Fabric, Piecing and a Cuisinart

Midnight Garden, scrap quilts, sewing room

First off I will share my big purchase this week – I have never had a Food Processor – really LOL – I know a lot of you have them most likely.  In years gone by I have had choppers of various sorts but never a nice thing like this – and let me tell you it has given me fits since I opened the box!  First off for a really good laugh the first thing in the booklet that you read – AFTER you have opened the box is instructions on HOW to open the box!!!  really that just seemed so strange as I had to open 3 boxes to get to the booklet!!  And – there are no instructions in the book on how to actually put the blades in the machine to use it – I had to search on line for a video to watch which means I have had to save it so I can keep going back to it to watch for the first 6 times I use it until I remember how it works!  Ok is it just me or doesn’t it seem like step by step photos should be in the booklet – is everything only on line now?  But I have now shredded my first veggies in it and I’m on my way to learn how to be an expert at this LOL


Mike is off 4 days this week in a row as his hours are little different this contract job and so we have been working on the sewing room and in between things I am working on sewing and in the evening.  I can only do manual labor like this and yard work for so long before I take a break, lay on the floor and stretch out my back!  Then take a longer break and do a little sewing.  My job right now is ripping up the old carpet tack things that they place along the wall to hold carpet in place.  Mike had ripped the carpet out while I was at my sisters but left this part intact and it is one job I can do so I am taking care of that while he is beginning to work on rewiring the sewing room – new outlets and new lights will be put in.  My tools of the trade:


So when I wasn’t working in the sewing room or trying to figure out how my food processor worked I got some sewing done in the living room.

Midnight Garden is coming along nicely – although it is hard to see in the photo only the green is left to stitch down and part of that is finished.


I started to chain piece more sashing for the Scrappy Stars.


And I purchased this blue wide back from Hancock’s of Paducah for the back of the Scrappy Stars from the sales area on line.  I was thinking ahead for when quilting starts – I always try to buy as much of the quilt on sale as I can and when I saw the wide backs on sale — now was the time to get the backing.


If you are ever looking for more free patterns – there are so many available I hadn’t really looked at this one for awhile and found a lot of free stuff – is this one new to you?   The Moda Cutting Table – look at the top menu bar – find Fun and Free – and have fun looking – lots of free patterns and other things available.

The sale at Craftsy on classes continues– a lot of them are listed at $19.99 to $24.99 – starts Friday and goes through Sunday night at midnight.

Also the sale at AccuQuilt continues through the month — Buy More Save More – ALL GO Dies on sale now.

(I am compensated for any purchases made through my links.)

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  • Marianne Feb 11, 2017

    I don’t use my food processor much, but I’m on my second one and thinking about a third eventually. The one I have is an off-brand, not Cuisinart. I use it for pie crust mostly and also to shred large quantities of zucchini. Great for sugar cookie dough!

    Don’t blame you for taking breaks from your work – that’s a lot of crawling around on the floor.

    • Karen Feb 11, 2017

      well I certainly hope I use it more than you do yours 🙂 if I thought I would use it as little as you do yours though I wouldn’t have thought to buy it

  • Teri Dingler Feb 11, 2017

    Once you get the hang of that food processor you will love it- I still chop small amounts by hand but boy oh boy do I like my food processor! I have had mine so long I have ordered new blade, new basket, new top, well you get the picture! And I love the scrappy star! One of my favorites of many by you! Can’t wait to see the finished room!
    Teri Dingler recently posted…Cooking with vanillaMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 11, 2017

      I hope to use it a lot – it has come to the point of buying things to make jobs in the kitchen easier on the hands so it will still be enjoyable

  • Deb Feb 11, 2017

    I have never had a processor either 🙂 Having ripped out carpet here years ago I know how much fun you are having. Not 🙂
    Deb recently posted…randoms & a bit of quilting / applique & you can’t make this sh** UP!My Profile

