Not Much Sewing Going On

Handful of Scraps, Postage Stamp Quilt, quilts

Still we are cleaning up and getting rid of things, trying to get to the point where the sewing room/office will be transferred to the living room and scattered about the house so we can start the redo – it will be awhile.

While Mike, Melanie and Ric got the chair out of the house (it was heavy) to bring to their storage building I got the car packed with everything that was in the corner of the living room and brought to the donation center – I was very lucky I got there when I did – as I pulled up behind the truck ahead of me who was in the process of getting his truck bed emptied I knew it was a good time to check my phone which I had heard a beep on a short while before – text message – got my message read and scanned email – and it was my turn to pull forward – did so parked and got out to open the back and chat to the young men that came to empty the car  – they are all mentally disabled (is that the proper term now? not sure)  I always want to personally thank them for their help.  As I glanced up about six cars had pulled up behind me! wow I was lucky I got there when I did – by time I left more had pulled in – everyone is cleaning out their house after Christmas it seems.

But as you can see more has been put in the corner that Mike will use for his computer things – it is going to get crowded!


The area for the sewing things looks like it will work out and I’ve looking at corners and places in the house to stack my stuff in so it will be handy – I could box it all up and put in the workshop but then I won’t be able to find things when I want them.


Now of course when you move furniture – the heavy kind it always leaves these indentions in the carpet – how the heck do you get rid of them?


One thing I have read – which I have not tried is placing ice cubes in the indentions – let it melt and then use a brush and carefully brush the fibers back up – well this work – I sure don’t know but I’m willing to try it once and see what happens.  I’ll let you know – the ice sure wasn’t melting quickly it was still there when I went to bed!  I’m trying it in two places before I try the rest.


I did begin to baste one more hexie flower – and yes I will be taking the hexie project along for the trip to Virginia.


And of course a little more Postage Stamp quilting was done.  I was going to bring in the square standing hoop to set it up and show it to you all but I waited to long in the day and it was getting dark in the workshop – no light in the loft area – other than a small window on the east & west walls- where some things are stored and it was on an upper shelf – I will need Mike’s help today to get to it.


Last day of  the End of the Year Sale  at Craftsy.  All sorts of supplies are now on sale, check out the new Boundless line of fabric – solids $5.60 a yard – I love their bright white fabric —  Kits, quilt fabric, notions, yarn, sewing clothing fabric – it is all there –   Grab a cup of coffee or tea and have fun browsing from your chair in your pajamas.

Thanks to all that order through my links I do appreciate it!


Have a safe and Happy New Years Eve if you venture out to party – I have a feeling we will be continuing our work here at home!!free-vintage-happy-new-year-cards-two-birds-snow-scene-mistletoe

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  • Sharon S Dec 31, 2016

    ……what trip to Virginia??!!

    • Karen Dec 31, 2016

      I guess you missed a couple post – my sister that lives in VA had a brain tumor – surgery was successful and I will be there for part of her recovery – I will be there the 19th for about 10 days to help her

  • Celia Dec 31, 2016

    Happy New Year, Karen, and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2017 with plenty of quilting!

    • Karen Dec 31, 2016

      thanks Celia – happy new year to you too and may a lot of quilts be made!

  • Deb Dec 31, 2016

    BUSY Bees the two of you this weekend! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…After Christmas This & That and a Bit of QuiltingMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 31, 2016

      I will be glad when we get every thing organized and then get started on the room – I know it will take a couple months

  • Maryann Dec 31, 2016

    I used a wet (wrung out) cloth and a steam iron on the dents in the carpet when we repalced a chair recently. This, followed up by suction from the nozzle of my vacuum fluffed up the fibers so the dents disappeared. I was concerned about the amount of water going into the carpet from a melted ice cube.
    Maryann recently posted…Time for Another PostMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 31, 2016

      last night the ice was melted and I scrub at it with a gentle brush and it looks much better today – I will vacuum over it this morning and that should get any excess water out of it too – maybe that is why it says ice cubes – there really isn’t all that much water involved. I will try your wet cloth/steam iron method on the next one – I have more in the living room take care of as the end table will be moved too and those tables are heavy sure to be dents there as well

  • Dottie bishaw Dec 31, 2016

    Yes, the ice cubes worked for me when we moved. Karen, do you use a forty weight thread when you sew your hexies? I use a fifty weight and wonder if there is a difference? You’re really coming along on your sewing room project. Have a Happy New Year’s day and year.

    • Karen Dec 31, 2016

      I believe I am using a 50 wt. – I use it from my thread cabinet to match the colors and that is Gutermann 100%cotton – I’m pretty sure it is 50 wt – I use YLI hand quilting thread 40 weight to baste. The ice cubes worked pretty good in those two spots – I just vacuumed in that area and can’t really see the areas that much

  • Nanette Jan 1, 2017

    Like the postage stamp quilt and the new area with the wall out will be great for you.
    We thought about adding a ‘portable’storage room outside for my “overflow”, but opted to clear out a room we no longer use and it is working great! I just did not want to get involved in adding anymore buildings on our 5 acres! We redid the bathrooms and kitchen in March and it ended up in a 2 month ordeal – one that we took a trip to Durant to just get away from the stress and mess!!! You will enjoy. I posted on my blog the outcome and I am very happy with it.

    Hope your sister’s recovery goes well for her.

    I lived in Sterling, VA for 3 years and love the countryside! So beautiful – even the hard winters. Nanette
    Nanette recently posted…Happy New Year!!!!!My Profile

    • Karen Jan 1, 2017

      I have been to Virginia many times over the years and always love the countryside – the cities not as much but I’m a country gal what can I say – I do love the Williamsburg area though that my sister is in. well be glad for the redo on the room but not looking forward to several months of working on it in hubby’s spare time. I believe his contract job will start about the same time we start the work on the room

  • Nanette Jan 1, 2017

    We also live in the country and hope I never have to leave the country again like I did for 4 years in the ’90’s.
    Nanette recently posted…Happy New Year!!!!!My Profile

    • Karen Jan 1, 2017

      we do not intend to move so stay in the country we do and visit the cities now and then – even when we travel in the motorhome we mainly are in the mountains and small communities in the Rocky Mountain range from north to south

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