Piano Key Quilt Border


What next for this little quilt to make it grow –  seeing as there is a bit of white in the middle I thought I needed to add more white to draw it out more.


A close up of the white on white.  I have come to realize that with all the fabric I discovered I had I found out that I have very little in the white prints.


You can see how the dining room and the long kitchen really extends the sewing area – the closet doors from the old sewing room are leaning against the wall ready to be taken out to the work shop and just around the side from them is where the sewing machine is – so it all really flows from area to area right now making for a large sewing area – with lots of windows!  I am not getting in as many steps on my fitbit though as normally I walk from the sewing room to the kitchen to press and then back again – sometimes every 5 minutes or so when I am making a quilt at this stage and now it is so close together – I will need to watch that so I don’t get lazy on my walking.


I don’t know when I got this red fabric that I was pressing – I used to get “marbles” a lot – 1997 it says – is that the copyright year for the brand or that particular date for that piece of fabric? Is it really that old?


I added a piano key border and now what – it is 41 x 51 inches now – a little bit larger and it will be a couch size which would be a nice size to donate to a charity wouldn’t it.  Maybe another white border sashing and then another blue with the red cornerstones and finish with another white – I don’t know I will look it over today and decide.  Linking to My Quilt Infatuation today.


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  • Gretchen Jan 5, 2017

    The little quilt looks so bright and cheery now. The red really perked it up. A lot of quilters keep an iron by their sewing machine so they don’t have to get up and walk to the ironing board. I don’t do that so I WILL get up and walk to the ironing board. Every step counts! Have a happy day sewing on whatever project you come up with!
    Gretchen recently posted…One Monthly Goal, Quilting Plans for 2017My Profile

    • Karen Jan 5, 2017

      years ago I had set up a little table by the machine as so many said that was what you “should” do but I found the iron heat got me hot! and I felt like I was getting lazy – now I always walk to the next room

  • Sharon S Jan 5, 2017

    What a difference the piano key border makes!!! Looking good.

    • Karen Jan 5, 2017

      doesn’t it – it really changed it up

  • Karon Scott Jan 5, 2017

    This is looking GREAT!!! I know that your decisions for additional borders will and binding will really top it off and anyone would love to snuggle with it. It is very cheery looking and it will make them happy.
    Karon Scott recently posted…The Day after ChristmasMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 5, 2017

      when I first started the plan was just to use up those leftover blocks quickly -but nicely – now I really like it 🙂 but I will still give it away I have enough

  • Deb Jan 5, 2017

    This looks wonderful ! And it is coming together rather quickly. Love the shot of your work area all set up…cozy! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Rainy Days, Mindfulness, Little Baskets & Soup’s OnMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 5, 2017

      yes the work area is working out great – I wasn’t sure at first how it would be but I haven’t had a problem with it at all.

  • Nanette Jan 5, 2017

    WOW – the red really made the quilt!!! I see where you were going now with the colors!
    Nanette recently posted…Happy New Year!!!!!My Profile

    • Karen Jan 5, 2017

      I hadn’t thought of the red corner stones until after I selected the blue

  • Nanette Jan 5, 2017

    Love the piano key borders – they can really change the look and add so much to a quilt border!
    Nanette recently posted…Happy New Year!!!!!My Profile

    • Karen Jan 5, 2017

      I love this border – it is so easy to make too – I had to trim the white sashing a little after I decided on the piano keys so I would have an even number of inches to work with – but it worked out great.

  • Jayne Jan 5, 2017

    I love the addition of the piano key border! Great thinking, it changed the look a lot!

    • Karen Jan 5, 2017

      yes it did – I like it better now

  • Sandra B Jan 5, 2017

    That piano key border really gives this little quilt some pop! Love it!!!
    I love how just making simple additions like that can really add a lot to a quilt. Looking forward to seeing what you add next, and following along as you complete this one…
    It does sound like your new set up is working out well….

    • Karen Jan 5, 2017

      yes the border really changed the appearance of the quilt didn’t it.

  • Dottie bishaw Jan 5, 2017

    Yes, that border really looks good. I really like that red, it’s such a beautiful shade. The quilt is really bight and cheery. Great work Karen!

    • Karen Jan 5, 2017

      thanks Dottie

  • Linda Dutch Jan 5, 2017

    Your quilt really caught my eye today… the red in your border is quite stunning!
    Linda Dutch recently posted…back to needle & threadMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 5, 2017

      thanks Linda – I will need to try to get some close ups of the red fabric several have mentioned it and it is not one but about 7 different fabrics, some prints and some solids.

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