Chain Piecing and Hexies

Handful of Scraps, scrap quilts

I did so much housework yesterday that I do not want to do a speck of it again anytime soon.  The dreaded DUSTING actually got done – well most of it – I’m sure I missed a couple places as I didn’t do the bookshelves up high just what I could reach.  The floors got washed and polished – polished is not what I have been doing and they looked dingy – when I visited my sister her daughter-in-law’s laminate flooring was so shiny I had to ask her how she did it and she told me what product she uses and I got some and got to work – now mine are getting there too – maybe 2 more coats and it will be shiny and glossy too.  But not this week! I did enough.

My box of 2 inch blocks came out to play and I got all 9 of the 16 patches done for the centers of the 9 more star blocks that I plan on doing for the scrappy star quilt.  Amazing how fast they can come together when you chain piece.  First I counted out enough squares for 9 blocks and start to chain them together – then pairs get put together into rows of 4 and on and on it goes and all 9 got done.


I will get them pressed today and maybe the star points cut?  Not sure how much I will do today – Mike is off today – it is his birthday and has the day off – a cake needs to be baked and Melanie will be over for supper.  Linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict , Fort Worth Fabric Studio , A Quilting Reader’s Garden and Crazy Mom Quilts.


After I took this photo of the Handful of Scraps quilt  I started to stitch the hexie on the left lower side to the body – as you can see I have about 5 more to put in place I believe – then I need to make two more “flowers” for each corner for a total of 8 more to make — filling in with the neutrals also of course and squaring off – then the big decision needs to be made on what to do about the border as I do not like the one that was on this quilt in the book.  It is very complicated and tiny pieces for an applique border.  I have given consideration to appliqueing this piece to a neutral background and make a hexie chain for a border appliqueing it to the background piece.  Of course if I do that I will need to buy a length of a neutral for the border as I do not have enough in length – just fat quarters and I don’t think I have enough that are plain enough to mix.  I am pleased to say it is getting there but I know I will need a break from it soon and get back to other neglected projects.


What have all of you been up to?  Here the weather keeps going back and forth – nice for 3 days in the 60’s or so then it drops to the 40’s then it will go back up to almost 70 for another 3 days or so then the bottom drops out again.  A very up and down February is in the forecast.  But that can be nice as the cold days do not last long.

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  • Elzaan Feb 3, 2017

    On Wednesday I did a major house cleaning. Now I am as allergic to it as you are LOL
    Not doing much on the sewing front. To hot and humid to sit behind a sewing machine or labour away with a cutter. Hopefully it will start cooling down soon, and then I will have some energy for it again.
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    • Karen Feb 3, 2017

      sorry to hear you are having such hot weather – it is hard to do anything when it is hot!

  • Marianne Feb 3, 2017

    I hope to put the last border on my 365 challenge medallion quilt today. I went totally off the page after doing a few of the blocks, so I really ought to give it a new name – blue and green scrappy? Anyway, I was waiting for some green batik to arrive and it did yesterday. It cost $3 a yard on etsy, so I was skeptical about it, but it looks and feels just right. I’m not sure if I will send it out for edge-to-edge quilting so it may just hang in my closet while I decide.

    • Karen Feb 3, 2017

      a lot of times the best deals are on etsy shops!

  • Kim Webb Feb 3, 2017

    Hi Karen,
    Sounds like you had a very good time visiting your sister. Happy to hear she is doing well.
    Can you share the floor product that you used?
    I have been working on some appliqued Halloween blocks. A UFO that has been sitting for way to long.

    • Karen Feb 3, 2017

      the floor cleaner is called “Bona” one is for hardwood and the other on the bottle says for “laminate, stone and tile” that is the one I got – a spray bottle cleaner and I also got the “polisher” found at Wal-Mart, Amazon and I think Target – it works good – I have old tile in the laundry room, a ceramic tile in the dining room and laminate in the kitchen all three now look good

  • Hellen Feb 3, 2017

    Love scrap quilts! Recently I sat down and put together sixteen 16-patch blocks, just like yours. Don’t know what to do with them, but I’ll figure it out with EQ7.
    Hellen recently posted…Kjólar og sokkarMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 3, 2017

      I’m sure you will come up with an idea to use your 16 patch – they will look great

  • Sandra B Feb 3, 2017

    My goodness, Karen….you have been busy! I share your dislike of that dreaded DUSTING!!
    We are in another spell of colder weather here in Virginia…. They say we will have a couple of warmer days next week, but with rain… Oh well, at least it won’t be snow or sleet…for that I am thankful!
    I am working on cutting up some scraps, getting a few blocks ready for next Tuesday when I have to go in for allergy testing… I will be working on some hand piecing while I sit…I have had the testing before, and it isn’t too bad, except for sitting in the doctor’s office for 4 or 5 hours. UGH!! I am going to take along my red work embroidery (yes, I am still plugging along on that project!) as well, in case I get tired of the hand piecing.

