A Hexie Done and Room Getting Empty

Handful of Scraps, sewing room

I promised myself that with all the clean up that I had to do to get the sewing room empty that I would still make one hexie flower and I did! the only sewing that got done but I sat down several times throughout the day, got off my feet and sat and hand stitched.  Photo heavy post again. So many of you have placed interest in how we are redoing and moving work spaces so I took plenty of photos again.


I think two more needed for round.


My part of the room as it is now.  And yes I did have a lot of fabric on those shelves but they are so long they had me fooled – the shelves above the quilting frame are about 10 feet long – the other wall about 3 or 4 feet.


I now have all my long lost blocks in one place – here they are on the table and then moved to a project box to make table runners or something from them.  I had started a “la passacaglia” quilt at one time then quickly changed my mind! those smaller ones might make good mug rugs.  The scrap blocks to the lower right – 12 of them in one of the unsorted scrap bins for some reason – no clue why – add some sashing and should have a baby quilt out of them.  I am linking to MCM#54 – Cooking Up Quilts with Beth today and Love, Laugh, Quilt:Monday Making  and Em’s Scrapbag: Moving it Forward Monday.


The closet with as much as is going in it – also have shelves to the right that you can’t see well and two shelves are full of quilting things too.  Unsorted scrap bins on the bottom, then a box of leftover batting assortments, sewing machine bags on the floor – the Janome and the featherweight which doesn’t work and I’ve spent so much money on over the years to get it in working order than I think it will be a decoration eventually.


Moved a tall cabinet with the accuquilt things on top of it behind the quilt rack in the bedroom – not ideal but works.  Small cutting mats and large rulers along the side against the wall.


The temporary new sewing/computer blogging area.  The closet doors are down and ready to go to the workshop also.   I need to pick up a surge protector for the sewing machine/computer things.  We will have our things plugged into two different areas so we need another.


Again not ideal but all the sewing boxes on top of the dressers along with the project boxes.  More rulers in the box to the left on top.


The dining room – Before The wall hanging had been in the bedroom but I changed it out to the dining room


After – not too bad – I thought we might need to move the table in the opposite direction but just pulled it a little towards the back door about a foot and a tiny bit more towards the wall.  The TV on the cutting table is not ideal but we do not want it on the wall right now – if I need to I will move the cutting mat to the dining table when needed.  Pre-cut fabric scrap boxes with my bits and pieces that had been up high on the shelf are now under the cutting table and on the table under the window.


See still plenty of room to move around – we do not entertain other than family so it will be ok like this for awhile.


My space from a different angle.  Not shown I brought in the smaller clamp-on light that had been above the cutting table and have it on the end of the sewing table so I can aim it at the square quilting hoop if I don’t want over head lights on.  The bookshelves are way to crowed again but some of Mike’s things and some of my photos made the move so some of these will be removed after the redo.  In the meantime we will get used to it I’m sure.


So what is left to do – I still need to pin baste the Postage Stamp quilt and remove it from the frame – the quilting frame needs to be photographed extensively and taken apart – I do have directions though that came with it so shouldn’t be a problem.  I have a few things on the shelves still that I need to find a place to store and the shelves themselves need to come down.  I have one bag on the floor that has several items in that are not used often and  a portable design wall and the design wall also has to come down – well eventually be put back up!  Those items will have to go to the workshop and the living room floor will become the design floor once again.   I have not a clue where to put my thread cabinet or the thread holders that are on the wall.  I will leave in place until they have to come down and then they will need to end up being on the floor propped against the wall in where I have the square hoop by the bookshelves.

Mike has been going through the closet and making headway but it was packed to the gills – more things to the workshop – some to the trash.  To give you an idea of all the papers and books that he had in the closet he found the installing directions for the fireplace insert that had been installed back around 1984 – wow didn’t know we still had that!!  Maybe by the end of the week we will be ready to either dismantle the closet or take the carpet up off the floor?  Or we might be ready for a day off LOL —   Not sure what the next step will be.

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  • Diane Jan 2, 2017

    I am looking forward to see your finished rooms. I really need to work on my sewing room, but have to clean out our barn first, full of stuff from emptying out parent’s house 5 years ago. There is so much to do with it, I need to make a plan as to what will be the best way to start.

