Hexies, Basting and Armadillos

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I know weird title but yesterday I saw an armadillo from the house and then when I went out the backdoor to take a walk I heard a noise of something shuffling around near the backdoor – looked off the stoop and there he was – I knew we had one around as the backyard has been having a lot of snout like digging holes all over the place – a sign you have an armadillo digging for bugs. Photo taken with the iphone so not super clear.  Usually they are dead and on the road when you see them – most times out at night.   EDITED: forgot to mention it got up to 70 yesterday and more of the same today! outside walking time if it doesn’t rain.


EDITED:  A Map of it’s range

The way they dig up the yard – this is happening all over the back yard right now. (another phone photo)


This area of hexies for Handful of Scraps has the neutrals attached to their right sides – I think I will continue to do that and then take the whole thing to my sisters and attach these all around the circle.  Linking to Sew Fresh Quilts today and Jo’s Country Junction: UFO Progress and Quilt Fabrication: Midweek Makers.


Then I wouldn’t need to take any of the extra hexies with me just the flowers and begin to attach all the way around.  Vicki is feeling much better and we should be out almost every day taking short walks and shopping and things to get her energy back.    15 days after surgery that is doing pretty good.  The doctor has cleared her for driving already too.  Her speech is coming back better every day.  She is having a lot of problems with her right hand (she is right handed) hopefully with more OT she will get all use of her hand back but she knows it is possible she won’t.  One of my brothers will be in for one weekend while I am there and one of the nieces on Mike’s side of the family who lives out there is planning  to meet up for lunch or something one day to get in a visit as well.  I think a lot of time will be family time – Vicki has one son and family very close by as well.  I have a feeling I will be busy almost every day –


The scrappy baby quilt is now pin basted maybe I will get started on it today?


I can not say I enjoyed quilting the big quilt on the square hoop stand!  In fact I didn’t like it at all – how people like these hoops instead of floor frames like my big 3 roller is beyond me.  I’m trying another thing and I will let you all know how it goes.  I do hope I don’t have to set this quilt aside until the weather gets cold again and only work on it then – the quilt drags so much and is so heavy it is hard for me with the arthritis in my hands to tighten the hoop enough to hold in place and it was constantly coming loose Monday night when I was trying to get the feel for it.  I am moving to the dining room table last night and see if it will work any better in there to support it.

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  • Marianne Jan 11, 2017

    Wow! I’ve never seen an armadillo out of a cage in the zoo. Didn’t know they came up to Arkansas. Thought they were just in Texas, but then what do I know. Digging up the lawn would not be welcome – we had quite a problem with skunks doing that in our neighborhood a few summers ago. The condo board went round and round about what to do – to be humane or not. What a lot of fuss. Anyway, they finally put grub killer on the lawns, and the skunks went elsewhere to eat. (I’m glad not to be on the condo board – some people are never satisfied!)
    Hope you have a good trip and some fun with your sister!

    • Karen Jan 11, 2017

      I just added a map to the blog post so you can see how much of the US they live in – more than you think! I would like it if they didn’t dig up the yard of course but we live in the country with woods all around so really not much we can do about it – I might check out the grub killer that you mention though

  • Deb Jan 11, 2017

    Aside from the zoo I’ve never seen an armadillo / what a mess of holes that little guy is making! I wonder if the hoop comes loose from the stand and maybe you could just lay the hoop on the table…
    Deb recently posted…Music to my ears ( Not! 🙂My Profile

    • Karen Jan 11, 2017

      I think my smaller hoop will work out ok that I tried last night – I have a circle hoop (on top header of blog) I used to use it a lot but rarely do any more. I just added a map to the blog post of the armadillo territory – you might see one one day they can be found up there occasionally.

