And the New Quilt Top is Half Way Done!

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After I wrote my post Monday night for Tuesday morning I continued to look the fabrics over for the baby quilt? couch size?  that I showed you in yesterday’s post.  I decided I wanted a combination of the blue fabric in #2 which it seems that all of you liked too – I don’t think one person voted for 1 or 3 LOL – great minds think alike.  I got busy right away yesterday morning cutting sashing strips and cornerstones.  I had an appointment a little after 11:30 and then a lot of errands so I knew it was get busy in the morning and maybe have time to finish something up in the afternoon?    I went with all three of the blues I showed in #2 – very scrappy.  It still needs a border – I think a narrow sashing of a white on white print then a narrow sashing of red and finish with a wider strip of the blues – I do have four blues I don’t think I showed one of them so I might do a different blue on each side – I will decide that when I get to it – right now 32 x 42 I think.  I would like it a bit bigger than that so might end up with a pieced border but I don’t want to go to a lot of trouble so it might be baby size for sure.  One block left that can be a hot pad.


A close up of the blues – I won a stack of third yard cuts of blues – about 10 fat quarters/third yard /half yard cuts of red a couple years ago from a site that I can not remember her name now – one of the designers – is there one called ModaLisa? something like that.   Anyone know who I am talking about I have lost track of her blog.  She must have sent me almost 10 yards of fabric.  I am linking to Sew Fresh Quilts today and Jo’s Country Junction  and Quilt Fabrication.


One more hexie part way done while the evening news was on.


My small order from Crafty’s final sale of the year came – some small odds and ends and this Robert Kaufman flannel that was on clearance – this will make a great pair of flannel pajama pants – I think I will get it really wet though first and toss it in the dryer to do some pre-shrinking – I do not want to end up with p.j. pants too small. I got a 3 yard cut so plenty to work with.  I’m hesitant to put it in the washer as I don’t want it to fray – maybe a lingerie bag?


Other than pin basting the quilt this is all of my stuff that is left in the sewing room to put away – I will let Mike take down the shelves.  He is still going through papers and books – taking his sweet time about it.


This much worked on Monday night for the Postage Stamp quilt and I have about 3 or 4 half blocks to finish before I can say half way done and then I will start to pin baste.  So far I have not minded working in the dining room other than clearing things up when I get started making supper and need the table for eating.  I didn’t realize how isolated I was in the back of the house in the small sewing room.  I can cook and sew at the same time! I can hear the noises on the stove!


AccuQuilt Fabric Cutters, Cutting Dies, and Quilting Patterns

AccuQuilt overstock Die Sale!!   Up to 40% off of  select dies and some die sets.  You have to look through the dies to find the ones on sale – they are not all on sale.   Across the top of their page look for the menu – the last word listed is Sale – click on that and it brings you to the sales, but when you get to the dies you need to look at the price to see if the one you want is on sale. Sale good until January 31st.

If you have purchased any dies – tell me what kind do you get? what do you use the most?  I have seen some for applique for baby quilts that are so cute – the little cars and I think it was train cars or maybe trucks? they are so cute but do you use them often?  I haven’t gotten them but they are so cute!

(I am compensated for any purchases made through my links.)

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  • Kathleen Jan 4, 2017

    Your small quilt looks good. I must of missed something but what are you guys doing to your sewing room? I feel for you, seeing how I had gone through that process not to long ago. I remember when I had to sew on the dining room table cause that was the only spot available. You could serge , zig zag or pinking shear the edge of the flannel. Personally I just leave it, works out just fine. Hope you are staying warm.
    Kathleen recently posted…Pantry ChallengeMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 4, 2017

      sewing room floor needs to be replaced so we decided to do a red0 completely – end results will still be mostly the same I imagine not much different you can do with a small room with a big quilting frame in it! I do not have a serger so that is out, could zig zag but the jamome is at the bottom of the closet right now and do not know if I want to dig it out 🙂

  • Deb Jan 4, 2017

    HA! You are sewing like me now…at the table next to the kitchen 🙂 I am so used to it at this point if someone added a sewing room on to the house now I’d probably still end up doing it this way…but I wouldn’t mind that room having a design wall, etc 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Rainy Days, Mindfulness, Little Baskets & Soup’s OnMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 4, 2017

      you know I have adjusted very well to it quickly! I used to work like this years ago and I didn’t have the dining room then back then it was an eat in kitchen – having the dining room added a couple years ago sure makes it better. I do miss the design wall and it is still up so could use it but the Handful of Scraps is still on it – I will be dismantling it next week I imagine.

  • Sandra B Jan 4, 2017

    Love this little quilt, Karen. You know how I love scrappy, and I love how you used more than one blue. The designer you are thinking of is Lissa Alexander…her website is ModaLissa.
    I did a bit of organizing in my sewing area yesterday. Things had gotten a bit messy, and now it is all back to being presentable again. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    • Karen Jan 4, 2017

      thanks for the name – I thought it was something like that but couldn’t find a link anywhere! she was so generous in her give away that year. I used most of the reds I got from her in other projects but still had almost all of the blues left over. It is good to get organized isn’t it!

  • Dottie bishaw Jan 4, 2017

    I’ve read somewhere that if you clip the four corners of your fabric, like a little triangle , and than wash it, it won’t fray. I don’t prewash my quilting fabric, so I haven’t tried it. Your quilt came out so pretty, l love those red cornerstones . The yellow fabric in your hexie is my favorite.

    • Karen Jan 4, 2017

      the hexie shows up yellow but is actually a light lime green. I think I will put the flannel in a lingerie bag that should keep it from getting out of control and I will clip the corners too.

  • LisaS Jan 4, 2017

    You’ve been busy, busy! I love what you decided to do with the baby quilt. It’s going to turn out great! I wish I could get my mind around making small projects for quick gratification. I only seem to be able to make bed quilts. ?

    • Karen Jan 4, 2017

      I think the baby quilt will grow to a couch size – not sure – it doesn’t look very baby after I added a piano key border – too patriotic looking LOL – usually I do bed size quilts too as I like the big ones, but now and then I want a quick gratification of using up some of my fabric!

  • Nanette Jan 5, 2017

    Oh darn – I am again in the basket of 1, I liked the light background, but the way you chose is interesting.
    Nanette recently posted…Happy New Year!!!!!My Profile

    • Karen Jan 5, 2017

      🙂 I just preferred the darker background

  • Susan Jan 5, 2017

    You’re making progress in more ways than one! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers
    Susan recently posted…Midweek Makers #53My Profile

    • Karen Jan 5, 2017

      thanks Susan – too much to do!

  • JustGail Jan 7, 2017

    I’ve bought a few Accuquilt dies (have the Go Baby). I’ve been mostly buying the dies with curves that would be not so easy to cut with a rotary cutter, like clam shell, apple core, AND take a lot of the same to make a quilt. I’m just not sure if things like the flowers and cars/trucks make sense for me to buy, as I don’t see myself needing so many of those that cutting with scissors would be a huge task.

    I haven’t used the dies I bought yet, but have taken the Baby to QOV group for cutting block kits. I may change my mind about buying straight-sided dies like squares & triangles.

    • Karen Jan 7, 2017

      that is one reason I am hesitant to buy the specialty dies for kids quilts – would I use it enough to make worth while – not really sure.

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