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I was thinking I had 10 rows of blocks on The Postage Stamp quilt but it is actually 8 x 10 and I had it the the shorter way across the quilting frame – when I said I was on the 6th of 10 rows it was actually 6th out of 8 rows – so I was much further along then I thought I was.   A full two rows left to do and part of the 3rd row that you see plus the border.


Another view.  I am linking to Em’s Scrapbag and MCM#56 Cooking Up Quilts and I thought I would link it to Judy at Patchwork Times again, it looks like she might be back to quilting again.


The top of the binding done on the baby quilt and part of the left side.


I was going to go with a white binding but preferred the red with the backing especially.


The “room” as it is now – a mess LOL – yes I can’t believe he hasn’t gotten his computer stuff out of there yet, but it is coming along away.  We got a lot done this weekend – and yes it is WE – not just Mike as some of you have mentioned that HE did a lot of work – this is a team effort and we work together on these things – I do a lot of the carrying of trash out to the various places – trash heap, workshop etc, while he does the heavier things – but believe me I am getting in my steps and taking things apart too.  We have always done things this way working these projects together – heck I have even helped do the roofing over the years although I must say not in recent years!  But yes I know how to do roofing and have helped do two of them.  If my arms and hands were stronger I would be doing a lot more of the work.



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  • Deb Jan 16, 2017

    Lots of progress between the quilting and the work on the room in the other post ! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Winter Fare : Chicken and BiscuitsMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 16, 2017

      yes it was a busy weekend, we were home all weekend just working on things – it is going to come to a stand still I’m sure – it always does

  • Jill Jan 16, 2017

    Wise choice on the baby quilt backing. It adds to the overall look. Good luck on room redo. It will be worth the mess when completed.
    Jill recently posted…Slow Sunday BastingMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 16, 2017

      I just hope the mess will not last months and months.

  • Barbara Jan 16, 2017

    What are you planning to do to the room?

    • Karen Jan 16, 2017

      new floor, new walls, new corner for Mike to work in – and maybe some cubes in one corner for storing fabric and project boxes – we will see – the 3 roller well be set back up in it’s normal spot – the only decent spot for it – need better lighting too.

  • Ramona Jan 16, 2017

    It’s coming along! Actually… all of your projects are! How exciting to be further along on your hand quilting. That’s a nice surprise.
    Ramona recently posted…Cute Little BagsMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 16, 2017

      yes it is nice considering I won’t get hardly anything more done on it this month!

  • maxine lesline Jan 16, 2017

    Progress on your room .. slower than you hoped..but isn’t it always? The red binding on the baby quilt looks perfect. Recommending a book that you may have already heard of… seems to be starting a cult here.. The Little Book of Hygge.. about people in Denmark and why they seem to be happier than the rest of us…. I am ordering it today from my wonderful little local bookstore/cafe… tho will cost more than (ugh) Amazon.

    • Karen Jan 16, 2017

      I don’t usually read that type of book – I’m more all about suspense/mystery/police drama — I like to solve a mystery! I can create my own happiness without someone telling me how to be happy.
      Yes I like the red on the baby quilt too

  • Karen Jan 16, 2017

    What a delightful applique border for your postage stamp quilt.
    Karen recently posted…Gifts and Quilt Project UpdatesMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 16, 2017

      thanks! it was my first attempt at wool applique and I loved it

  • Isabella Jan 16, 2017

    The border on the postage stamp quilt is beautiful.
    Isabella recently posted…The Last TwoMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 16, 2017

      Thanks! It has a border on the two sides and when I started the quilting I started on one of them so some of you might not have ever seen it? it is wool applique by hand with embroidery thread.

  • Meloney Jan 16, 2017

    Love the quilts.
    You two will get your room together soon.