  • Kat Jan 11, 2017

    We have those pesky things in our yard too. They are very busy cause our yard is just riddled with holes. Have to be careful walking around so I don’t stumble. It is unusual to see them durning the day. They must be hungry. We have possums showing up in the daytime too. Glad to hear your sister is doing so well. Quilting in a hoop is a challenge at times but I like it but I learned on a hoop and fine a frame awkward. I guess it depends on what you use to.
    Kat recently posted…30’s ClubMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 11, 2017

      In years long ago I didn’t quilt with a hoop at all I spread the quilt over my legs and just quilted LOL – then I got my 3 roller and been heaven since! I have a circle hoop that is about 14 inches and I got that out last night – well show on tomorrow’s post

  • maxine lesline Jan 11, 2017

    Armadillos are appearing now in areas where they were not common before global warming… ugh… The visit to your sister is shaping into a nice R&R for you.. and certainly for her… sounds like you will have a pleasant.. even a happy ..time there… and then be really glad to be back home…It is sort of fun for me to get together a quilt travel kit..whether just to the doctor’s office or further… Cheers.

    • Karen Jan 11, 2017

      my sister is certainly improving quickly and yes instead of sitting around going to doctor visits and therapy we will be having a very regular visit with some to therapy sessions but mostly just visiting

  • Vicki W Jan 11, 2017

    So glad to hear that your sister is doing so well!

    • Karen Jan 11, 2017

      thanks! she is improving much faster than we thought she would at first – the doctors had said 6-8 weeks recovery and this is only two weeks now so she seems to be on track

  • Cathy Jan 11, 2017

    You must live close to me. I’m in San Antonio and it was about 75 yesterday. I once tried to take a pic of an armadillo when I came across one on a hike and it scared me half to death when it jumped straight up in the air at the sound of the camera. Darn thing. Love your hexie quilt!
    Cathy recently posted…New Year Week 2My Profile

    • Karen Jan 11, 2017

      yes I have read that they can actually jump – I didn’t realize that until I looked for a map to insert in the blog post this morning! I had never heard that before! not close to San Antonio I up half way up the state of Arkansas and we have a lot of armadillo’s around here and the temp is nice this week after four days of cold.

  • Susan Jan 11, 2017

    You are making awesome progress! And so cool to see an armadillo about – you’re lucky day, except for the mess he’s making of your yard! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

    • Karen Jan 11, 2017

      yes they do make a mess but it was kind of cool to see one to get a photo – now he can go to the woods and mess in there!!

  • Belarmina Jan 11, 2017

    Karen al fin se terminaron las fiestas en España,
    estos tres días de poner un poco de orden en la casa,
    cuantas cosas buenas han sucedido en este tiempo que no visite los blogs
    me alegra que tu hermana se recupera
    tus trabajos de edredón preciosos

    • Karen Jan 11, 2017

      thanks – yes the holiday season is now over time to get back to normal – I still need to take my big wall hanging down thanks for the well wishes to my sister.

  • Colleen Jan 11, 2017

    So your creeter is not dangerous other than to your yard?

    I it is nice you are so aware of living out in their territory and don’t let things you can’t control bother you

    • Karen Jan 11, 2017

      I don’t know if they are dangerous or not – we just stay clear of them, you rarely see them in the daytime – they are night animals like skunks and opossums – I suppose they could bite or carry fleas that could be bad. We mainly just have deer around here and then these small kinds of animals. Black bear do live in the area as do foxes but again we rarely ever see them – lived here 36 years and have seen one fox and a bear about 30 miles from our house. I generally do not go outside at night just because we live in the country and our yard is not nice and level- in warm weather I sit on the porch in the evening and nothing bothers me or comes up on it.

  • Mary Ann Jan 11, 2017

    We had 4 babies Ron under our shed. They came out one afternoon and the smallest one got separated from the others. My husband went out and “rescued” her and put her near the other 3. That was a mistake. Every time he went into the yard to water or clean up they were all over his feet and walking with him. Think they thought he was one of them. They were cute little buggers. Did you know they always have 4 babies and they are all the same sex?
    Mary Ann

  • Carla Evans Jan 13, 2017

    Possum on the half shell!

    • Karen Jan 13, 2017


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