    • Karen Feb 3, 2017

      doesn’t sound like fun sitting around for allergy testing that takes so long! have fun with the red work at least to distract you. cold here again but back to warm in a couple days!

  • Janine Feb 3, 2017

    You have some beautiful projects. I love your hexies 🙂
    Janine recently posted…Shimmer: VERB [NO OBJECT] Shine with a soft, slightly wavering light.My Profile

    • Karen Feb 3, 2017

      thanks – I love the hexies too but I’m coming close to having to make a decision about a border – not sure what I will do with that

  • Carie Feb 3, 2017

    Wow your hexies are definitely growing and I love the patches 🙂
    Carie recently posted…Traubenhyazinthe {handmade}My Profile

    • Karen Feb 3, 2017

      thanks Carie

  • Deb Feb 3, 2017

    Now you will have to tell us what that product is in another post 🙂

    Busy lady….

    Happy Birthday to Mike!!
    Deb recently posted…A little snow, some little baskets, & this and thatMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 3, 2017

      I’ll take a photo and post it – already had one inquiry on it 🙂

  • Vicki W Feb 3, 2017

    I finally got to do some sewing today while still dealing with horrible post nasal drip from this cold that started after Christmas. I’m so tired of it but it’s not stopping me from sewing!

  • sue Feb 3, 2017

    Hi Karen
    You used to have a place to put one’s email addy to get your posts. I can’t see it on your blog anymore, or am I missing it?
    Love all your work. 🙂
    sue recently posted…Hello againMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 4, 2017

      very top of the right side bar – white envelope on blue square )

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 3, 2017

    Boy, you got those patches done quickly. I love to chain piece. Have fun tonight with your daughter and birthday dinner with Mike. I had a doctor appointment this morning and than some errands. Tonight I’m working on cutting out some little baskets like yours. I want to take them to handpiece if I have to spend some time with my Mom in the hospital. I’m like you, I have to keep my hands busy or I go nuts. Happy birthday to Mike!

    • Karen Feb 4, 2017

      we were by ourselves for dinner – Melanie’s house has the flu starting – her hubby is sick so she stayed home didn’t want to spread it to our house – hope your mom is not sick

  • Lynn Feb 4, 2017

    Scraps are just wonderful and yours are coming together to look great. I recently decided to make a Scrap Jar Quilt and similarly put together the 16 patch interior and am adding the star points. This time in single colours – will take photos a little later. Lovely to see yours. Somehow a little sewing as reward for housework makes it not seem so bad.
    Lynn recently posted…Two FinishesMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 4, 2017

      I have not heard of a scrap jar quilt I will need to keep an eye on your blog and see what it looks like!

  • Nanette Feb 4, 2017

    I checked out your star blocks – Neat Neat! Also like your centers – especially the ones you posted on this post! Handful is looking good!

    Oh yes on cleaning the house! I hired a new house cleaner that showed up and within 2 hours I fired her and I got to finish the house- took me about 7 hours but it is dust free for the month. House cleaning takes up so much of our time that we could be quiilting!!!! Darn, now I am the house cleaner again, but when it takes some one 5 minutes to wipe a light switch – they are “Fired”.
    It also took her 1 hour to “dust” a room that should have taken 20 minutes.
    The older we become the less we want to cook and clean – where is that full time maid anyway – I guess wherever the silver spoon is that I never received! LOL
    Glad to have you back!
    Nanette recently posted…17 in 2017 List and CompletionsMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 4, 2017

      I never had hired anyone to clean my house, i try to stay up to date on it and never spend more than a couple hours at a time cleaning – small house though can make a difference

  • I woul not either but at age 72, 4 spine fusions and now 2 bulging disc. I need someone to dust once a month and I keep up with it during the month. No dirty house here!!!!!

    • Karen Feb 4, 2017

      totally understand that

  • JanineMarie Feb 4, 2017

    Oh, dusting. Ugh. Such a thankless job. It all just comes right back. Your chain-pieced blocks look like such fun. And your hexie top is looking lovely. The weather’s up and down here, too. Today I just can’t keep warm, so now I’m under an afghan AND a quilt.

    • Karen Feb 4, 2017

      I think we all hate dusting!! tomorrow back to the 60’s well feel nice after 3 days in the 30’s – such weird weather

  • Angiein SoCal Feb 9, 2017

    That’s why I set deadlines – then I can say to whoever asks, can’t do housework I”m working on a quilting deadline – that works for a while then I just have to do it. Love your blocks and hexies – both fun projects.
    Angiein SoCal recently posted…Coming off my design wallMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 9, 2017

      I never do deadlines! no stress here

  • Patricia Feb 10, 2017

    Beautiful projects! Love those 16 patch star centers! It’s great to see your progress on your hexie project! Congratulations! 🙂
    Patricia recently posted…Philippians 2:12 Part 3/4. More Mason Jar Meals! Crazy QuiltMy Profile

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