A Little Sewing–A Lot of Yard

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More yard work was done yesterday then sewing!  It was so nice outside and I have so much yard to clean up – I never get all the leaf removal work done in the fall as some of the trees do not loose their leafs until well into December – so I really think more than half of the yard work waits until the end of winter/early spring to get taken care of.  I was working the yard while Mike was working in the sewing room with the new wiring.

But first the sewing – it didn’t get up into the mid 60’s until after lunch so I spent the morning finishing up the hexie I started on Saturday – now two of the 8 are finished.  Now I need to get more basted.  These hexies are for the Handful of Scraps quilt – someone asked me what the pattern looked like – it is from Edyta Sitar’s book “Handful of Scraps” I like the name of the book so named my quilt that.


I am not making the border that she has on hers – too much applique and I really don’t care for it all that much and too many tiny pieces would take me another year to finish it.  I will applique the main part of my quilt to a backing and do my own border as yet to decide.

One more Retro Air Ship Propeller block got finished, these really do not take long to do I don’t know why there are so few of them finished!  Maybe because I keep working on other things – I think I kind of lost interest in these –  I guess I will keep doing one here and there and eventually have enough to do something with.  I didn’t even realize that the one I made yesterday morning was the same purple dots that I had used on another one.  There will be sashing in this quilt so it well not need quite as many of these blocks as it could.  Linking to Em’s Scrapbag and MCM #61 Cooking up Quilts and Love Laugh Quilt.


My valentine roses are still doing great and all the white lilies have opened now too.


Some of my clean up area – the azalea bushes are forming buds already I could see them clearly as I was doing my clean up.   The big bed at the bottom of the tree is full of leafs yet that I haven’t even started on.  This is the front yard – most of what we use is in the front not the back – we are in the country so it really doesn’t matter.


Most of this area going to the workshop is finished


See the daffodils – and plenty of leafs over there to clear up as well.


My favorite porch sitting area is ready to use and has been used! so early in the year to be able to sit barefoot cooling off from yard work – doesn’t usually happen in February.


The clematis and one rose bush over here already leafing out – the other rose bushes all have leafs on them too.


How is spring coming on your neck of the woods?  Dentist appointment late this morning and then maybe I will get around to basting the stars? Let’s see how I feel when I get home and if I have enough time to work on it – once I get it all laid out I like to work on it until it is done and Mike is working daytime today so it might wait until Tuesday when I know I will have until 8:30 in the evening to be taking up the whole floor.

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  • Marianne Feb 20, 2017

    Nice that you’ve already sat outside. We went for a little walk yesterday in the neighborhood and saw some neighbors sitting in lawn chairs in the sun in their driveway. Mind you, it was 50 degrees out and we still have 2 feet of snow on the ground! But I didn’t blame them in the least. Spring is a wonderful time! Naturally, we all know we’ll be in the deep freeze soon again, but it is nice to catch these nice days now and then.

    • Karen Feb 20, 2017

      yes 50 with the sun shinning on you and a jacket on – I do it 🙂 feels so nice.

  • Kathi Feb 20, 2017

    Love your roses and lilies 🙂 Your quilty progress is great… glad you got to sit outside on the porch and enjoy an early spring. I agree that your hexi’s need a different border… I don’t care the the pattern one really … And your yard work progress also looks great! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted……And after this unplanned 3 month blogging hiatus…My Profile

    • Karen Feb 20, 2017

      lot’s of yard work done – now of course the shoulders and neck ache this morning – maybe by afternoon they will feel better 🙂 Yes that border just doesn’t seem to go with the quilt

  • Mary Feb 20, 2017

    We’ve been having days with highs in the 80s so a lot of yard work is happening here as well. Things are leafing and budding out already.
    Mary recently posted…Scraptastic TuesdayMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 20, 2017

      it is nice to do yard work in February in shirt sleeves before the bugs start to come out!

