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This star quilt is really beginning to grow and I think I will probably be concentrating on it for my machine work for the next couple weeks to get it finished up.  Right now if I continue on the path decided I need 9 more blocks to make it a good couch size quilt.  Each block is 12 inches square – so with the seam allowance – 11.5 inches.   I think two more blocks to finish the row on the end and then one more row of 7 on the side.  I am thinking of a sashing in between the blocks and then a wider sashing around the quilt to frame it.


I have used about 6 different shades of aqua right now for the star points – this is one I did yesterday – 3 blocks of them.  Besides numerous shades of aqua there are also different shades of white background used – a very scrappy quilt. I’m linking to My Quilt Infatuation.


Another 2 of this one.


I have these 3 left and enough cut from the previous colors to do two more I think.  This should finish off the 9 blocks needed ok.


The lower 2 fabrics are used a lot in the quilt and they would be the sashing and border.  Slightly blurry – sorry.  I like that darker blue batik but feel it is too different than the rest of the “blue” in the quilt to use for sashing.    It doesn’t have to have sashing of course so not sure at this point – maybe a row of the scrappy tiny patches would look good for sashing instead – just a thought – might put a string together to look – if I do I will take a photo of it.


There are some new sale events going on at Craftsy – if you are not interested in these sales please do not feel like you have to read any further – I am posting this for those of you that are interested – I know some of you are not and never want my readers to feel like they are being pressured to buy anything – this is just for those that are interested!  Thanks for your purchases if you do purchase from my links.

Thursday Valentine’s Day Class Event from Craftsy
One day only! 14 classes for under $14, for your sweetest early Valentine’s Day yet.

(February 2nd from morning to midnight. this is not all classes but 14 classes under $14)

Also there is a new cooking class on sale today called “Essentials of Mexican Cooking” at 33% off and a Knitting class called “Machine Knitting Sweater Basics” 33% off of that one too.  I don’t know if any of you are interested in those kinds of classes but thought I would mention it as the promo email I got mentioned those two classes specifically.  Do you all take cooking classes or knitting classes?  I have tried several knitting classes and really need to get my act together and finish them!!

The newest quilt kit that I see that is very colorful and nice looking  this couch size quilt that is called “Split Rail Rainbow” for $56 it is 63” x 76” and has about 5.75 yards of fabric and the pattern.


Craftsy is continuing the Daily Buzz for Quilters – check in daily for special deals and helpful hints.

(I am compensated for any purchases made through my links.)

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  • Ruth Feb 2, 2017

    What a pretty quilt! I might need to make one of these. Soon.
    Ruth recently posted…How I make my blocksMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 2, 2017

      thanks Ruth, it really goes pretty smoothly

  • Deb Feb 2, 2017

    These look wonderful and so bright and cheery against the winter doldrums 🙂
    Deb recently posted…February / One Monthly Goal : Flower Basket MedallionMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 2, 2017

      I always like star quilts for some reason

  • Sandra B Feb 2, 2017

    Love how your star blocks are growing, Karen! You know scrappy quilts are my favorites…. I always mix up my backgrounds too…just adds so much interest and even more scrappiness!! I also like how you have used different fabrics, but all the same color, for the star points…really pulls everything together…this is going to be a great quilt!!

    • Karen Feb 2, 2017

      thanks Sandra I have so many scraps and small pieces of yardage that need to be used up – more of these kinds of quilts to be made!

  • Wanda Feb 2, 2017

    I make my couch quilts 60″ wide and anywhere from 72-90″ long. A couch is a lot narrower than a bed so do you really need another row in width? I know your personal preference may be different than mine.

    • Karen Feb 2, 2017

      I always like to make a little wider I guess – I do not pay close attention to my dryer settings – I just forget about it when i toss them in and they always shrink a bit – also I have so many pieces in my scrap box of the 2 inch squares that I would like to see more of them used. I guess when I say “couch quilt” it is just a term to me – but could end up on a twin size bed also but not fit it exactly.

  • Charlotte Feb 2, 2017

    Karen, this star is one of my favorites to make and I like the scrappy center blocks. I used strings for a center in a quilt I made. I have just ordered 1930s six inch strips and baby yarn from Craftsy. I hope I used the link to your blog. ?? Charlotte

    • Karen Feb 2, 2017

      I just checked my Craftsy’s account Charlotte and yes you did it correctly and the commission is on my account – thank you very much for using it. I love star quilts I think one of my upcoming scrappy quilts should be strings as I have at least two boxes of them if not more!! thanks for stopping and hope all is well on the farm!

  • The Joyful Quilter Feb 2, 2017

    That aqua really tamed those scraps!! You’ve got a FABULOUS quilt in the works.

    • Karen Feb 2, 2017

      thanks! I love any shade of aqua – I do believe it is one of my favorite colors

  • Belarmina Feb 2, 2017

    Karen se ve claro y luminoso tu edredón estrellas

    • Karen Feb 2, 2017

      thanks Belarmina I had thought to give this star quilt away but I am loving it too much and will probably keep this one and give away a different one to the charity quilts this spring

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 2, 2017

    The different aqua fabrics are so pretty and I also love the different backgrounds. I like your idea of the little patches for the sashing, l think it would tie in with the squares in the stars and really make them shine.

    • Karen Feb 3, 2017

      just an idea for now, will think on it for sure

  • Béatrice Feb 2, 2017

    Exactly what I love, pattern, colours & scraps . Beautiful blocks.
    Béatrice recently posted…Log Cabin QAL, première étapeMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 3, 2017

      I think there are a lot of us that make scrap quilts

  • audrey Feb 3, 2017

    What a great way to incorporate those scraps!

    • Karen Feb 3, 2017

      the scraps must be used!!

  • Kate Feb 3, 2017

    The star blocks are looking great. A very pretty scrappy quilt.
    Kate recently posted…February One Monthly Goal: The March of Graduation Quilts ContinuesMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 4, 2017


  • Nanette Feb 4, 2017

    Love this pattern and quilt!
    Nanette recently posted…17 in 2017 List and CompletionsMy Profile

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