The Final Frontier–A Finish

Quilty 365 – The Final Frontier, Williamsburg Beauty

I think Audrey from Quilty Folk is having her link up today for Quilty 365 and I have my quilt finished and ready to show!  (I will link up as soon as I get up and as soon as Audrey has the link –I wrote last night and schedule my post for early AM)  I started this quilt a year ago on November 18th 2015 – the circles are appliqued by hand and the entire quilt is hand quilted.    I finished the final stitches of binding last week, just slightly over a year in the making.  The Final Frontier — we were supposed to only make one circle a day and have the top finished after a years work – but very quickly I grew addicted to my circles and couldn’t do that and I was making anywhere from 10 to 20 a day it seemed.  I believe I have 313 blocks  – but I surpassed the 365 circles as I have double circles on a lot of the blocks, there might even be three circles on a couple of them I think I ended up with about 420 circles? something like that.  Edited:  Audrey is having the final link up today 5/1/2017 for the circles I finished mine sometime back – but here is my finish.


And another view!


A photo taken from the back so I could show all the crinkly goodness of this quilt – yes it shrunk – I like it to shrink – it did shrink a little more than I thought it would but I forgot I had used wool batting until it was half way through drying on high heat LOL – finished size is 95 x 97 – still plenty big enough for our bed.


Another of the top.


Thank you Audrey for the idea of a whole quilt of circles.  I used 5 inch charms of Fossil Ferns fabric – I used 3 whole packs of 100 – 5 inch pieces.  I sewed scrap pieces together for the stripe circles and the small circles are made from the cut out of the big circles from the back.


Williamsburg Beauty back up on the design wall while I play around with the final borders – the final two up there are not sewed in place – checking to see if I have enough fabric – yes to the brown – not so sure on the yellow print.  As it is here it will be about 60 x 60 I believe – if I add that yellow print border of which I really do not know if I have enough to piece together.


I will need to check that after I get the brown sewn in place – the yellow doesn’t have to be on it though and I do not know if I will include it – the binding would cover up the outer row of the red stripe.  I still intend to applique circles on to the edges of the diamonds


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  • Gabriele Stabel Dec 1, 2016

    Wow, Karen, what an amazing quilt. I like this quilt so much. You are such a great quilt artist. I admire your quilting so much.

    Gabriele from Germany

    • Karen Dec 1, 2016

      thank you Gabriele – I am glad it is done and I really like making circles I put some on a lot of my quilts but this is the first one that was all circles – thanks for stopping by

  • Gretchen Dec 1, 2016

    Final Frontier turned out so beautiful! She will be an inspiration on the Quilty 365 link up for the other participants to finish their quilts. Have a great day and enjoy looking at that quilt! Blessings, Gretchen
    Gretchen recently posted…December One Monthly GoalMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 1, 2016

      thanks Gretchen – I am glad it is done and that it turned out how it did

  • Marianne Dec 1, 2016

    Your Final Frontier is really impressive. Love the way it turned out! I like your red pillowcases, too. Did you make them?

    • Karen Dec 1, 2016

      I had the red pillowcases – I usually use white except if I have a black/dark quilt on the bed, I bought the red to go with a red/black quilt that I made some time ago

  • Deb Dec 1, 2016

    Final Frontier looks wonderful on your bed and Williamsburg gets more gorgeous every day. What a great idea you had when you decided to build this around the applique center.
    Can’t believe it’s December 1 already…when you mentioned Audrey’s link up it dawned on me how fast the last week or so has flown.
    Deb recently posted…This & That and a bit of quiltingMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 1, 2016

      thanks – I still have 3 applique circles left and I am not sure what I will be doing with them. When I get this quilt done I will need to empty my box off all the fabric that I had set aside for it as I have a ton left, I had put way too much aside for it – but good luck is that most of what is left can be used for the scrappy baskets – perfect

  • Ruth Dec 1, 2016

    Stunning! You do such gorgeous work!
    Ruth recently posted…Dresden platesMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 1, 2016

      thanks Ruth I’m very pleased with the quilt

  • Dottie bishaw Dec 1, 2016

    Wow, I love both quilts! Your work is so beautiful. I know how much work both of them took, I don’t know how you do it so quickly. I really enjoy reading your blog while I have my coffee. Thank you for sharing your quilts and life with us.

    • Karen Dec 1, 2016

      thanks Dottie – I do not like to sit around doing nothing – I’m just kind of on the move all the time – have to do something so I quilt and sew! thanks for stopping by

  • Paulette Dec 1, 2016

    Wow! Your quilt is GORGEOUS, Karen! Love the colors, the name, the setting, the multiple circles in some blocks, etc. Well done!