  • Thimbleanna Feb 20, 2017

    Wow — your daffodils are blooming already — that’s amazing! We’re having beautiful weather too — supposed to be in the 60’s all week which is crazy. It’s going to really mess up all of our trees and flowers when we get cold weather again — and we surely will as our freeze date isn’t until the middle of May!
    Thimbleanna recently posted…Goldilocks and the Three BearsMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 20, 2017

      your daffodils will be blooming before you know it! We actually saw some flowering trees this weekend – too early I think and hope we don’t get a deep freeze damaging things – there have been times like this when the peach trees in the area started to bloom and lost the whole crop because of cold weather – our last freeze date is the 3rd week of April so some time off

  • Carole Feb 20, 2017

    It is too warm here too, I am afraid for all my bulbs that are pushing up leaves. We usually have another freeze before our last frost date in mid-April, and if we do all those flowers will be lost. You have some great progress going on your blocks.
    Carole recently posted…Be My Neighbor Quilt Along – Block 2My Profile

    • Karen Feb 20, 2017

      some trees near by are flowering already – too early – one year the leafs came on the trees and we had a freeze the leafs all fell off and then came back a month later but the peach & blueberry farmers in the area lost their crop

  • Beth Feb 20, 2017

    I love those propeller blocks. I’ve never seen them anywhere but here….I think it’s the curves that appeal to me so much. Yay for making so much progress on the yard work – something I need to do here as well!
    Beth recently posted…MCM #61My Profile

    • Karen Feb 20, 2017

      the air ship propeller blocks also go by the new name Steam Punk – but the original pattern came the 1930’s pattern called Air Ship Propellers

  • Deb Feb 20, 2017

    The roses and lilies inside look so pretty together and amazing to see daffodils already. Today will be our third day of warm temps and it is a little scary….usually we worry about trees and bushes budding too early in the spring and then being ruined in a freeze but this is winter!!
    Deb recently posted…Baking & BindingMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 20, 2017

      when I drove to the dentist this morning I saw some trees beginning to look green – leafs are budding out! way too early – one year it did this and then it got cold and all the leafs fell off and then grew back on about 6 weeks later– later than normal. The flowering bushes are opening too

  • Sandra B Feb 20, 2017

    We are in the midst of warm weather in Virginia as well….I did a lot of work cleaning out planting areas Saturday and again yesterday afternoon….today, I am really sore! But I made great progress, so it is worth a few aches and pains….. Our azaleas look like they are close to blooming…I sure hope they hold off a bit longer!
    I have not touched any sewing in several days…hope to get back to it by mid-week…

    • Karen Feb 20, 2017

      yes it is a bit early for all the plants – on my way to the dentist today I saw some trees budding out and looking green already!

  • Belarmina Feb 20, 2017

    Karen todos los bloques son muy bonitos!!
    veo mucho trabajo en el jardín,

    • Karen Feb 20, 2017

      yes a lot of work for sure!

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 20, 2017

    I agree with you about that border for the hexie quilt. It’s just a bit too much I think. I like your yard with all the daffodils and space. It takes a lot of work to get it cleaned up. We had another nice rain here in Texas last night and everything seems to be growing even more quickly. I too worry its been so warm, the trees are blooming already. They say we’ve had the warmest February in quite a while. Love your beautiful big porch.

    • Karen Feb 20, 2017

      maybe we will all be lucky and well not have any more cold weather – keep our fingers crossed! yes too much applique on that one – the designer does fusible applique by machine so she probably didn’t think of it as being too much –

  • Kate Feb 24, 2017

    Fun hexies and beautiful propeller blocks. Hope you got in lots of stitching this week.
    Kate recently posted…Weekend Stitching – The Other StuffMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 24, 2017

      I have gotten a lot done!

  • Patricia Feb 25, 2017

    Your beautiful hexies will make for a stunning finished quilt!! It’s fun to see your progress on the propeller blocks as well! They caught my eye on Cooking Up Quilts! Thank you for sharing!
    Patricia recently posted…Philippians 2:14 Part 1. Surgery Update. Mason Jar Cosy. Speaking of Mason Jar Meals….My Profile

    • Karen Feb 25, 2017

      it will be back to work on the propeller blocks shortly – in fact I have a stack of small pieces from the scrap bins picked out for the next 5 or so blocks.

  • Emily Feb 25, 2017

    Your propeller blocks are great!
    Emily recently posted…Quarter Square Love AffairMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 25, 2017

      thanks – I will be back to work on those blocks this week I think – I have a stack of fabric picked out for more blocks

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