    • Karen Feb 11, 2017

      yes if you have ripped one out you know the fun I am not having LOL

  • Ruth Feb 11, 2017

    I had the original Cuisinart for many years. I loved it. Now I have a mini-Cuisinart, which is perfect for the two of us. I don’t use it often, but when I need it, it’s a wonderful gizmo. Enjoy yours.
    Ruth recently posted…I need a name for this quiltMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 11, 2017

      I had thought about the mini at first as it is mainly the two of us but liked the idea of doing bread and cookie dough as I love making those and my kitchen aide is getting old and I can tell it has a hard time with heavy dough – when that one completely wears out I will go to a smaller mixer for things I would rather not use the processor for

  • Barbara Feb 11, 2017

    I have that food processor (an older model) and use it all the time-wouldn’t be without it. You’ll love it for chopping veggies, grating cheese, mixing ingredients for scones and dough, making salad dressings and so much more. Enjoy!

    • Karen Feb 11, 2017

      sounds great – I hate to say it but with arthritis and muscle issues in my arms it hurts to grate cheese using my regular hand held grater – I thought it was time to admit I need something that will make it easier to work in the kitchen

  • Becky T Feb 11, 2017

    My mother bought me a Cusinart for a wedding present 39 years ago…Wow its been awhile. And I have used it for all sorts of things thru the years. I love it when I am canning. My favorite “new” toy (2 years) is my electric pressure cooker

    • Karen Feb 11, 2017

      I have never had a pressure cooker – I admit to being scared of them LOL – I know you have to follow directions and not open them before you are supposed to – I must have seen a cartoon years ago of one exploding or something that has stuck in my mind 🙂 silly – really I know

  • Sandra B Feb 11, 2017

    I do not have a food processor, but hear great things about them!
    Karen, you certainly are doing a tedious job pulling all those little tacks out of the floor… but a necessary task, nonetheless…. hopefully you will be able to get it done soon….
    Love how your applique is looking…your color choices are great!
    The scrappy sashing for Scrappy Stars is coming right along….
    We had a couple of really cold days here in Virginia….today is a little warmer and a lot less windy….tomorrow we are to be in mid to upper 70’s…. we have had some really crazy weather this winter!

    • Karen Feb 11, 2017

      it is 77 here so far for a high – so nice – yes the floor is tedious work but needs to be done – nothing about this room will get done fast by far and I have a feeling it will be summer before it is done – I certainly hope it doesn’t take him a whole year – he doesn’t work on it daily so it does take awhile. I bought a Craftsy class on how to use a food processor and have found it enjoyable!

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 11, 2017

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your new food processor. It really comes in handy. I had one for years but now I just use my mini for the two of us. They really save a lot of work. Sounds like you had a busy day, glad you got some time for sewing. It was 85 here today, so got some more yard work done. My narcissus are all blooming now.

    • Karen Feb 11, 2017

      Dottie just about hit 80 today – but it will be going back and forth for the next couple weeks – amazing the warmth out there for February. 85 for you – are you in Oklahoma or Texas – I heard western Oklahoma hit 96 today!

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 12, 2017

    I live right below Ft Worth. It’s suppose to be only in the 60s today. Up and down, Lol!

    • Karen Feb 12, 2017

      up and down is right – windy as can be today and only 63 – cold compared to yesterdays almost 80 LOL

  • Thimbleanna Feb 13, 2017

    Looks like you got the fun job of the renovation LOL. That’s hard work!!! Make a cake with your cuisinart as a reward! ;-D
    Thimbleanna recently posted…Irish Chain on RepeatMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 13, 2017

      Mike came home tonight bearing Valentine gifts so I don’t need to make a cake – he has supplied me with quite a few bags of dark chocolate to keep the jar he got me a couple weeks ago filled for months – and roses!
      That cuisinart sure did quick work for supper tonight – scallop potatoes and slice the potatoes and onions so quickly and so thinly that it will be worth the purchase for sure – I might have to get a small one to keep in the camper for when we travel 🙂

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