    • Karen Dec 1, 2016

      thanks Paulette this was a fun quilt to work on

  • Vicki Dec 1, 2016

    Final Frontier looks great on your bed!

    • Karen Dec 1, 2016

      thanks Vicki – this was a fun quilt to make

  • Heidi Dec 1, 2016

    Congratulations on a stunning finish! Love the layout!

    • Karen Dec 1, 2016

      thanks Heidi!

  • audrey Dec 1, 2016

    You are such an overachiever! hehe Love seeing your finished quilt in all its crinkly goodness! The on-point layout is wonderful looking.:)

    • Karen Dec 1, 2016

      Thanks Audrey – thanks for talking me into this quilt – well I guess you didn’t twist my arm LOL – it was a fun quilt to make – it didn’t need a lot of thinking 🙂

  • Pat in WNY Dec 1, 2016

    The Final Frontier is sensational! It looks great on the bed, and I love the crinkly loft you achieved, just perfect.

    • Karen Dec 1, 2016

      thanks Pat, it was a fun quilt to make

  • Janice Holton Dec 1, 2016

    You amaze me. Congratulations on another spectacular finish!

    • Karen Dec 2, 2016

      thanks Janice – I’ve trying to clear up this stack of projects and making progress

  • Béatrice Dec 2, 2016

    Wonderful finished quilt, colours, layout…Love it.
    Béatrice recently posted…Log Cabin Quilt A Long, suiteMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 2, 2016

      thanks, I’m glad I decided on fossil ferns

  • Mary Ann Dec 2, 2016

    Another beautiful finish on the Final Frontier. I loved your Williamsburg Beauty in the beginning when you only had the four blocks. The quilt just gets better and better as you add borders and designs.

    • Karen Dec 2, 2016

      thanks Mary Ann – decided to finish it with the brown border and say it is just about there

  • Elzaan Dec 2, 2016

    Your Final Frontier looks awesome on the bed. You can be proud of that one.
    Elzaan recently posted…Verrassings!My Profile

    • Karen Dec 2, 2016

      thank you – I love the bold colors

  • Karen Dec 3, 2016

    Congratulations on your lovely finish. I have one more month to go and hope to be in the same position soon.
    Karen recently posted…Falling behindMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 3, 2016

      you can do it – well put you on my feedly reader so I can see your finish!

  • Glenda Dec 7, 2016

    Dear Karen your 365 circles still inspire me, and still is my favourite, it just glows. It must be lovely to walk in to the room and see it spread out so welcoming and warm looking. Thanks for inspiring me to make my own circles. Cheers Glenda
    Glenda recently posted…30th Nov 2016 Working on my lovely Gollies and colour in my garden this morning.My Profile

    • Karen Dec 7, 2016

      your welcome Glenda – I do love it on the bed- very colorful!!

  • Pat in WNY May 1, 2017

    I love seeing this fabulous quilt one more time in the final link-up! I’ll admit I stole your idea for the sashed on-point setting, and can’t wait to have the quilting completed so it can go on the bed permanently!

  • Sandra Croley May 1, 2017

    What a beautiful finish for your Quilty365!

  • LJ May 1, 2017

    Congrats! Great finish. Love how colorful it is. Putting your circles on point and adding sashing is something I’m thinking about. I just finished month 8 (April); I was a late starter. 🙂

  • audrey May 1, 2017

    Thanks for linking up today Karen! Yours was the first one completely finished and still inspires so many.:)

  • Isabel May 2, 2017

    Me ha encantado tu Quilt 365. Está lleno de color. Es un trabajo que hemos disfrutado mucho durante un año. Un beso

  • Angie May 4, 2017

    What a beautiful finish! I love the colorful background fabrics and I’m envious yours is already quilted!

  • Heidi May 4, 2017

    I love seeing this after washing in all it’s crinkly-goodness! Gorgeous finish, congrats; those colors are delicious!
    Heidi recently posted…Full Circle: A Quilty365 Nearly Finished!My Profile

  • Cathy May 5, 2017

    I thought I commented when you first posted but congrats on your finish. I love Fossil Ferns an used to have several colors but they are all used up now. Well, I might have a few scraps here and there but the major pieces are used. I like the shrinky, crinkly look too. Makes a quilt look so cozy!
    Cathy recently posted…Another Top to Add to the Quilting PileMy Profile

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