    • Karen Jan 16, 2017

      No it will take him months – rewiring, flooring down to the joists, new wall coverings – it will go slow I’m sure, I will be lucky to be able to move back into it in six months – he is working full time now with the contract job

  • Jan O Jan 16, 2017

    Your postage stamp quilt makes me smile every time I see it. I love the cheerful palette, and how the border complements the piecing.
    Jan O recently posted…Dancing Plus ProgressMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 16, 2017

      thanks Jan! I love being able to use so many scraps on it. I keep thinking it is taking so long to quilt this quilt and have to go back to check and see when I started to quilt it and find it hasn’t been so long really I started quilting on November 14 so that is just 2 months seeing as I will be gone most of the rest of this month it is still possibly to have it done in March.

  • Dottie bishaw Jan 16, 2017

    Oh I know you work hard helping Mike. When we had our house in Colorado we redid our downstairs family room, tearing down walls and putting up a new ceiling. Of course we were much younger then, thank goodness! It is a lot of work for both of you, but will be worth it in the end. I have loved mystery and suspense books all my life too. Your baby quilt is so beautiful, just love it. It would make a beautiful bed size quilt too. The way you’re going on the postage stamp quilt, I’m sure you’re finish it by March after your trip.

    • Karen Jan 16, 2017

      hope to finish it in March

  • Sandra B Jan 16, 2017

    It is always a nice surprise when you are closer to finishing a project than you thought! You know that Postage Stamp quilt is one of my favorites of all the quilts you have made since I have been following your blog….like someone else noted, it also makes me smile!! When I was looking at the picture this morning, I realized that the reason I like it so much, besides the beautiful appliqued border and all that scrappiness, is that you added in those strips of white. I think that is what really makes this quilt pop… it adds some structure to all that scrappy goodness…. As you know, I love everything about this quilt!!!
    Love the red binding on that little quilt….and the backing is perfect…..
    Your room will get done, and whether quickly or slowly, it will be worth the disruption to your routine when all is said and done….

    • Karen Jan 16, 2017

      yes I think the white adds a lot to the Postage Stamp – with all those little bits you need something to break them up or you have nothing to focus on.

  • Emily Jan 16, 2017

    How fortuitous to be farther than you thought. You’re almost done!
    Emily recently posted…Moving it ForwardMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 16, 2017

      yes so nice to further along quilting then I thought I was!

  • Mary Jan 16, 2017

    Red was a great choice for the binding. I’ve never had the courage to try roofing.

    • Karen Jan 16, 2017

      I wouldn’t do roofing again 🙂 but in my younger days I was up to just about anything! LOL now with osteoporosis and the arthritis in my hands getting worse it is best to stay off the roof!! I’m afraid I am not a spring chick anymore!

  • Nanette Jan 16, 2017

    Hubby and I always have worked together also. I loved working along side of him, but now I can no longer do it. He is also slowing down, so we can now sit back and enjoy and since we sold our RV we will now take shorter and more interesting trips and stay in hotels. Better that we spend the $ on ourselves than leaving it to others!
    You will enjoy your room and doing the things that you are doing to help mean a lot to your hubby and make the job go faster when he is home to work on it!
    Love both quilts!!!!!

    • Karen Jan 16, 2017

      we like the trips with our RV but it has been awhile and now with hubby working again our RV is sitting unused for awhile now.

  • Diann Bottrell Jan 17, 2017

    It’s always fun to get a glimpse of your postage stamp quilt! I love the baby quilt, too. The red binding is perfect with the cute, striped backing.

    • Karen Jan 17, 2017

      thanks – I got a little more work done on it last night but have been busy with other things – I will pick back up a lot on the quilting in March

  • Vicki Jan 17, 2017

    You have adjusted to your new quilting routine very well!

    • Karen Jan 17, 2017

      it is getting there – well be out of my routine for the rest of January though shortly and will have to get back to it again in February.

  • Kate Jan 21, 2017

    The postage stamp quilt is coming along beautifully. Congrats on getting the baby quilt done. My Guy and I do our home improvement projects together. As long as one of us has no clue what we are doing, we get along real well! Hope things are going well on the redo.
    Kate recently posted…Rainbow Scrap Challenge: More Purple StuffMy Profile

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