One Of Those Days


I know we all have those days where nothing seems to go right, one thing after another – I guess I was just meant to be outside yesterday.  I was going to machine quilt the baby quilt – first my thread kept breaking – then it was my needle!  First the needle actually came loose and got jammed.  Finally got that taken care of and changed needle, cleaned machine and got started again only to have not 5 minutes later the needle came loose again broke off.  I have never had that happen on this machine before.

Finally got that all straightened out and Melanie called to ask if she and Aniya could come over – Aniya wanted to use the swing out in the yard – so yes of course they could come over and the sewing was put aside – tomorrow some work will get done?

The backing – I think I have 3 lines total done although this only shows 2 of them.


From the front.


Some of this area was quilted on Tuesday night while NCIS was on.  I finally put it in a round hoop on the dining room table and worked on it in there.


The new set up – bring the secretary chair in the dining room, put it up at it’s tallest level and have the round hoop in my lap and the quilt piled up on the table.  Across the way is the dining room TV to keep me company.  I only lasted an hour though – just not the same as with the 3 roller.  The big square hoop might work good for smaller quilts but the weight of this quilt just had too much drag on it – I folded it up and put it back in the workshop.


It was 70 degrees out and very windy and felt a bit cooler so Aniya had her hat and light jacket


No quilting or sewing last night – I went and got a bee sting on my right hand thumb – I thought I had a tissue thick enough to get a bee that I saw on the floor and I guess I didn’t have it as thick as I thought and it got me!  Like I say – up in the low 70’s couple of days in a row and it got in the house!  I think a day or two off sewing – we will see what it is like today.  Last night it was throbbing.

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  • Marianne Jan 12, 2017

    Sorry about the bee sting, but at least you have bees. Not a lot of consolation when you’re in pain and can’t quilt, I guess. Weird weather – 70 at your house, 42 here this morning, after below zeros for days on end.

    When I used to hand quilt big quilts, I sat in an arm chair with a large hoop so that the hoop could rest on the arms. Now I don’t use a hoop at all, but I only do smaller things by hand.

    I really like your striped back – very cheerful!

    • Karen Jan 12, 2017

      the thumb feels a little better this morning but as I use it so much for hand work I don’t know if it will be only machine work today or not – we will see – one way or another the hand quilting will get done on the Postage Stamp quilt – just probably not today!

  • Deb Jan 12, 2017

    Well it sounds as if that bee topped your day off!

    She’s adorable outside in that cute little hat 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Scrappy Granny in the HoopMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 12, 2017

      it certainly did!! and yes Aniya is a cute little girl and always enjoy her visits — and Melanie’s of course too – and she will be back over for supper this evening.

  • Thimbleanna Jan 12, 2017

    Ouch! Sorry about the bee sting — I’m surprised there were even any bees out at this time of year — 70 degrees or not! And at least you gave quilting on the little hoop a valiant effort — even if it was a bust!
    Thimbleanna recently posted…Happy New Year!My Profile

    • Karen Jan 12, 2017

      I will get the Postage Stamp quilt quilted one way or another! it might just take a bit longer than what a queen size normally takes me but by spring and warm weather it will be done for sure as I know I wouldn’t work on it if it is hot for sure without the 3 roller frame to keep it off of me.

  • Ramona Jan 12, 2017

    Some days it’s best to just walk away from the machine and let it get over its tantrum. 🙂 So sorry about your bee sting! Hopefully you will be quilting again soon.

    • Karen Jan 12, 2017

      yes the machine was having a tantrum for sure – it better work better today I want to really get going on it. Thumb feels a bit better this morning – by evening maybe I can get back to hand work

  • Rebecca Grace Jan 12, 2017

    Oh, wow! You had thread, needles, and bees all out to get you at once! The bee sting is the worst. It’s like when I burn my hand with the iron — you have to just leave the sewing room, because continuing to iron and sew as you’re blistering up and swelling is just too painful. I hope you feel better soon and that the next time you sit down to quilt, it goes more smoothly for you!
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…On the Loss of Sue Garman, Master QuilterMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 12, 2017

      well after popping some benadryl twice I woke up to an ok thumb and it was back to normal by the middle of the day so that was great – I decided to set the baby quilt aside though I just didn’t feel like working on it – tomorrow? don’t know – sometimes that loosing interest thing just pops up and you have to move on to something else!

