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Yesterday I got my living room sewing area all set up for the next several days (or through the weekend) with the iron board sitting behind the sewing table and got started with the machine quilting of Scrappy Stars.  I hate having everything sit out in the living room like this but I just do not want to put it all away every day – if it looks like there will be a day here or there where I will not be working on it I will clear it up but otherwise it will sit until I am done.

After I got started I wished I had chosen to do slightly wavy lines instead of straight but I already had gone to far to rip anything out – so uneven straight lines it is.  I am not using a ruler to mark lines – I am just sewing – they are not all even but close to the same width apart.  I have seen it like this on others and this quilt is a scrappy fun quilt – not an award winner.


I finished one row of stars in length – I could have gotten more done yesterday – I just kept getting distracted with things and didn’t concentrate – hopefully this will not take a whole week – but one can never tell!  The lines might not be perfect but I always remind myself I wash and dry my quilts and like the antique crinkly look that a little shrinkage gives – shrinkage also helps to hide imperfections.  So what looks noticeable now probably won’t later!!


The back.


More hexies are basted and I have enough to do one more hexie set and got more of the background pieces done too for Handful of Scraps.


A little hand quilting done on the Postage Stamp – I would have been done with this one by now if it was still set up in the sewing room on the big frame!


It is Melanie’s birthday today and she will be over for awhile in the late afternoon for birthday cheesecake – a chocolate one – a cupcake was done up for Aniya as I have no idea if she will like cheesecake.  Not all little kids do.  So yes I will be distracted again today for awhile and won’t get much sewing done!

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  • Deb Feb 23, 2017

    The lines look fine to me!!
    Deb recently posted…Wrestling: Kids, Pups & QuiltsMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 23, 2017

      great, I hope when I get done they don’t look terribly uneven – but just “planned that way”

  • Barbara Feb 23, 2017

    My hat’s off to you for quilting the star quilt on the sewing machine. I haven’t tried that, I worry that it will be too heavy and cumbersome. Yours is looking great. It’s my daughter’s birthday today too and she asked for the family favorite chocolate cheese cake!

    • Karen Feb 23, 2017

      Happy birthday to your daughter too Barbara! Mine is 44 today – the years just fly by it seems like just yesterday. Chocolate Cheesecake is great!! Odd that they like the same thing and have the same birthday. I have done a couple quilts this size now on the sewing machine the middle is the hardest but as you get to the outer edges it is easier – doing straight or curvy lines is manageable but I don’t know if I would be able to do free motion – I guess I need to try some time but I like the look of the straight lines anyhow.

  • maxine lesline Feb 23, 2017

    These straight lines of quilting are just right for this scrappy happy quilt… just having it laying around… folded or over the back of furniture would create a cheerful look.

    • Karen Feb 23, 2017

      I too think straight line quilting is nice on scrap quilts – really for any kind of quilt but an heirloom style I would still want to hand quilt. And there are just some quilts I just know I want to hand quilt when I start them. The postage quilt could have been this way but I knew I would have trouble with the borders if I machine quilted as I wanted a little more than straight lines on them and wasn’t sure if I could do it neat enough

  • Barbara Feb 23, 2017

    Those lines aren’t crooked. They are organic! I love the look.
    Barbara recently posted…This Week in the Sewing RoomMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 23, 2017

      well that’s great – so is that what “organic” means 🙂

  • Nanette Feb 23, 2017

    Looking good on the Stars! You will get back to your sewing room – although it probably seems like eons since you had your space!

    Yes those little interruptions – like a hard drive crashing – a delivery that has to be returned – then there is that darn house work!!! Hoping now that it will be quite here for the next week or so. Hope your birthday girl enjoys that cheese cake!
    Nanette recently posted…Am I Nuts?My Profile

    • Karen Feb 23, 2017

      I doubt I will have my sewing room back for a couple months – will just have to make due in the meantime. Yes the cheesecake was enjoyed – I got a cupcake for Aniya as Melanie had told me she didn’t think she would like it – good thing I did – she devoured the cupcake and turned her nose up at cheesecake – 5 year olds what do they know LOL.

  • Belarmina Feb 23, 2017

    Karen tus acolchados van a toda maquina !!!
    esta expresión la utilizamos en Españ cuando las cosas van muy rápido
    Feliz cumpleaños a tu hija
    el mio es fue el día 22
    mi tarta fue choclate blanco y queso cubierta de confitura de frambuesa

    • Karen Feb 23, 2017

      your cake sounds wonderful! happy birthday.

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 23, 2017

    Your quilting looks straight to me, I really like the way it looks. It sure is faster than hand quilting isn’t it? Happy Birthday to Melanie. My baby will be 45 this year on his Dad’s birthday, how time flies. It was a hot day today, close to ninety.

    • Karen Feb 23, 2017

      yes it goes faster by machine for sure – but I still love the look of hand quilting. it hit 77 today – weekend back to chilly! Thanks on the quilt – it is ok with me for it not to be perfect!

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