Let There Be Cake! and Some Scrappy Stars

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Yesterday was Mike’s birthday – I always make birthday cake – always have, always well.  I love cake!  I thought I would share the cake recipe that I made – I got this recipe from my sister Vicki over 35 years ago – who gets the credit for creating it? Who knows this many years later – I have not made any changes to it – other than cutting the recipe in half and making it in a smaller Bundt pan then called for – I am sharing the complete large recipe though for those that might want to make it.  It makes a good size cake.


Ring of Coconut Fudge Cake

Filling Ingredients:
1/4 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 (8 oz) package cream cheese
1 egg
1/2 cup coconut
1 (6oz) package chocolate chips
Beat all ingredients together either with a mixer or with a spoon until well blended, set aside.

2 cups sugar
1 cup vegetable oil
2 eggs
3 cups flour
3/4 cups cocoa
2 teaspoons baking soda
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 1/2 teaspoons salt (I do cut this to 1 teaspoon but up to you)
1 cup hot coffee (could use hot water I suppose but I have always used coffee)
1 cup milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup chopped nuts

Mix sugar, oil and eggs until smooth.  Add everything else except the hot coffee, blend all until smooth and add the hot coffee a little at a time so it doesn’t splash.  Pour half the batter into a well greased and floured pan.  Carefully spoon the filling in a ring around the center of the bundt tube.  Pour the rest of the cake batter over the top making sure all filling is covered.  Bake at 70 to 75 minutes at 350 degrees.  Cool in the pan about 10 minutes before turning out to a cake plate.  Frost if desired.  (To half this recipe everything works out really well the only thing that I did differently is that the filling calls for 1 egg – instead of beating the egg and then dividing it I used a whole egg and added the full amount of coconut so it was too loose of a mixture – worked out great!)

I know I have posted a few recipes this past week – but I have been in a baking mood and I do other things then just quilt so thought I would share that.


Now on to the Scrappy Stars – just a little bit of progress working on these blocks in between grocery shopping, taking Mike out for lunch and then cake baking.  I got all the pieces cut out for the nine blocks needed to finish the quilt but only got three of them sewed – I almost ran out of fabric and the star block on the right side while aqua is a much lighter shade but I think it will work out ok once it is mixed in with the others.  I decided to try out the idea of scrappy patchwork sashing and put two pieces together with these to see what it would look like.  Just found a new blog to join in for a weekly stitching it is called Gone Stitching..Friday Night with Friends.  It is a blog from New Zealand.  Also linking to Tweety Loves Quilting.


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  • Gretchen Feb 4, 2017

    I like the scrappy sashing and it uses up leftover fabrics too. Cake looks delicious.
    Gretchen recently posted…Nearly Insane & Solstice ChallengeMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 4, 2017

      that is what I was thinking and hey scrappy quilt should have scrappy sashing

  • Marianne Feb 4, 2017

    I like tht scrappy sashing! But I know it will be tedious to piece after a while. Still, worth the effort.

    I love coconut and chocolate (Mounds & Almond Joy!) so will have to give your cake a try one of these days. Trying not to overeat which is tough after getting into the swing during the holidays. I always say we are in Candy Season from Halloween to Easter.

    • Karen Feb 4, 2017

      glad to know some of you like the scrappy sashing I think it will work out. yes cake does taste a little like the candy bar – trying to not over eat is right that is why I made only half the recipe and it will still be hard!!

  • Donna Feb 4, 2017

    Oh my gosh! I will have to make that cake!

    • Karen Feb 4, 2017

      it is great – I only make it about once a year though one piece isn’t enough 🙂

  • Deb Feb 4, 2017

    I am going to have to make this cake down the line. There used to be a box mix for a bundt cake that was chocolate with a coconut filling, and when the boys were young I’d make it often.
    Deb recently posted…A little snow, some little baskets, & this and thatMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 4, 2017

      I never saw the mix – another good one is the tunnel of fudge but I can’t find the frosting mix anymore that the recipe from scratch used to call for – it was a box mix frosting and just doesn’t turn out the same although I did a search on google some years ago and finally found one that turned out a bit the same but I haven’t made it in so long now that I don’t remember what it was like now.

  • maxine lesline Feb 4, 2017

    Wow.. the scrappier the better… really a perky interesting quilt. Your week has been pretty full… getting home … dusting… birthday baking. quilting…. maybe a nap?

    • Karen Feb 4, 2017

      no I’m not a napper 🙂 just never do I’m up all day, I do put my feet up now and then and read a book though!

  • Vicki W Feb 4, 2017

    I like the scrappy sashing a lot!

    • Karen Feb 4, 2017

      I do too! I think it will work out and I have a lot of 2 inch squares and if I run out of a variety of color (I have a lot of brown) I can always cut some more!

  • Karen Feb 4, 2017

    That certainly looks like a “celebration” cake. Yummy and so are the blocks.
    Karen recently posted…FNwFMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 4, 2017

      the cake is delicious! I will really need to get back to working out next week – I gave myself a week to get used to being back home and into routine and skipped exercise – back to it!!

  • Cynthia Feb 4, 2017

    I love a good cake and I love to try other people’s recipe. There are some gems out there. So I will have a go, it looks delicious. Just like your scrappy stars. Another one of my favourites stars.
    Cynthia recently posted…Project Uninterrupted FebruaryMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 4, 2017

      this is a good cake! rich but good — I love scrappy quilts and a good thing because I have a lot of scraps to use up!

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 4, 2017

    Chocolate and coconut are my favorites! I can hardly wait to try this recipe, birthday or no birthday, lol. I love that scrappy sashing, its going to be beautiful. My Mom isn’the sick, she broke her femur right above her knee. She has been in the hospital for 20 days and has a bit to go still. They won’t operate because she is 102 and would not survive the operation. She will always have to stay in bed and never put her weight on it. My brothers and sisters live close to her and have been keeping her company & I was there a week and will go again soon.

    • Karen Feb 4, 2017

      wow 102! sorry to hear she will be in bed the rest of her time though – glad you are able to go visit — yes the cake is good any time – birthday or not!

  • Kaisievic Feb 4, 2017

    Wonderful looking cake, I bet he enjoyed it!

    • Karen Feb 4, 2017

      He did – and between the two of us and what I put aside for Melanie we are almost done with it – we are such pigs LOL

  • danette Feb 4, 2017

    Love your Scrappy stars and the cake looks delicious!

    • Karen Feb 4, 2017

      thanks the stars are now finished and on to the sashing

  • Alida Feb 4, 2017

    Thanks for the recipe, it looks super yummy I will try it for sure! Your blocks with the scrappy sashing look great too! Thanks for sharing

    • Karen Feb 4, 2017

      the cake is wonderful – you will love it.

  • Raewyn Feb 6, 2017

    The cake sounds delicious and thank you for sharing the recipe…. I will substiture gluten free flours and give it a try for DH’s birthday at the end of the month. Nice to have you joining the (Aussie) gals for FNWF…the sashing you’ve put on your scrappy stars looks good -and an excellent way of using more scraps!

    • Karen Feb 6, 2017

      if you do it gluten free let me know how you change it – I can then send the recipe off to my daughter in Wisconsin – our granddaughter had to go gluten free about 3 months ago and they are still figuring it all out. They do not live real close to us so I have not had to figure it out still.

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