A Relaxing Day


Instead of working on the clean up of the room of which I am about 100% done with my part I decided to work some on my quilting.  Of course after packing up all that fabric in boxes and shelves I knew I would “lose” something and that who would know if I would ever find what I was looking for but I eventually found it.

I had showed my small stack of extra blocks that had showed up when I was going through the scrap bins and some of the project boxes –   I decided I would make a quilt to donate out of the blocks in the lower right hand corner.  So I dug them out – small quilt – won’t take a lot of time.  I had put aside some sashing strips that I thought would go with them pretty well – I thought I knew where I put them LOL –- talk about searching – well eventually found but I decided to some others as well.


I tried the blocks out against 3 different pieces for sashing.  On this one I just laid it out over the piece of fabric  – I’m figuring 2.5 inch sashing maybe with red cornerstones?  I think this one is kind of light even though I like the fabric I think not with these blocks.  After looking at the photo though I like it better than I did when I first laid it out – lets call this one #1.


This is three different pieces of fabric all pretty much the same shade of blue with different prints on them – I would mix it up a bit – this is just laying out to get a feel for it.  I would probably have enough of each of these that I would just need to mix two of the pieces together to get enough sashing for in between the pieces and use one for the outside edges.  I didn’t measure but these are 1/3 cuts.   I have four pieces them. Again might use red cornerstones but not needed as much as the light color above would.  Let’s call this one #2.   I think a few of the blocks need to be re-arranged so this is not the permanent layout – second row that has two blocks with blue in it needs to be separated I think, not sure on the rest.  I have one extra block not shown but don’t think it will be needed – might stick it on the back? or make a hot pad out of it.


And this was the sashing that I looked in boxes 3 times for and then found in the box I thought it was in to begin with and overlooked it 2 times!  These are very long strips – plenty to work with, just not enough without cutting into it to lay out on the table.  And this one is #3. I am leaning towards #2 or #3 – don’t know about cornerstones on this one – thinking not.    So what do you all #1, 2, or 3?


I got the snowman ready to be framed.  I cut the cardboard mat the correct size then a thin pieced of batting glued to the board, after that I centered the piece and using masking tape taped it to the board.  I need to bring this with me when I order a frame so I can see how it would look and also to make sure it is the right size – I couldn’t find a frame the right size so need to get one made.  I will pop winter out and replace with spring, then summer and fall – those yet to be made!


One more hexie flower getting basted.  It was nice to not be looking for places to store more things – it was a rainy day and didn’t want to be bringing things down to the workshop or looking for more space in the house to stick a few more things.  linking to Esther’s WOW today


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  • Gretchen Jan 3, 2017

    I like fabric #2 the best. Fabric 1 is too light and I thought fabric 2 looked too gray. Have a good day!
    Gretchen recently posted…Tulip SquareMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 3, 2017

      my thoughts exactly but I wanted some options to look at and choose – even though intended for charity I like to do my best

  • Deb Jan 3, 2017

    I vote for #2 ! 🙂 It’s got that scrappy look and the blocks pop more against it than #3, which looks too sophisticated for some reason against these….
    Deb recently posted…Can I come up with 17 UFOs for 2017? ( January Sewing Review )My Profile

    • Karen Jan 3, 2017

      yes for various reasons I like #2 the best too and I wondered what others thought as my first option was #3 but couldn’t find it – then i started to try out others and found the original fabric that I had thought to use #3 and wasn’t as happy with the look as I thought I would be.

  • maxine lesline Jan 3, 2017

    The top fabric in #2 is the one… with the large dots.. these seem to balance the dominance of the design blocks.. Any time I change locations of items I tend to lose them… even when I think the new locations are better. Good thing to settle back for some rainy day R&R…. Pretty interesting for you to see stuff again that was put away for a long time…

    • Karen Jan 3, 2017

      #2 is the one I have decided on!!

  • Karon Scott Jan 3, 2017

    #2…..like the dots more than the marble(3) dots give a happy look.
    Karon Scott recently posted…The Day after ChristmasMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 3, 2017

      I decided to use a mixture of the blues

  • Clara Jan 3, 2017

    Like the middle section of #2 the best.

    • Karen Jan 3, 2017

      me too!

  • Teri Dingler Jan 3, 2017

    I vote for #2 but it really boils down to which one you like the best! You always make the right choices!

    • Karen Jan 3, 2017

      that is the group of fabrics I chose earlier today 🙂 I’m using all of them in that group and making it scrappy

  • Rebecca Jan 3, 2017

    I guess I am a little late to the party, but just thought I would add that I like the blues in your #2 photo. Very cute snowman! Good luck with the sewing room fix.

    • Karen Jan 3, 2017

      thanks Rebecca – the blues in #2 it was – I thought about it overnight and liked that one the best – I will show the progress tomorrow and on to a border

  • Belarmina Jan 3, 2017

    Kren parece que no hay dudas
    que el 2 es el que mas gusta
    ben día

    • Karen Jan 3, 2017

      yes number 2 won hands down!

  • Nanette Jan 4, 2017

    I like Number 1 – it showcases the blocks! Love the Snowman

  • Marsha Jan 4, 2017

    If #3 is with the blue sashing then I think that will be very pretty.
    Marsha recently posted…WIP Wednesday — My 365My Profile

  • Dottie bishaw Jan 4, 2017

    I’m with number two, it does look the best. Love the colors of the next hexie. Glad you decided on the blue poke dots, they do look happy. Now that you are finished with moving things, you can enjoy your quilting before everything has to go back. Lol

    • Karen Jan 4, 2017

      it will be months before everything is moved back – not fast at redo’s! it takes while.

    • Karen Jan 4, 2017

      it will be months before everything is moved back – not fast at redo’s! it takes while.

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