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Edited: 9:22 AM – I have been having a lot of problems with my server this morning and my blog has down more than it has been open – sorry for that – hope you just come back and look later in the day – it has been having this problem off and on for about a month now – not sure what the problem is.  So sometimes when you come and look and it isn’t open just come back later in the day!

Yes I’m a scrappy quilter!  There are so many quilts we can do with our little pieces (and big).  Sunday I was busy working on quilts – I had been up and down on my knees Friday and Saturday helping Mike with the sewing room pulling staples from the floor and carpet tack boards that Sunday my legs hurt – I took a break from the sewing room redo and worked on quilts in the living room – my temporary sewing room.

Chain piecing sashing commenced and I was answering some comments om the blog in between working on the machine.  I needed more to put another row together and I needed to put a long row of sashing on the bottom of the quilt too.  The sides will have the sashing also but I will be adding that last and do it in long pieces like I do in between the rows.


One row ready and two long strips of sashing ready too.


Five of the Seven rows done on Scrappy Stars – yes this quilt is going to be bigger than I had planned – but the pieced sashing adds so much to the quilt and changed the whole look so much I’m glad I did it.  I think the quilt will end up around 80 x 92 give or take an inch or so – rough estimate.  No more borders after this – I think I will put a blue binding on it when it is done but I’m not positive – the backing is a much different kind of blue than what the stars are so I’m not sure if I would go with the dark blue for binding or the aqua.  I am linking to Em’s Scrapbag today,  MCM#60 Cooking Up Quilts and Love, Laugh, Quilt.


A little bit of hand quilting was done on the Postage Stamp quilt and this side that I show is done for the row I was working on and I moved over to the other side.


Most of this block is finished but not quite,  then I move to the next block and over to the border.  When that gets done I will have two rows left to do and a border.


We are going back to a couple chilly days now and last night I had to turn the heat back on after having windows open for 2 days – all night had windows open on Saturday – Tuesday will be our coldest day this past week with only low 40’s for highs and a cold rain – we desperately need the rain – we have not had much rain or snow this winter and we are in fire danger – surely we will get some rain soon – other parts of Arkansas have had some now and then but it keeps missing up – a quarter inch here and there is not going to do it.

Thank you to all that have been ordering Craftsy or Accuquilt through the links – I do appreciate it.

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  • Donna Feb 13, 2017

    Love your scrappy quilt! It looks so bright and cheerful! I bet you will be glad to get your sewing room back! My mom never had a sewing room and always sewed at our kitchen table! She never complained but it was always such a pain putting everything away. It is so easy just to shut the door on the mess!

    • Karen Feb 13, 2017

      it isn’t a mess and normally isn’t but I like to have my 3 roller hand quilting frame back and I can’t set that up any place but in the sewing room where there is room for it – it just takes up such a long space

  • Emily Feb 13, 2017

    The scrappy stars are wonderful! The sashing perfect!
    Emily recently posted…Moving It ForwardMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 13, 2017

      thanks Emily – I love this quilt!

  • Sandra B Feb 13, 2017

    Karen, every time I see the Scrappy Stars, with more sashing added, the more I like it! This is going to be an awesome quilt!! I am really enjoying following along on the journey!
    We had a beautiful day yesterday, here in Virginia….I think they said our high was 78 degrees…. Today it is a lot cooler, but it is a sunny day…. I heard one prediction that we may have some wintry weather on Thursday evening! We will see… Apparently the weather roller coaster continues!!

    • Karen Feb 13, 2017

      I didn’t work on the stars at all today! took a day off – more tomorrow maybe, the weather has cooled off for a couple days here too – yes winter/spring is a roller coaster!

  • Sandra B Feb 13, 2017

    Karen, my comment is saying it is awaiting moderation….it is because there was a typo in my email address….this one is showing correctly. Sorry about that!

    • Karen Feb 13, 2017

      I think they both came though ok

  • Karon Scott Feb 13, 2017

    I love the scrappy border….it makes every star shine.
    Karon Scott recently posted…Another StarMy Profile

  • Karen Feb 13, 2017

    thanks Karon!

  • maggie Feb 13, 2017

    I do like the look of the sashing – beautiful
    maggie recently posted…Moving ForwardMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 13, 2017

      thanks Maggie I’m glad I decided to do this pieced sashing.

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 13, 2017

    Postage stamps quilt is progressing and both quilts are so pretty. I wonder which one will be done first, I can’t decide which I like the best because I like both of them. Lol! It was in the 60s here today and rain Tuesday night. We sure could use some.

    • Karen Feb 13, 2017

      The star quilt will for sure be done first as the top is almost done now and I will be machine quilting this one – I don’t like to have too many tops gather up and have learned to do just so many by hand or I would never stay caught up. I do not want to be one of those quilters that leave 50 quilt tops behind when I leave this earth.

  • Thimbleanna Feb 13, 2017

    Oh wow — I love that scrappy sashing for your scrappy stars quilt — it’s perfect. Like you, i Love scrap quilts!!!
    Thimbleanna recently posted…Irish Chain on RepeatMy Profile

  • Astrid Feb 14, 2017

    Beautiful scrappies. I love scrappy quilts more and more.
    Astrid recently posted…Time to count UFO’s and WIP’sMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 14, 2017

      me too – I love all the color

  • Michelle Feb 14, 2017

    I love your use of aqua here — it adds a nice, predictable structure to all the scrappiness!

    • Karen Feb 14, 2017

      thanks Michelle – I love aqua and plenty to use and as you can see I had a lot of 2 inch scraps to use up also

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