End of January and Flowers Almost Blooming!

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Yesterday I was mainly getting caught up on things around the house, laundry, floors, etc.  All those things that gather when you are gone.

A walk around the yard in this lovely 60’s weather showed that the daffodils are almost ready to bloom and I still have oregano growing that could be cut!  I don’t think it has ever lasted all winter especially seeing as we had some pretty frigid weather now and then – not a lot – but under 20 degrees for 2 or 4 nights at a time.

Daffodils with buds forming.


A fern that usually kinds of dies off in winter and is still green


Only sewing work was done on the Handfuls of Scraps Quilt – still working on that outer ring.   I am linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog today – she has a new mystery BOM if you are interested.


Picked out a lot of the hexie papers as well – leaving in only the papers on the outer row.


Daughter Melanie and and her great-niece Aniya come over for a short visit – she brought over a stack of used quilt magazines that came into the library – her boss said to give them for me to look through first before they put them in the used bookstore for the library.  So nice of her – the perks of having a daughter working for the library.  These are all very old and I have already gone through a small amount of them.


Aniya wanted to play her new card game “Go Fish” – new to her old to me!!  She can be quite silly and I know we were “arguing” about the game there – she sure has some weird rules LOL – and I do believe I was saying something like “where do these rules come from – didn’t play it like that in my day” LOL – Melanie had grabbed the camera and was busy snapping.


I do believe a little kid can help you stay young – either that or drive you crazy!!


I have a little more housework to get caught up on – the dreaded DUSTING and a few errands – close to 70 degrees today – I think I need to go for an outside walk before getting back to my regular fitness at the center later in the week – I think by Thursday it turns chillier.

Now do you all  like answers to comments on the  blog or personal?  for a long time I had problems with my comments coming to my email so I started to answer all or most on the end of each blog post, now the comments are coming back to my email and at times I answer in my email not remembering to answer it on the blog.  Which do you all prefer?  Sometimes without even thinking about it now that they are coming in to email that is where I answer them – but wondered what you all prefer!

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  • Swooze Jan 31, 2017

    Welcome home. I don’t usually return to the blog to see if you’ve commented on my comment but I think it’s set so your answer is emailed to me.
    Swooze recently posted…Wanderlust ProgressMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 31, 2017

      that is how I am I always forget to go back to check for an answer but yes it is set that the answer goes to you and the blog at the same time. I know sometimes if some one ask a question pertaining to something others might want the answer also.

  • Sharon S Jan 31, 2017

    I have about 25 years of Quilter’s Newsletter magazines that I have been donating to my local library for their used book sale. They don’t accept all magazines, but they do accept Quilter’s Newsletter. I haven’t used or looked at any of them for years and years and they just take up space. I love that I can pass them along to someone that will use/enjoy them.

    • Karen Jan 31, 2017

      since yesterday I have looked through a lot of them and know I do not want to keep them – it was nice of my daughter’s boss though to tell her to let me look at them first before they put them in the library store for selling – they sell for 25 cents so someone will take some of them – it helps the library raise money

  • maxine lesline Jan 31, 2017

    I get your answer in email.. nice to see it in the list. I hear that Quilter’s Newsletter is no longer published….. a shocker ! I subscribed to it the first year it came out.. and there was little interest in quilting.. few cotton fabrics available…my first quilt was made with wartime feed sacks. We all seem to appreciate your posts in the blog… thank you for your time.

    • Karen Jan 31, 2017

      I don’t purchase any quilt magazines anymore – most of them seem to have more advertising in them then articles

  • Mary Jan 31, 2017

    Glad to see you’re safely home again. We also are seeing signs of spring. My rose bush is leafing out. Your hexagon quilt is looking great!
    Mary recently posted…A Treasure Trove of ScrapsMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 31, 2017

      I will need to check the roses, didn’t even look at them yesterday – I hope an early spring will not mean more bugs!

  • Deb Jan 31, 2017

    LOL now after GO FISH you two need to play WAR 🙂 So cute

    I never revisit blogs for comments if that helps 🙂

    On my own blog I never answer comments from other bloggers ( unless there is a question ) but just visit them back

    Non-bloggers I respond to on the blog / if they have a specific question I might email them…
    Deb recently posted…February / One Monthly Goal : Flower Basket MedallionMy Profile

  • LisaS Jan 31, 2017

    I like getting the emailed response. Otherwise I would never see it.

    • Karen Jan 31, 2017

      the comments go by email and to the blog at the same time so that wouldn’t change – but if I answer it though the blog everyone sees it – so if a question was asked all see the answer

  • Glenda Australia Jan 31, 2017

    Your hexagons look great Karen and sounds like you have not had time for much sewing this week. Yes I agree grandchildren keep you on your toes and young, I have my DGD 18 staying with me for a week helping me paint parts of the house and she is full of laughter. I also baby sit one 4 once a week at least and we play snakes and ladders every visit at least once LOL She is a good looser which makes it more enjoyable. Cheers Glenda
    Glenda Australia recently posted…1st Feb 2017 Diamond HillMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 1, 2017

      yes Melanie’s great niece is a wonderful child and love to play with her – I think it helps fill in the void of not having grandchildren near by. – more sewing will be done this week!

  • Dottie bishaw Jan 31, 2017

    I like to get the email, otherwise I forget to go and look on the blog. My daffodils are coming up also, it was in the low 80’s today. I did some cleaning up of some of my flowerbeds and it was so nice to be outside. Your quilt is really coming alone.

    • Karen Feb 1, 2017

      I must start to clean up flower beds in the upcoming weeks but first I think I will get back to sewing!

  • Béatrice Jan 31, 2017

    I like to receive answer in email, I never return to the blog to see answer.
    Béatrice recently posted…Log Cabin QAL, première étapeMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 1, 2017

      I usually don’t return to blogs for answers either

  • Magali Feb 1, 2017

    Those daffodil buds are such a promise of spring!
    Magali recently posted…What Happened In JanuaryMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 1, 2017

      they are popping up all over the place

  • Colleen Feb 1, 2017

    I do ask questions and it seems special to get a personal email response but it also irritates me when another person asks a great question and I don’t see the answer to their question.
    It’s your blog and so you get to make and break your rule

    • Karen Feb 1, 2017

      if you do not see an answer to a question on a blog that means the blogger answered directly to the person that left the comment. The way Mike has my blog set up is that if I answer comments on the blog it goes to the blog comment area under the persons comment AND a personal email is sent to the person at the sametime – that way all can see it if they wish. If I answer a persons comment directly through my email it only shows up to the person that commented. That is why I wondered if it mattered to anyone – most say they do not come back to a blog to look at comments – (we don’t have time right! we are quilting)

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