Happy New Year–Major Clean Up in Progress

sewing room

Oh my god – I didn’t realize I had so much fabric until I start to take it off the shelves to box things up for our major re-do of the sewing room /office.  This place is a mess LOL – I will show some of what I have been doing – but too many photos to show it all-I was taking photos as I was cleaning-boxing up.  Post is photo heavy.

First up was my Williamsburg Beauty project box with all the left over fabric in it that had to be put away – a lot of it was put in the box for the Scrappy Baskets as I am planning on using a lot of it for that project.


At the bottom of that project box I found the left over applique blocks (remember this originally was going to be the Caswell Quilt and I lost interest in it after 7 blocks made) I will use these 3 blocks in a small quilt/wall hanging or a table runner – I do not want to make more of them and if anyone is interested in the Caswell Quilt pattern let me know and we can make a trade.


This book case leads into the bedroom – I needed it for fabric – the books were being moved to the living room bookcases for now.


Two Shelves! Of course I found some books that I didn’t remember I had and some that I know I will be giving Melanie to bring to the library for their used bookstore shelves (they earn a little extra money for the library that way.)  I have a few more books stacked on the shelf under the coffee table which have quilts in them that I want to start this year LOL – if I have time – really more than I can manage in a year – we will certainly see on that!!  (yes that photo on the top shelf is of Mike and I a zillion years ago – lol – not really sure what year – around 1996 (20 years ago – my we have aged since then our one time Caribbean cruise!)  I again no that compared to some I don’t have near as many books as some of you do but I get a lot off the internet now and do not buy books often and have no magazine subscriptions.


these shelves are now completely packed with fabric – I for some reason thought I would be able to fit more on it – silly me – what was I thinking.


All of those rolls of fabric stacked up in the middle are from the Frivol Tins I have used only 3 of them so far – 7inch squares 40 or 42 pieces I don’t remember which – and believe me other than the fabric those Frivol Tins were a total waste of money – the “freebies” that came with it were not worth anything in my opinion – yes you did get some cheap little quilt labels or rick rack kind of trim & two patterns but the patterns are in other places if you really want them – readily available. For the price it was totally not worth it – live and learn!   Melanie has a couple of the tins for her and Aniya to use and I have some scattered throughout the house with pens, crayons, sewing items whatever would fit in them – at least they have a clear top so you can see what is in them.


I was so glad my bolts of neutrals fit perfectly on these skinny shelves and so much easier to reach then on the high shelves in the sewing room.  I think I will be keeping the fabric on these shelves it is very close to the sewing room.


These couple Frivol tins on the bottom are empty and will find a use sooner or later.


One more of the flannel kits here and the backing for the gold color one with the stars – I do plan on making these this year (I hope) and a small stack of of one yard cut batiks too.


All the fabric that was on the shelves stacked in the small boxes are now in these bins I have lids so I can stack them someplace. (where? at this moment I do not know)


A mess!!! the small boxes on the left behind the chair are the ones that where placed on their sides holding the fat quarter (or less) up on the shelves.  I don’t know if that made it look like I had less than it did or what – but really I was amazed at how much fabric I was folding up and putting elsewhere.  I think I had the fabric packed so tight in those boxes I didn’t even know what I had.


The hoop I will be using to finish the Postage Stamp quilt.  It is a Grace I believe and I think that is a 14 inch square hoop – I have a much larger hoop for this same frame also in the workshop so if this one doesn’t work well I can change it out.  I am linking to Kathy’s Quilts: Slow Sunday Stitching because even if my room is a mess I know I will take a break with some quilting or hexies at some point today.  Also linking to Quilting is More Fun than Housework – scrappy projects – I guess I qualify for that.


After going through all that fabric and finding places for it – knowing that I still have to find a place for the two plastic containers of scraps that I have not cut down into useable pieces still and the 10 boxes of cut scrap pieces on the top shelf —  I am almost (almost) embarrassed of how much I have – until I remind myself I have been quilting for close to 30 years and a lot has accumulated since then and I had been in that mentally of buy now so when we reach retirement that I won’t have to worry about the cost of fabric.  In that respect I am glad I have it because then I bought fabric all the time at $3-5 a yard-now that of course has gone up to an average of $10-$15 a yard unless you buy on sale (which I do and most times still get for $5 to $8 a yard).  Still it will take us several days or more to clear out the room so work can begin – I will update the progress as it goes!

Happy New Year!!!!


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  • Sue R Jan 1, 2017

    I would swear your blog today was about me. 30 yr stash for retirement, no magazine subscriptions, applique ufo’s & the exact same Grace frame. Just totally cleaned and reorganized my sewing room too!

    • Karen Jan 1, 2017

      thanks for stopping by Sue – I’m glad I had this square hoop put aside – it was originally bought when we had a large 5th wheel camper and was brought along for quilting then – we shortly decided the camper was too big for us and got a small motorhome instead and it was too big for the home! It has been mainly sitting aside in storage since then.

  • Jan Jan 1, 2017

    Thanks for the post. Can hardly wait to see as the project progresses. Happy 2017.

