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I must admit to getting a little tired of bringing my chair back and forth to the somewhat empty sewing room – it was starting to get that “hollow” sound that near empty rooms get.  So last night I decided to sit down and pin baste what was left of the quilt to quilt.  I could have thread basted and I might regret that when I start to situate the quilt on the square hoop but I really didn’t want to take the time doing it.

This is where I left off – working across row #6 of blocks – what you can see on the frame is row, 6, 7 & 8 – I really hadn’t thought I was so close to seeing the end border in sight – but after I pinned the first part as far as I could reach comfortable – across most of row #7 and rolled it down I could see the border!


What a pretty sight.


This is what the set up will be – I didn’t get the quilt on the hoop last night – by time I got done I was tired of it.  The weight of the quilt will be something I have to learn to deal with – it is queen size after all.  I am not sure what I will do with the excess quilt – at  least I was a little more than half way done so I shouldn’t have too much draped over my lap and I hope to roll it in some way and maybe use those circle clamps that some use when machine quilting at their domestic machine – you know what I am talking about?  I don’t want all that heaviness and warmth on top of my lap – it would get way too hot I’m sure. I have a couple some place so need to look for them today.  I have the thread cabinets against the wall on the floor and I will place the square hoop in front of it when not in use and the quilt will most likely not always be left in it – depends on how heavy it is, might be taken out after each quilting session.  (getting ready to get my blog post done as you can see my blog up on the computer screen.)  I am linking to MCM#55 – Beth at Cooking up Quilts and Love Laugh Quilt: Monday Making and Em’s Scrapbag.


Mike’s side of the room is getting emptier!  Chugging on through it day to day.


Craftsy sale on the BOM continues see previous days post for info if you are interested.

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  • Lisa Jan 9, 2017

    Now that you have it pinbasted, you can baste in your lap. I do that with larger quilts. The pins are often in the wrong place when you want to move hoop. I pin baste on large tables & then baste in my lap……a friend shared that concept & it has worked well. Hope all is well.

    • Karen Jan 9, 2017

      that is true I could – I will just try to quilt it first and take the pins out that need to be out when I put in the square hoop – if that doesn’t work out I will try out your idea

  • Deb Jan 9, 2017

    Can you set that up near your dining room table and have the overflow on the table? or the overflow in a laundry basket, perhaps
    Deb recently posted…Perle Cotton & Big Stitch Quilting is NextMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 9, 2017

      it might work to have it go over on to the computer area of that table – not really sure – I like the idea of the more comfortable area of the living room though – we will see! I will probably give it a try later today.

  • Beth Jan 9, 2017

    That is a big quilt, but I know you’ll find a way to manage the size. 🙂 I think it’s wonderful you are hand quilting this beauty.
    Beth recently posted…MCM #55 – Free Motion Quilting is So FunMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 9, 2017

      one of these days I’ll probably make more smaller quilts for now though I like the big bed sizes

  • Carole Jan 9, 2017

    Wow, that is a lot to hand quilt, I really admire those who can. I just machine quilt. That is going to be a spectacular quilt, love the applique on the end.
    Carole recently posted…Another Lesson on Measuring BordersMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 9, 2017

      I have been hand quilting for 30 years or so – only started to machine quilt a few in recent years – I used to do all my piecing by hand too!

  • maxine lesline Jan 9, 2017

    Quite a project… and takes time trying different ways … but that about describes ‘Life’.
    As for hand quilting taking time… what is the rush to simply complete a quilt ? Nothing is as lovely as hand quilting…and the time and work is amply justified. I just quit going to quilt shows because of all the machine quilting… ruining many lovely quilt tops.

    • Karen Jan 9, 2017

      well the art of quilting has changed over the years I used to think something like you but I know believe there is a place for machine quilting too – it is different then hand quilting for sure – but many do not want to hand quilt now – I will have to quit one year as my hands give out and then I will have to turn more to the machine as I am already doing some like that

  • Jeanne in Ohio Jan 9, 2017

    I love following your progress! I’m always impressed with how much you accomplish! As for the weight and warmth of the quilt laying in your lap. There are clips that attach to the quilting hoop. They’re attached to either strong elastic or to twill tape and you can roll up the excess fabric and keep it out of your way and off the floor. (I’m sure yours is cleaner than mine.) My hoop is a Morgan, but I bet the makers of your hoop offer something similar.

    • Karen Jan 9, 2017

      I will check Jeanne – I am mostly wanted it not too much on my lap so I am sure I can figure out something – no kids, cats or dogs in the house so the quilt should be clean enough – I’m not too concerned about that

  • Cathy Jan 9, 2017

    Your quilt is just fantastic! I absolutely love it!
    Cathy recently posted…New Year Week 2My Profile

    • Karen Jan 9, 2017

      thanks Cathy – I love this quilt too

  • Willeke Jan 9, 2017

    Hi Karen,

    Wow… I’ve missed some of your posts. Will try the banane/date/*** bread for the weekend. I can almost smell it… yammie… Hope I will manage to get the same result.

    Just love the appliquepattern you’ve choosen. Think that it will look great with the woollies. Have fun preparing everything…

    Hugs, Willeke
    Willeke recently posted…Anders dan anders…My Profile

    • Karen Jan 9, 2017

      the bread was good fresh after a day though I always toast it or heat slightly in microwave. I think this applique will be fun too

  • Heulwen Jan 9, 2017

    That is a glorious quilt – I love the simplicity of the postage stamp centre surrounded by the floral applique. Good luck!
    Heulwen recently posted…Hexagons With A TwistMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 9, 2017

      thanks! I love this quilt too

  • Val Jan 9, 2017

    When I use my square hoop I tie a string on the bottom side of the hoop that has most of the quilt on it. Then i sort of roll the quilt and tie the string to the top part of the hoop. It keeps some of it up at least.

    • Karen Jan 9, 2017

      that is a good idea – right now I have the front rolled up and held with the red bands that are used for machine quilting – I had two of them set aside I might look and see if I can find more or order some

  • Nanette Jan 9, 2017

    Is the lap quilter a Hindenburg or a Grace. I have two Grace hoops that are polymer and I hate them. Trying to sell them so I can get a wood one like yours. And of course I love you quilt. So striking?

    • Karen Jan 9, 2017

      I don’t see anything on the frame that says but I am almost 100% positive it is a Grace – I got it quite some time ago when we had a 5th wheel camper and I had more room to quilt – we decided after a year we wanted a smaller camper and it has been stores almost all the time since them. I like the wood

  • Emily Jan 11, 2017

    Your quilt does look lovely on the frame all basted.
    Emily recently posted…Tuesday Tutorial~ Wonky FramesMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 11, 2017

      thanks Emily

  • Kate Jan 13, 2017

    Congrats on all the progress on your postage stamp quilt.
    Kate recently posted…Weekend Stitching: Things Were SlowMy Profile

    • Karen Jan 13, 2017

      thanks! still have a bit left to do but hope to get it done sometime in March.

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