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Somehow or another I stayed busy all of Monday and got 12,000 steps in!  I try hard to get 10,000 so pleased when it is more.  Housework, a  little shopping, fitness center, it all adds up and then when you throw in all the wandering from room to room in your house it can top it off.  Sometimes if I am close to 10,000 but not quite there and it is the end of the day I just walk room to room throughout the house making about 5 laps and it puts me over the top.

The pajama pants are made and I opted for wide elastic instead of a drawstring – I couldn’t find a drawstring and didn’t want to make one.  The legs are a little wide, but I would rather have them wide then too tight for sleeping in.  I didn’t have a pattern, I used another pair for a pattern so I’m sure that accounts for it.  They are comfortable and a little heavier than some so I really like the fabric – I wish it hadn’t been discontinued.


I will use this strip fabric for the back of the baby quilt and try to get it pin basted today.  I took off the outer white border that I had on the baby quilt – making it slightly smaller but that way I don’t have to piece a back and try to match up stripes.


I began to add some of the neutrals to the Handful of Scraps on the design wall.  Just the 3 pieces on the right side added and I have two more hexies on the coffee table with pieces next to them to add – a lot of work still to do on it.


The Postage Stamp quilt on the hoop.


The area I was working on last night.  The pins will not be a problem – the quilt is so heavy that I just laid it over the frame and took the pins out in the area I will be working – put the top piece on and tightened it up – ran my hand over the back to make sure there are not wrinkles – there wasn’t and it was set to go.   Linking to Mrs. Sew and Sow today.  Also linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog – Esther will be releasing a free BOM again this year check with her on the 15th of the month to see what – I haven’t a clue.


I found two of the red plastic bands in the quilting drawers and rolled the front of the quilt up – the area that would be on my lap and placed one on each side – that should keep it off my lap – there is a lot of course dragging on the carpet and I might see if I can find some more.  I haven’t a clue where I got these, I have had them put aside for a long time and had never used the.


Hair cut today, exercise –I plan to pin baste the baby quilt  and I hope to get a retro air ship block made, I picked the fabric out yesterday for one block – I haven’t worked on that one for awhile and I don’t want it to be dropped and forgotten.  I need to start rotating my work out again and keep them all active.  The scrappy little baskets haven’t been touched either while I was clearing the sewing room out.

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  • Deb Jan 10, 2017

    It looks just as pretty in this hoop 🙂 I am about 3/4 of the way through an airship block right now ; then I think I will switch over to using the RSC colors of the month for it and the baskets, versus starting something new.
    Deb recently posted…2017 Finish-A-Long 1st QuarterMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 10, 2017

      thanks – it is harder to work though for sure – I really do not know why so many do not like the floor standing 3 roller frames – works so much easy then these hoops!

  • maxine lesline Jan 10, 2017

    12000 steps… a big smiley for you…we all need to get some sort of exercise goal.. and do it.. Even the President has a gym session early every morning… I walk twenty minutes a day… and slowly… tho for years it was 2 miles in 32 minutes… Good thinking to use the clamps to anchor some of the quilt.

    • Karen Jan 10, 2017

      yes always good to exercise and have a goal

  • Thimbleanna Jan 10, 2017

    Working like a mad woman, as always! Congrats on all the steps — I need a nap just reading about all your projects LOL!
    Thimbleanna recently posted…Happy New Year!My Profile

    • Karen Jan 10, 2017

      I do tend to go in circles at times – rarely sit still unless I’m sewing and then half the time I am switching projects – I think I have a problem with focusing!

  • Sandra B Jan 10, 2017

    Karen, you amaze me with the amount of things you accomplish!!
    Looks like you are moving right along with your new set up….
    You should go look at Amy Smart’s website, Diary of a Quilter….a few days ago, she did a post about her Steam Punk (Jen Kingwell pattern) blocks…they are very similar to your Retro Air Ship Propeller blocks….her colors and fabrics are totally different from yours, but I think it is so cool how blocks can look so different just by the fabric choices we make!