    • Karen Jan 1, 2017

      I hope the progress will go quickly but I have a feeling he 2 month project that we plan will extend longer – it always does

  • Marianne Jan 1, 2017

    Good luck with the renovations! Amazing what we accumulate, even in a short time. We’ve only lived in this house for 8 years and are out of room in every closet. Time to do a big clean out! I think I keep on top of my sewing room and then something falls on ME when I’m rummaging around!

    • Karen Jan 1, 2017

      yes I really do not understand why we buy so much – I always think I would like to really stream line and have very little possessions and then I do a clean up think I really could not live in a really tiny house (ours is small to begin with), I would have to constantly be tossing things out

  • Deb Jan 1, 2017

    This was a fun read and show and tell 🙂
    Deb recently posted…New Years Day Will Be: Cooking, Applique, & One Monthly GoalMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 1, 2017

      🙂 we aim to please LOL

  • Kathy S. Jan 1, 2017

    Oh you have been so busy. I love a nice organized space like that. Beautiful. It’s so much easier to get stuff done when your mind isn’t busy thinking about moving things in the sewing room. Thanks for the little visit in your sewing space. I LOVE all the little projects on your shelf! Can’t wait to see some of them come to life in 2017. Happy new year.

    • Karen Jan 1, 2017

      yes even though the sewing room will be getting an re-do I like to be organized and couldn’t stand the thought of just boxing up everything and not be able to find anything when I want it. Hopefully this remodeling project well be done in a couple months but knowing my husband I won’t be surprised if it takes half a year!

  • Jayne Jan 1, 2017

    How fun seeing this! I don’t have that much fabric if you ask me, ask my husband he may say differently! I find it fun to go through and organize occasionally, it might be because my space is confined and there isn’t that much to deal with! Good luck on the major over haul! I’m excited for you and to see it!

    • Karen Jan 1, 2017

      we totally wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for the floor – the house is old and the floor is so slanted in places – it just plain needs a new floor from the studs up! so might just as as well give it a complete re-do

  • Helena Jan 1, 2017

    ¡Esa organización necesito yo! Aunque mi exceso es de telas , no tanto de libros.
    Hace tiempo que veo por ahí el Caswell Quilt y me gusta mucho. Me estoy planteando hacerlo.¿Por qué has perdido interés? ¿Se puede hacer trato? Puede interesarme.
    Un saludo from Spain.

    • Karen Jan 1, 2017

      Helena I will send you a message off the blog to discuss the pattern and a trade – thanks for your interest

  • Sherry Jan 1, 2017

    I am visiting from the Slow Sunday Stitching link up. It was fun to see your post and to read about your fabric organization and projects. I have been quilting since 2009 and am on the road to fabric and pattern accumulation. I think that goes with the quilting process. It was nice to find your blog and I will visit again.

    • Karen Jan 1, 2017

      thanks for visiting Sherry – I’ve got a lot going on this year so hope you will drop back by again

  • Vicki Jan 1, 2017

    I for one loved seeing your stash;-) I too have a very large stash and admit it has gotten out of hand. I tried to not buy so much in the start of the year, but surely fell off the wagon hard when I found sales I could not resist. But it is nice to shop your stash and not have to run to the store to find it, LOL. Good luck with your redo!
    Vicki recently posted…2nd RSC16 done and ChristmasMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 1, 2017

      yes I have to shop my stash as I have no fabric store close by – I do not like to have to drive 1 1/2 hours to get to a quilt shop! I kind of fell of the wagon a little bit this year too and started to get more bits and pieces – I do not need to do that – but can’t promise as I always seem to find just a little bit more that I have to have – I must get busy and make more quilts as soon as we get this reorganization done!

  • Nanette Jan 1, 2017

    Those containers really tend to get me in trouble! I am pleased with my remake and yes, I forgot how much batting I have – need to get some tops on the long arm.

    We sold our rig and are happy now and going to travel and stay in hotels! Time to have fun and not the lovely loading and unloading.

    I have 2 grace frames one lap 14″ and a 24″. They are both polymar and I have had a difficult time using them because of the way Grace makes the hop arms – so am trying to sell them. I use a lap hop that hubby modified.

    Hope it does not take 6 months for the removation, but at least you can continue on sewing.
    Nanette recently posted…Happy New Year!!!!!My Profile

    • Karen Jan 1, 2017

      I thought hubby had bought way too many storage containers when he got all of these but I am glad now that he did I think I have one empty one left? then I will need to get more if needed but I think it will be done soon. The 24″ if that is what the one is that I have in the workshop was too big I thought, I am not used to using anything but my 3 roller so it will take a little getting used to. Have fun with your travels – we like to travel 6-8 weeks so motels are out of the question, just too expensive especially seeing as we have the motorhome paid off now. Staying weekly in condo’s or cabins might be worked out better in price? don’t know we have only done that couple times before we got the small motorhome.

  • Kim Webb Jan 1, 2017

    Happy New Years!
    Looking forward to seeing what you create with all that fabric this year.
    Good luck with the renovation.

    • Karen Jan 1, 2017

      I sure better use up some of this fabric!

