved around to best advantage.

    • Karen Dec 9, 2016

      yes we had fun with our little visitor – makes the Christmas scene perfect she was enthralled with the Xmas decorations and making cookies. The quilt I believe is 90 x 103

  • Diann Bottrell Dec 9, 2016

    I love straight line quilting, and yours is perfect for Hopscotch! Looks like fun to have a little one to decorate cookies with! But now I want to bake. Lol!
    Diann Bottrell recently posted…I like Thursday #8 – the Miscellaneous EditionMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 9, 2016

      straight line machine quilting is all I will attempt by machine, I do not care for free motion but I know a lot do – I just do not care for the look but straight lines go more with the hand quilting look that I normally do. More baking next week the little one is coming back with my daughter to help more – maybe I can get more done as Melanie can watch Aniya while I get busy with baking not have to keep my eyes on her all the time!

  • Belarmina Dec 9, 2016

    Karen me gustan los acochados rectos
    hacer galletas con la pitufina es lo mas divertido de la semana

    • Karen Dec 9, 2016

      Yes Belarmina making cookies with the little ones are fun

    • Karen Dec 10, 2016

      yes making cookie with the little ones can be fun

  • audrey Dec 10, 2016

    Little kids really do require a lot of time and attention! So good of you to make cookies together! I bet she loved it.:)

    • Karen Dec 10, 2016

      they sure do! making cookies is a good way to keep them occupied though

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