    • Karen Jan 10, 2017

      same pattern just a different name – the Air Ship Propeller block is from 1930’s in the last 6 years or so someone changed it to modern fabrics and called it Steampunk and it took off – and of course charging for a pattern for it and I guess claiming it as theirs with their written directions. I am using the 1930’s pattern – free and no directions – which you don’t need if you can look at a photo and figure it out. I have seen all the new ones out there I think and I follow Amy’s blog too

  • Nicky Jan 10, 2017

    Love the postage stamp quilt! Looks like you got quite a lot done…Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday!
    Nicky recently posted…Scraptastic Tuesday 2017 – January Link UpMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 10, 2017

      thanks Nicky this is a quilt to keep for sure

  • Anita Jackson Jan 10, 2017

    Your quilts are beautiful, you surely look busy!
    Anita Jackson recently posted…Scraps Bring Joy~My Profile

    • Karen Jan 10, 2017

      thanks for stopping by Anita – I love staying busy but sometimes I must admit I have a little too much going on!

  • Cathy Jan 10, 2017

    Love that PS quilt. I just let my quilts drag all over when hand quilting. That’s okay in winter but not in summer since the house has no a/c. I’m going to have to find some of those nifty clips!
    Cathy recently posted…Well, Most of Those Strings Aren’t in the Scrap Bag AnymoreMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 10, 2017

      I’m finding it hard to let it drag as it weighs a bit and I find it hard to swivel the hoop – I’m trying something different tonight and see if that works. I think I found the clips at Connecting Threads on line but not positive

  • Glenda Australia Jan 10, 2017

    My goodness Karen you are steaming through your projects, your days must be longer than mine LOL. those clips look mush like our bicycle clips we use on our trouser when biking!!!!! Your postage stamp quilt just glows. Hugs Glenda
    Glenda Australia recently posted…1st one of my projects for 2017 UFO challengeMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 10, 2017

      yes Glenda things just seem to keep ticking along – a little here and a little there and gradually progress is made – yes they do look like bicycle clips don’t they

  • Marsha Jan 11, 2017

    I love the hoop and wish someday that I can have one….or better yet a long arm!
    Wishful thinking on both parts.
    Part of my UFO challenge for myself is to at least get back to work on my hexagons. They have no pattern and are all scrappy, but that quilt will be 100% hand sewn and quilted.
    Marsha recently posted…WIP Wednesday–17 in 2017 ChallengeMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 11, 2017

      I have no interest in a long arm right and have no place to put one! I will be glad when the room gets fixed and I can have my 3 roller hand frame back!

  • Nanette Jan 14, 2017

    Looks like you have come up with a good solution for you on the hoop! Great. I started out with a beautiful hand frame only to find out that my hands would not hold up to all the hand work on large quilts, so I have a long arm – not a $30K one I purchased one in 2005 – HQ16 – and do free motion quilting and it runs fine – I never wanted to get into a business, just be able to get my tops quilted. It does take up some room, although this one is not one of the larger and heavier frames it does go 10′ and the throat plate is around 14″ or 16″. I might breakout my rulers and try some different designs – but it takes time and practice. The quilts that are in quilt shows are so overdone with the computer driven machines – it has taken away the beauty of hand quilting. My preference would be nothing but hand quilting and I do some, but it has been awhile. I may try to hand quilt my Bountiful Life when I finish…will see. You are doing great on your projects!
    Nanette recently posted…Productivity at Last!My Profile

    • Karen Jan 14, 2017

      yes I think a lot of the quilts are being over done now – I’m not sure what started that as a lot are using two battings per quilt now also to make the quilting show up more but there is already so much quilting in them that it shows up just fine to me! Some quilts with just one batting are heavy on the bed – I can’t imagine what two battings in a quilt would make it – maybe ok in northern winter weather but not the rest of the place

  • Nanette Jan 14, 2017

    Well, I have not shown a quilt since 2014 so I guess when I show in SA this year I will be behind the power curve! I had not idea they would use 2 layers of batting!!!! That would not be fun quilting through even with my machine! I totally agree with you that one layer is enough to keep warm. I did send 3 quilts to a professional (ha) in 2014 and the lady ruined all three! She is a very sought after long arm quilter, but she really hurt my chances as they counted me down on her quilting, so I am probably going to do my own this year unless I can find someone who can do excellent pantograms – I do not want my quilts walking into the show! LOL Have a great day.
    Nanette recently posted…Productivity at Last!My Profile

    • Karen Jan 14, 2017

      yes I have read many blogs over the last couple years where quilters mention using two battings – one just mentioned using Hobbs 100 cotton with another of 80/20 to give the quilting more definition. Another sometimes back mentioned using a wool batting plus a cotton batting in the same quilt. I am not sure why they do this as makes it even more expensive to have someone quilt a quilt for you doing this but also makes the quilt much heavier. I imagine it all has to do with making the quilting stand out more. Sorry to hear you had three quilts ruined – best to do your own quilting then.

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