  • Cynthia Brunz Jan 1, 2017

    You are getting so organized! I always try to keep my fabric out where I can see it. I tend to use it then. Happy new year and thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!
    Cynthia Brunz recently posted…Oh Scrap! : Happy 2017!My Profile

    • Karen Jan 1, 2017

      have to get organized so we can redo this room – I have to get it completely empty so there will be room to redo the floor

  • Diann Bottrell Jan 1, 2017

    I am in dire need of a clean-up down in my sewing room as well, so you are inspiring me to get started! I enjoyed seeing your stash and hearing about your plans.
    Diann Bottrell recently posted…Time Out!My Profile

    • Karen Jan 1, 2017

      thanks – I hope you get your clean up done as well

  • Deborah Jan 1, 2017

    Great fun post and a good reminder of something I need to later this month is to organize my fabric stash.

    • Karen Jan 1, 2017

      it is hard to organize fabric at times isn’t it!

  • Val Jan 1, 2017

    Thanks for a peek into your studio. I’m wierd but I LOVE organizing…and think youre off to a great start! ENJOY!

    • Karen Jan 1, 2017

      I like to be organized – it helps to know where everything is and what you have – it’s been awhile since I did it and was surprised I had forgotten some things here and there

  • Swooze Jan 1, 2017

    Happy New Year! I continue to look forward to seeing all your projects. I hope the remodel goes well and quickly so that you can get your room back together again as soon as possible.
    Swooze recently posted…Last Finish for 2016My Profile

    • Karen Jan 1, 2017

      I do too but projects will go on as always – I am setting up in the living room and dining room and will continue quilting and piecing while work goes on! Happy New Year to you

  • Teri Dingler Jan 1, 2017

    Thanks for this update! Now I don’t feel so bad about my “stash” of fabric!!! Haha! I did the same and tried to collect my stash before retirement! And boys howdy did I! Except for backing I do believe I am set for many quilt tops! Can’t wait to see the final re-do!

    • Karen Jan 1, 2017

      I never really intended to stash for retirement but as fabric prices went up I guess I thought it made sense to get what I could, I have also won a lot of give aways of which I still have fabric bundles of on the shelf from – one place I had order 2 fat quarter bundles and they sent me 4 of the same product and told me to keep the extra when I let them know I didn’t order it all – such a nice freebie and half still on the shelf!

  • Dottie bishaw Jan 1, 2017

    I had no idea you had such a stash, Karen! I was thinking the other day that you must only buy enough fabric for the project because your sewing room looked like it couldn’t hold too much, now your stash looks like mine! Lol! I loved all the photos and the tour, Karen. Thank you for sharing with us.

    • Karen Jan 1, 2017

      Oh my goodness yes Dottie I have been buying fabric in small amounts for 30 years, saving all the scraps – I have boxes of pre-cut pieces in scrap boxes ready for scrap quilts plus all the extra! I think the shelves above the quilting frame in photos is just so long – about 10 feet that with it so spread out it looked like less and had me fooled. Yes for a small room I had a lot in it.

  • Sarah Jan 1, 2017

    So much fun looking at your stash, I love neatly folded fabric it makes me want to touch it and stroke it!
    Sarah recently posted…Happy New YearMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 1, 2017

      I know what you mean – but at the same time I was thinking “how long will it take me to use it and will I ever”!

  • Sandra B Jan 1, 2017

    Love all that fabric, Karen! It is amazing how much more we seem to have, when we pull it all out!! Always seems like much less when it is all packed together! I have been building my stash for 30 plus years, too, but I still find new fabrics that I just have to have…. In 2016 I did buy some fat quarters, and some yardage in white and cream fabrics, but other than those, not much more. For 2017 I am going to try to pull mostly from stash for new projects….we will see how that goes!

    • Karen Jan 1, 2017

      I have pulled from the stash for two years now but always end up buying more – I keep saying just backings and backgrounds but somehow I don’t stick to it – I’m not even going to say it this year! But I do plan to keep using from the stash and make more scrap quilts to try to use more up.

  • Kate Jan 2, 2017

    It’s always so enlightening when we clean up our sewing area. I’ve been guilty of the “buying for retirement”, good to know it’s a viable strategy. Good luck with the rest of the clean up.
    Kate recently posted…Vacation Stitching: The Big RevealMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 2, 2017

      I didn’t intend to safe fabric for retirement but it seems the older I got the more that got up on the shelves!

  • Sandy Jan 4, 2017

    My almost-30 yr. stash overflows the closet, but I love every piece! I refuse to buy fabric at today’s prices of $10/yd. or more. I can’t afford to. I’ll buy a piece or two if I find a good sale, but I have no desire to buy “designer’s” lines or collections.

    • Karen Jan 4, 2017

      I know what you mean about prices – I do like some of the designer fabrics though but never pay full price – it can always be found on sale if you wait long enough

  • Quilter Kathy Jan 6, 2017

    Your space is more organized than mine will ever be!
    Enjoy your stitching!
    Quilter Kathy recently posted…First UFO for 2017My Profile

    • Karen Jan 6, 2017

      thank you! and this is just temporary but I have a feeling temporary will turn into months and months – I can’t work in a mess

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