  • Colleen Jan 12, 2017

    Seems like you got all the yucky stuff all in one day.
    I think there must be a learning curve for quilting in the hoop especially for you (or those like you who used another method first happily) because you might need to do things differently or unlearn and relearn. I hope you are able to either find a way to hand quilt without your large frame or decide to do other than hand quilting projects until your frame is back in place.

    What if you machine quilted the rest of the quilt what would someone 100 years from now say ? Oh poor woman her sewing machine broke so she did the rest by hand ?

    • Karen Jan 12, 2017

      oh no way would I try to finish the Postage Stamp by machine – it would be just too different and wouldn’t look right at all. No it has just been too warm these past three days to have all that quilt draped over me. And yes you do have to tackle it a little differently when you are used to a 3 roller for the past 20 years. I have used my round hoop on smaller quilts but not a large one like this – I will get back to it – just a couple days off! Cooler weather tomorrow and might get some work done on it then.

  • audrey Jan 12, 2017

    Lol It was one of those days for me yesterday too! And today, the one fly in the house {it’s been under 10 degrees for days} landed in my drink and died. Seriously? Hope your thumb gets back to normal soon!:)

    • Karen Jan 13, 2017

      LOL – some days you just want a do over! thumb is back to normal quickly

  • Sarah Jan 12, 2017

    Some days just don’t work out? But nice to have family visit. Hope your bee sting heals quickly and you get back to your sewing soon.
    Sarah recently posted…January brings the snowMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 13, 2017

      the day never did go as planned but the bee sting was much improved by the next day with help of benadrly.

  • Nanette Jan 13, 2017

    Karen – what are you doing having a day like I can have! Sorry about the bee sting, nice to have grand babies, even if they take sewing time away.
    AND how frustrating when we are ready to work on a project (quilting) and we have needle problems, thread problems, machine problems – makes one want to pull their hair out!
    I agree with you on moving the quilt until you can put it in the other frame!
    Hang in there – it is Friday the 13th and you had yours yesterday – Usually I have great days on Friday the 13th!
    Have a great week-end.
    Nanette recently posted…Quilt Projects for 2017 and Beyond!My Profile

    • Karen Jan 13, 2017

      I would love to claim Aniya as my grandchild but she isn’t mine – she is my son in law’s great niece – she spends a lot of time with my daughter and son in law and is their great niece – I am an honorary Great-Great Aunt! yes the Postage Stamp quilt will have work continue on it just slower I’m sure. I never even noticed it was a Friday the 13th today – I don’t pay attention to that

  • Isabella Jan 13, 2017

    On days like you had yesterday, sometimes you just have to let go of what you wanted to do and just go with the flow. By the way I LOVE your scrappy horizontal and vertical square quilt. It is beautiful. Do you have a name for the pattern?

    • Karen Jan 13, 2017

      That is the Postage Stamp Quilt – no pattern, just cut squares of whatever size you want and put strips in between them – alternate the squares to join – mine are uneven by choice but could be made to perfection if chosen!

      • Isabella Jan 13, 2017

        I have never seen a Postage Stamp quilt arranged like this with the sashing in between the rows,. Yours is simply beautiful.
        Isabella recently posted…The Last TwoMy Profile

        • Karen Jan 13, 2017

          thanks – I saw a sketch on pinterest and went from there – no instructions were given and the link wasn’t right and didn’t go anyplace. my little squares are 1.5 inches and the strips I cut at 1.5 which ended up not being right when all put together so the top and bottom strip on each are wonky.

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