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tn_FreeVintageImagesofChristmasClipArt1_jpgYesterday was a such a busy day I barely had time to just sit and rest other than at the doctors office, the car and in the evening.  I mentioned I had my eye doctor check up in the morning and it went well.  The swelling in the retina is gone, the eye drops are now reduced to two drops a day for two weeks and then done.  Another visit in two months to make sure it has stayed healed.  All good news – from there we went to David’s Burgers for some nice big burgers and good fries – the book store to pick up a one last gift and home we went.

I had cookie dough all ready for when the girls got here and for several hours we made cookies and listened to Aniya jabber – that little girl can talk and talk and talk.

Rubbing her hands in glee – what shall she do next! she was very pleased with the candy canes.


Melanie and Aniya


Aniya loved her gift box – shown on yesterdays post – and she seemed to think decorations are toys!  LOL – no toys in my house any more.  She loves her apron and had forgotten it so Melanie ran back to the house to get it – only 2 miles down the road so not far to go.


About half the cookies went home with them thank goodness as I still have one batch of cookies to make and coffee cake on Christmas Eve.  Some of these well end up in the freezer!! I do not want too much temptation sitting out saying “eat me”


If you look at yesterday’s post you will see that I did get a couple more hexies sewn – when I actually sat down I’m not sure!  this one is taking awhile to finish for sure!


Over the last couple evenings more done on the Postage Stamp and more done last night too – my way of unwinding – and I did need it LOL  Today I will finish up the one present I am working on.  Make one more batch of cookies – that is it for cookies.  I need to stop today or tomorrow at the store to pick up things for Christmas Eve – Melanie and Ric will be over in that evening for finger foods and a little gift exchange – and that is pretty much it – we don’t do a big meal on Christmas day – I’m not even sure what I will be making – I will need to decide soon though I guess.  We used to do a big meal but now it is mainly just us as Ric’s brother will be in town visiting so they will do Christmas Day with his family.  We might go see a movie – we do that a lot on Christmas afternoon in recent years!



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  • Elaine Dec 22, 2016

    So glad your eye appointment went well. Have a wonderful Christmas!
    Elaine recently posted…2016 ReviewMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 22, 2016

      thanks Elaine, Merry Christmas to you

  • Marianne Dec 22, 2016

    Glad to hear about your eyes. And that Aniya is adorable! I love little kids at that age. Everything excites them.

    We are planning a quiet Christmas, too. Taking a friend out to lunch today, and then just reading/sewing til Christmas day. I did my “big” grocery shopping yesterday and got a small ham for Christmas dinner. I’ll make an apple tart for dessert. My son Chris will show up some time that day after spending Christmas eve with friends. If he’s here at mealtime, he’ll eat with us; if not, I’ll send him home with stuff. We really take it easy here because the weather drives our activities most of the time. Expecting a White Christmas as usual! Have a wonderful, quiet holiday!

    • Karen Dec 22, 2016

      I really don’t know why I do all this baking, it is way too much and most of it ends up in the freezer and we nibble on it for several months to come. Hope you have no blizzard for the holidays

  • Doreen Dec 22, 2016

    Most assuredly a Christmas post!!!!! Yes, having sweet treats in the house is dangerous here, too!! LOL! But, building memories……..priceless!! Thrilled to ‘hear’ that your appt went well!!!! Being “on the road” for various tasks really tends to tire me…..or, at least, I don’t want to do much at home but sit!!!!!

    • Karen Dec 22, 2016

      I really don’t know why we make all these cookies – we do not entertain and have very few people over the holidays – I’m glad I gave half of them to Mel to take home with her but that still leaves us with way too many – in the freezer they are going!

  • Liz Dec 22, 2016

    I spy the piggy who is smiling lol. Such cute pictures of Anyia, it made me smile and giggle. Love seeing your progress.
    Liz recently posted…Broken dishesMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 22, 2016

      thanks Liz – Merry Christmas to you

  • Deb Dec 22, 2016

    Glad to hear the good report on your eyes and I laughed at the decorations becoming toys! 🙂 So darn cute and so much fun going on there !
    Deb recently posted…2016 looking back…a photo diary review : January -JuneMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 22, 2016

      She can wear me out though when you are not used to it – we have way more cookies then we need here and now Melanie probably does to -I had two more kinds that I had wanted to make and I am having second thoughts and although the dough is made for one I am seriously thinking of freezing it for now and making it in a month or two instead!

  • maxine lesline Dec 22, 2016

    Good thing yesterday was the longest day .. with all you were doing…. and good news about your eye… the possibilities were scary. As I get older, I more appreciate getting back into my ‘groove’ after the holidays. Mostly I give checks as gifts now, but I am assembling for a 9 yr old gt grandaughter a little embroidery kit with a wooden hoop, threads, Aida cloth with a few lines drawn.. and a small pin cushion I made. and noting a site on Google for children’s embroidery.. fun for me..hopefully for her.

    • Karen Dec 22, 2016

      it is mostly all checks here too unless the grandchildren happen to be visiting.

  • Belarmina Dec 22, 2016

    Karen me alegra que tus ojos van bien!!!
    el tiempo de hacer las galletas con la pitufina, es lo mejor que puede pasar
    en mi casa siempre hay dulces,
    soy golosa!! pero no abuso, mis únicos excesos son las manzanas
    me gusta que las latas estén llenas y tomar una con mi café
    buenas fiestas

    • Karen Dec 23, 2016

      thanks – Merry Christmas

  • Dottie bishaw Dec 23, 2016

    Glad everything went fine with your eye appointment. I loved seeing the pictures of your cookie baking day, so much fun and delicious looking cookies. Love that little piggie! Enjoy your busy day Karen.

    • Karen Dec 23, 2016

      thanks – Merry Christmas to you Dottie

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