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388137060_RZ4gY-ThBinding, crochet and quilting – day after day the same old stuff it seems.  When you are trying to finish some things it just gets kind of dull doesn’t it.  Nothing new to blog about!  Yesterday was also the day to go to Wal-Mart as there were things I needed that could not be gotten at the Neighborhood Market so a trip to Wally World was called for – I normally avoid that store as much as possible the month of December and if you chose to go you should allow extra time – 1 –  do not go if you are on a time limit and 2-  do not get angry if the lady in front of you has a mountain of things to check out!!  LOL – 3–  really just chill and relax – 4- get your phone out and start texting  – daughter #2 and I have been doing that a lot lately and got in a lot of conversation before it was my turn to toss my stuff up on the belt to get checked out.

I do have one side of Hopscotch binding finished!! 3 more to go.



Ciera’s hat grew a little more – I started to decrease stitches this last row.  The great thing about yarn is if it doesn’t turn out you can unravel it and try all over again – if I get it done in time for Christmas that is ok but it is not planed for a Christmas gift but a winter gift – she lives in Wisconsin after all where it is winter half the year! (or feels like it)


This much left to do on Postage Stamp before I roll it down again.  40 hours of quilting on it now.


I think it is about time to get in a little baking soon – what is your favorite cookie/bread/candy that you make for the Christmas Holiday or whatever holiday you celebrate if you do? I have a ginger cookie recipe that a couple of my readers found they love and make them every year now.  I found the recipe on a previous blog post from some years back and cut and pasted – Marianne makes them every year now.  I found a ginger bread recipe that I think I will try out this year.

Ginger Cookies - nice and crunchy, rolled in sugar.

Ginger Cookies

4 1/2 cups of flour
4 teaspoons ground ginger
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground cloves
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups shortening
2 cups sugar
2 eggs
1/2 cup molasses
1/2 cup sugar put aside in a bowl

In a large mixing bowl beat the shortening on low speed until it is softened.  Add the sugar, eggs, and molasses.  Add the dry ingredients and mix well.  Shape into the size ball to make small, medium or large cookies. For instance if you want giant cookies use about a 1/4 cup of mixture.  If you want smaller cookies like the ones I have pictured above make walnut size balls or a little larger.

Roll the balls in granulated sugar and place on greased baking pans.  Bake at 350 for about 14 minutes – check for brownness.  If you over bake the cookies will be crunchy, I did some for 16 minutes to have crunchy cookies and some at 13 to 14 minutes to have chewy.

The walnut size balls will give you about 4 to 5 dozen cookies.  Large will give you about 2 dozen.

Craftsy has a two day sale on some classes – might be worth it to check it out.  Did you know you can gift a class – when you go to order a class look for the “gift this class” and follow the instructions.


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  • Ramona Dec 15, 2016

    Thanks for your cookie recipe. They sound delicious. Hopefully I’ll get to my baking on Saturday and may add these to my list. Enjoy your day!

    • Karen Dec 15, 2016

      I need to make some of the cookies too and send some home with Melanie

  • Deb Dec 15, 2016

    I’d like one of those cookies with my morning coffee! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Snowing and Sewing ( Flower Basket Medallion Borders Progress )My Profile

    • Karen Dec 15, 2016

      me too – and I didn’t make any yet

  • Marianne Dec 15, 2016

    They are the best cookies – by far! One year I made a tin of various cookies for neighbors, and they told me they fought over who was going to eat the last ginger cookie!

    I love the fabric you’re using for the binding of the hopscotch quilt. Bigger polka dots are really fun. I haven’t done a lot of sewing lately. It’s been really cold, so I stay wrapped up in a quilt and read when I get a chance to just sit. I know what you mean about Walmart. I need to make a trip there myself but am putting it off. A Monday morning seems to work best for me – fewer crowds.

    • Karen Dec 15, 2016

      so glad you mentioned the cookies last week I think it was, I make them now and then and you got me thinking of them. I need to make them again. You all have it so cold in the north – dear daughter in WI said it was around -11 I think yesterday or maybe that was felt like?

  • Sharon S Dec 15, 2016

    Just finished up two quilting projects and have also been crocheting. Making a big stitch scarf to wrap around my neck and face when I walk outside!!! I love, love, love ginger cookies – they are my favorite. Your recipe sounds very much like the one I use from my mom. Please do not worry that ‘nothing exciting’ is happening for you to blog about…….we enjoy just reading about your day!!!!

    • Karen Dec 15, 2016

      thanks Sharon – I sometimes feel like I am just repeating myself LOL

  • Kaholly Dec 15, 2016

    Mmmmm, looks yummy! I love really love baked ginger cookies! XO
    Kaholly recently posted…Winners and a FinishMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 15, 2016

      I have always loved ginger cookies – a favorite from childhood

  • Willeke Dec 15, 2016

    Hi Karen,

    It’s a pitty you live so far away. I would’ve learn you how to knit cables. For me it’s a piece of cake. But you are a great and gifted quilter. That’s so great about blogging. We can enjoy each others work… Love the things you make….

    groetjes, Willeke
    Willeke recently posted…Wintersetje…My Profile

    • Karen Dec 15, 2016

      I would so love to take up your offer to learn to knit from you – you do such beautiful work – if only you were not across the ocean from me!!

  • Dottie bishaw Dec 15, 2016

    Oh Karen, the more I see the quilting on Hopscotch, the more I love it. Some quilts seem quilted to death. I guess I think simple is best because my mom, who is 101, always did it that way by hand. My favorite cookies are Snowballs, also called Mexican Wedding cookies. I like crochet better than knitting too, and your hat is looking beautiful. Your blog is never boring to us, always interesting. Enjoy your day.

    • Karen Dec 15, 2016

      thank you! I machine quilted hopscotch just as I would have if I had done it by hand except by hand I wouldn’t have went through all the seams – I like the simple look. I will look for a recipe of the wedding cookies and see if I will make them.

  • Sarah Dec 15, 2016

    Your Walmart survival guide made me smile! And those cookies look delicious.
    Sarah recently posted…12 Days of ChristmasMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 15, 2016

      LOL yes you just have to chill out!!

  • Peg Miller Dec 15, 2016

    I am cookie fanatic at Christmas time. I just finished my 12th kind for the annual cookies plates for friends but the all time favorite is my Grandma Elliott’s Santa Claus cookies. When I became a grandma (first in our family of nine children) my brother sent me a tin copy of the Santa Claus face cookie cutter that had been our Grandma’s. He said: “Now you are Grandma!” Make cookies!. It is a mold of Santa’s face with beard and cap. So I paint the cheeks rosy pink with food coloring and a little paint brush, use a toothpick to give him blue eyes. The cap is red with sparkly red sugar and the beard as coconut pressed into the frosting. The dough is like pastry with lard cut into the flour and then egg yolks,sugar and sour cream. If I don’t feel like baking cookies at Christmas I still must do these or I will hear about it.

    • Karen Dec 15, 2016

      large family – I am one of 12!! have you beat my sisters and I did all the xmas cookie baking when we got old enough and I continued on for years – I still make plenty but not like I used to!

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