    • Karen Jan 2, 2017

      that sounds like a big chore you have going – sometimes when the parents die it is easiest to just pack it all up and store it but eventually you have to clean it up like you are doing now

  • Deb Jan 2, 2017

    I’d have put the quilt frame directions somewhere and then lost them…at least you are very organized ! Too bad you just can’t lug that frame to some other area of the house but I imagine that it weighs a ton.
    Deb recently posted…New Years Day Will Be: Cooking, Applique, & One Monthly GoalMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 2, 2017

      LOL – would be nice to just pick it up and move it but it is so long we wouldn’t be able to turn it to get it out of the rooms doorway 🙂 could make for a good slap stick comedy!! I put the instructions in a file where I keep all of our paper work for bills

  • Jan Jan 2, 2017

    Looking forward to see the progress reports.

    • Karen Jan 2, 2017

      it will be slow going!

  • Val Jan 2, 2017

    It’s an exciting process though…you’ll feel so good having your space revamped!! ENJOY the process.

    • Karen Jan 2, 2017

      even if the room is still almost the same as it was I will be happy with it just to have a decent flat floor – that old floor was just sagging too much in places!

  • Nann Jan 2, 2017

    The postage stamp quilt on the frame caught my eye. My 1.5″ squares box is getting full again and I may copy your design. I really like your real knotty pine panelling.
    Nann recently posted…Weekly update: OMG is En ProvenceMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 2, 2017

      the 1.5 inch squares come in really handy for a quilt like that – I’m starting to fill my box back up but it is very low after making that quilt. My 2 inch and 2.5 boxes are pretty full though so making the scrappy stars with the 2 inch blocks. We have the knotty pine in a lot of parts of the house – do not know if we will add it to the new sewing room or not – might on the closet wall and it is a bit of a mess and well be more of a mess as all the shelves come down – easiest way to fix at times is to put the pine over it.

  • maxine lesline Jan 2, 2017

    What an interesting mess… laughing… all those lovely blocks from long ago… the intriguing piles of stuff. All this planning and doing , etc.. could make sleeping difficult.

    • Karen Jan 2, 2017

      no it doesn’t make sleep difficult but it has been a mess to go through and try to figure out where to put it all – the house is small and not a lot of closets – but I just have a little more to put away so I’m making it work! It will be more interesting to work out o of the living room and dining room now – so much closer to the kitchen I have found that to be nice – I actually hear the electric tea kettle shut off and get the water when it is hot instead of remembering to check and see if it is ready an hour afterwards LOL

  • Bonnie in Va Jan 2, 2017

    I laughed at finding the 1984 instructions. It’s hard to really clean out stuff — overtime we move we get rid of more stuff. Of course not much is quilting things! Good luck with the new room.
    Bonnie in Va recently posted…Monday Meandering 1 – 2 — 2017My Profile

    • Karen Jan 2, 2017

      one problem is we have not moved since we moved into this house in 1981!! so everything tends to get packed away – I tend to toss things – hubby doesn’t and is a pack rat!

  • Emily Jan 2, 2017

    Can’t wait to see how your new sewing area turns out. Looks like your set in the mean time.
    Emily recently posted…Moving it ForwardMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 2, 2017

      I don’t know if it will look a lot different at this point it is mainly the floor that needed a total redo but I would like to have fabric stored a different way if possible the walls could be more design walls possibly but don’t know what I would do for storage if I did that

  • Dottie bishaw Jan 2, 2017

    You are really coming alone. I’m amazed at how well you have everything planned out as where to put everything! You have plenty of space to live in while you do the redo. Great pictures and you even did another lovely hexie! Bravo Karen.

    • Karen Jan 3, 2017

      thanks Dottie – I am very organized – I can’t stand to work in a mess

  • Kate Jan 3, 2017

    It’s such an upheaval, but it should be very worth it when it’s all done. We cleaned out our master bedroom closet over the holiday break. It’s amazing what you manage to keep that you really don’t need!
    Kate recently posted…Vacation Stitching: The Big RevealMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 3, 2017

      yes it will be worth it to have a good floor in here and all cleaned up and organized again it will be awhile though

  • Nanette Jan 4, 2017

    Looking as good as it can – you will feel so good when it is completed. I love waking up with just my walking, breakfast, and the rest of the day to quilt again! Been awhile.
    Hang in there it is worth it.
    Nanette recently posted…Happy New Year!!!!!My Profile

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