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I meant to get started on the binding for the Scrappy Stars at some point in the day but I didn’t get to it until after I wrote this blog post last night so maybe I will have some updates on it in a day or two.  Instead yesterday I spent the morning giving the house a cleaning.  Then went to the fitness center to get in some exercise.  When I got home I got out the fabric I had put aside for the retro air ships and got to pressing them.  While I was pressing I got my new computer out and put on a Craftsy Class to watch while I pressed.  I have gotten a Dell lap top and the cover bends all the way over to form a tri-pod type of effect.  This makes it easier to view I think – just my opinion.


It is a small laptop as I prefer small for travel.  It can also just be put up the normal way.


I got 6 blocks cut out – the circles will be cut and prepped as I get the blocks done deciding on those fabrics last.


For this block I decided on a brown center, which is the color in one of those stacks above.


Nine blocks done – out of how many?  Don’t know right now – these blocks are about 10 1/4 right now – odd size I know but there you go.  And yes the very bottom block with the white background is smaller than the rest – mistake in cutting – I just laid it out with the rest until I decide what to do with it.  I might add a narrow band of the same white fabric all the way around it to make it the proper size or it might be turned into table mat or something.  Linking to Gone Stitchin‘.


The red bud trees are beginning to blossom and some of the earliest daffodils are already beginning to die off!!  So fast it seems.  Other bulbs are growing quickly.  Our spring is early – we had a cold night a couple nights ago that got below freezing but I guess it didn’t last enough to do any damage – that was good luck there!  these daffodils on the edge of the woods in the front yard are just now looking really pretty.  The following photos are taken from the phone.


the redbud tree just beginning to blossom.


The azaleas beginning to show their blossoms as well.


And this is my part time dog Max – he lives somewhere in the neighborhood but I haven’t a clue where.  When I take my walks around the property he comes running from different directions every time I see him.  A very friendly dog wanting some attention.  He is very playful and friendly.  The other day when Melanie and Aniya were over we were walking around the property (like I have so much – 3 1/2 acres or so) and we started to clap our hands calling for Max and he came running out of nowhere.  Where does he live? I don’t know I get the fun of playing with him and someone else feeds him.  Living in the country like I do you see dogs all over the place – people do not keep them on leashes and let them run out of their yards – sometimes in the case of Max he is friendly – sometimes they are not so friendly and you have to chase them out of your yard and hope they do not come back.


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  • Jill Feb 28, 2017

    Making a propellor quilt is on my wish list. Some say piecing the curves are difficult. Did you find that to be true? Sine you didn’t mention it, I will assume not difficult. Sometimes I watch my Craftsy classes on an iPad which also has a tripod self stand.
    Jill recently posted…A Sewing WeekMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 28, 2017

      curves take a little more time and I don’t piece real accurate so I cut all outside edges larger than they need to be so I can square up and they won’t be too small – I didn’t do that on that smallest square that I showed. The piecing itself isn’t hard – there is just something about the curves that make my pieces smaller than they should be even though they have a quarter inch seam!

  • Deb Feb 28, 2017

    the propellers look great together. I spotted a little crocus amongst the daffodils and oh that pup is a sweetie! 🙂
    It got chilly here again…just got back from a early walk and it was around 36 degrees. We are to warm up again but days and days of rain are coming with that warmup and that is sad because the ground just finally dried out a bit.
    Deb recently posted…OMG: Flower Basket Medallion Border FinishMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 28, 2017

      I don’t have many crocuses but a few popping up here and there. I never remember where they are. It will be warm here again today.

  • Swooze Feb 28, 2017

    Hope you’re not in the area where they’re talking about getting tornadoes today.

    Ever since you mentioned which color by need to use for Scrappy stars I’ve been thinking about your comments. You talked about the binding matching you’re backing or going with at least. I was thinking that I don’t know that I’ve ever thought about that but then I realize that I usually pick a backing that kind of goes with the front so I guess by default if I like the binding on the front I like on the back. I do love the aqua though.

    How’s Mike feeling with his cold? I’m sure he’s frustrated that he can’t work on your sewing room/office.
    Swooze recently posted…Design Wall Monday February 27My Profile

  • Karen Feb 28, 2017

    I usually get my backs on sale – sometimes generally in the same color and sometimes just something I like. I think the sewing room is on the middle of Mike’s list while he is working, he really isn’t all that concerned about it. His cold is gone and didn’t get real bad. Yes we are in the storm area but it is low level for severe, thunderstorms, wind and maybe hail – I haven’t even checked the weather this morning to see what it is updated to.

