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ClipArtPlace_Victorian_Christmas_Lady_Clipart2Yes it was one of those days again – without going into a lot of detail, there have been some family things going on – not me and Mike – but others – two with medical problems and then an in law of Melanie’s whose battle with cancer ended.   I think I was texting and  on phone calls more than I was doing anything else at times – you know that insane feeling you get when you are texting with two different people at the same time then get a ding from messenger as well!  Mama Mia – you can go crazy!!  It is a wonder you know who you are texting LOL.

Anyhow I did get some things done but I never did make it to the fitness center as I felt sure I was not capable of texting and walking on the treadmill at the same time and really keep those messages straight – I have a feeling I would have fallen off!!

What did get done?  I worked a bit on my snowman stitchery and got a bit done.  All the leaves on the left side are done except the details to add – the embellishment – on the leaves are veins, the white sticking out of the mitten is a candy cane stick so I need to add stripes of red, holly berries get scattered around as well.  I have not stitched the leaves down on the right side.  As you can see I made the snowman a cap to hide his bald head – it just didn’t look right – pinned in place for now.  It is coming along!  Linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog today.


Williamsburg Beauty is now off the wall and folded in the “to be quilted” box and I took Love Entwined out to look at it and see if I can get inspired to finish this center square  – 3 bouquets of flowers and I could call it done with a pieced or plain border all around.


Hopscotch is out and ready to be quilted if I can stick with the machine long enough to do it!!  Not my favorite thing to do of course but it is pinned and ready – straight lines – and I have 3 lines done.  I tried working at the dining room table with it but quickly remembered why I decided to not quilt in there the last time – with the machine on the table the tall chair is just not tall enough – the machine is too high on the table .  It will be back to the sewing room with it today and will have to put a folded table behind the sewing table and one off to the side – the room well be extremely crowded but I plan on working until it is done – I hope a week – we will see unless I give up after awhile and stuff it in a box to work on later!


These will all be double lines eventually (I think) and plan on the opposite direction as well – but sometimes plans change so we will see – I know I will be sick of it by time I get done but I really want it out of my way.


The give away has surpassed 100!!!  I think my most comments for a give away but I’m not positive.  So thank you all so much for the big response the last couple of days for the give away – it continues through Wednesday morning when I will select the winners with the random generator.  Leave your comment at this post if you want in.  It has been so neat to read where you all are from and readers have been reading through the comments as well to see where you are all from – I will need to tally it up and see – a lot from Michigan and Ontario for sure!!

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  • Gretchen Dec 6, 2016

    I’d keep after the machine quilted quilt so you won’t have it hanging over your head. A finish feels so good! You don’t have to bind it right away, save it for a quick finish in January. Sorry about all the problems. I’m sure Melanie was glad to have you to talk to. I think Love Entwined is so pretty but I don’t know if I’ll ever have the perseverance to start one.
    Gretchen recently posted…Flowering Wild Strawberry WreathMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 6, 2016

      yes I am going to keep at the machine quilting so I can finish it, I probably shouldn’t have started it yesterday there was too much going on and I think it will work out better in the sewing room instead

  • Deb Dec 6, 2016

    Sorry to hear of all of the family troubles….the little snowman project is so cute.

    Love Entwined is gorgeous. If the vases are filled in the same manner, the berries look tedious but there are not a lot of boring leaves…mostly flower fun so that’s the positive in my eyes : ) I think while you are appliqueing you will enjoy planning how you are going to frame it with a border or two …
    Deb recently posted…Poor Merle, Rose of Sharon & Hand QuiltingMy Profile

    • Karen Dec 6, 2016

      yes it is mainly flowers and buds, each bouquet is different and you can really change them up how you like.

  • Marianne Dec 6, 2016

    We went through that texting various people last summer when Paul’s sister had surgery and eventually died. His other sisters were calling on the phone while his niece was texting – it got confusing. Hope things level out for you and Melanie soon. No one should be sick at Christmas.
    I love the soft colors in Love Entwined!
    I saw a You Tube about machine quilting recently where the person said she doesn’t use a table behind but just makes sure she has a clear wall into which the quilt can pile up behind the machine. If I can find it again I’ll send you a link. I don’t have room for a table behind either so I use the wall and, sometimes, my ironing board, lowered to the height of the left side of my sewing table.

    • Karen Dec 6, 2016

      yes I will finish the machine quilting in the sewing room, the wall behind the machine should stop the quilt from falling as it is big and a side table – I will try that before adding a table in back.

  • maxine lesline Dec 6, 2016

    Here in my apartment my old Singer sets on a wooden TV table and my chair is an adjustable well-cushioned office chair…tho I never am sewing on large projects such as yours… but the arrangement is easy to move from place to place. Having family is wonderful and awesome and worrisome.. all together… isnt it? Having your deep commitment to quilting probably softens the edges of all the rough stuff in life.

    • Karen Dec 6, 2016

      Now I wish we would have gone with an ordinary dining room table that is regular height – instead with went with a tall table with tall chairs – makes sewing at the table next to impossible. I finally got an arrangement going in the sewing room though that is working out today so that is good – I have a table in back of the sewing table and a small side table – of course the room is way too full right now – but it will just be for a week and then back to normal

  • Sandra B Dec 6, 2016

    Sorry to hear about your family’s tough times, Karen….seems like those times are even rougher during the holidays….wishing you better times ahead.
    Love your little snowman project…I think you were right in the decision to outline the snowman, and the little hat looks great!
    Love Entwined is a beautiful work in progress…glad to see it back up on your design wall…you have already put in a lot of hours on it…I know there are many hours to go, but it will be stunning when finished!
    We are having nasty weather in Virginia today….cold, and rainy….I am glad I didn’t need to go out today. I am working on my red work quilt, hot tea by my side! Made a big pot of vegetable soup yesterday, so I don’t have to even think about what we will have for dinner tonight….bowl of soup, some warm Italian bread, and a glass of red wine, and we are all set! I think we even have some cheesecake in the freezer if we need dessert!

    • Karen Dec 6, 2016

      sounds like you are ready for a relaxing evening! Don’t know if I will ever finish Love Entwined but would like to get the center done for sure

  • may Dec 6, 2016

    Your snowman stitchery will make a great family heirloom. It’s beautiful.

    • Karen Dec 6, 2016

      thanks – I have not really done much with wool – some of the stitches aren’t great but I’m working at it would like to get it done before the end of the year!

  • Dottie bishaw Dec 7, 2016

    I love the hat on the snowman, he’s so cute! I hope everything goes well for your family.

    • Karen Dec 7, 2016

      thanks Dottie. I think the hat adds to the snowman, he just looked to “bald” lol

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