  • Lorna Feb 28, 2017

    Your new blocks look like a lot of fun… Choosing fabrics and sewing up those curves. Nice to see your flowers and blooms coming up. I am eager to get a taste of spring up here too. Say hi to Max!
    Lorna recently posted…Sew Fresh Quilt Bee – February Link UpMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 28, 2017

      these new blocks are fun! sewing curves can be a challenge but once you get the hang of them they go quickly – I don’t even use one pin to do them.

  • Vicki Feb 28, 2017

    We had 3 dogs that regularly came to visit us for years. We eventually found out they lived in another neighborhood and eventually met their owners. We called out house the “day spa”. Occasionally we would drive them home if we thought they were too tired to go home. I’m sure that’s just a game they played on us. Two have since died and we don’t see the yellow lab anymore because he had to have a leg amputated and it’s a long walk to our house. We do have visitation rights though!

    • Karen Feb 28, 2017

      I would love to have a medium size dog but do not want one while we spend time traveling – maybe sometime in the upcoming years – it is nice to have one visit though! sounds like you had fun with your part timers too

  • Doreen Feb 28, 2017

    Your propeller blocks are wonderful, Spring is arriving early this year….your bulbs & spring buds look beautiful. That little Max looks very sweet.

    • Karen Feb 28, 2017

      thanks Doreen – I am having fun with these blocks – spring is early for sure!

  • Sandra B Feb 28, 2017

    Karen, I love how your Retro Air Ship Propeller blocks are coming along… And, I am looking forward to following along on the journey!
    Spring is blooming here in Virginia as well… although… I have a couple of camellia bushes that nearly always bloom in February, and this year they both have lots of buds, but haven’t bloomed yet… Crazy!
    We are supposed to get to 81 degrees tomorrow….too early for that!!

    • Karen Feb 28, 2017

      yes Sandra spring is early and I hope it won’t be a long storm season – in tornado watch until evening right now- although we have no storms in the area – hope it stays like that. The air ships are going well today and I will have six more added to the pile by end of day.

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 28, 2017

    I love the colors on your blocks, so pretty. Spring has arrived here in central Texas early too. I heard it was the warmest winter in quite a while. The redbud, Bradford Pears, and forsythia are in full bloom, so pretty. Your little friend is really cute, neat you get to enjoy him with none of the full time responsibility.

    • Karen Feb 28, 2017

      yes I love this dog – he is sleeping by the backdoor right now! I am not feeding him so he will know this is not his permanent home. It is too early for all these plants to be blooming – I hope we do not get a cold spell.

  • Belarmina Feb 28, 2017

    Karen preciosos tus bloques
    ¡¡me gustan!!
    tu jardín va muy adelantado ¿no tienes riesgo de heladas?

    • Karen Feb 28, 2017

      yes we do risk a frost still for another month!! it is way too early for all these plants to be blooming – I hope we do not get too cold of nights coming up in the upcoming weeks. We could get a frost until the middle of April but not usually

  • Colleen Feb 28, 2017

    Great yard and quilt blocks
    That dog is perfect for you. I see there is a collar how about attaching a note?
    It would be nice, I think to know who it’s family is. Perhaps you’d get to dog sit from time to time .

    We had a Labrador dog visit from several streets over, but we have too many cars for a dog to visit. We would drive him home or call them to get him.
    It was weird that he would come to our house, it think the owners figured out how he was escaping and out smarted the dog.

    • Karen Mar 1, 2017

      collar but no tags. I do not want to dog sit LOL – I just like playing with him. Here in the country it is very common for dogs to wander about – people just let the dogs out to play but have no fences at times so they just run all over the place – not responsible. If you are going to have an outside dog then you should have a fence. He does seem to be well cared for otherwise, very healthy looking.

  • Kaisievic Mar 3, 2017

    Your propeller blocks look fabulous and Max is a darling.
    Kaisievic recently posted…FNwF and Friday Frolics…My Profile

    • Karen Mar 3, 2017

      he is! that dog stops by almost every day and is so happy when I play with him. I think I figured which neighbor he belongs to and they are home all day so I guess he just tends to wander. More air ship blocks done – maybe 30 more?

  • LisaS Mar 4, 2017

    Max is adorable! It’s nice to see Spring in your yard.

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