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Handful of Scraps, Retro Air Ship Propeller’s

I will take a couple days away from the Scrappy Stars as I said — I will  be machine quilting it and in the meantime I need to decide on what color thread – I do not have much as mostly I have small spools but I have begun to gather up a small collection of cones and that is what I use for the machine quilting.  Now to decide – the light blue or the gray?  I will decide over the next couple days.  I will also look over the smaller spools that I have and see if it is possibly that I have enough of any of them – doubtful!  I have found the best thread that works for my Juki is the Presencia #60 – I know there are other threads out there and a lot like Aurifil, but when I got my machine from another quilter she told me that for some reason it seemed to work the best with Presencia 60 weight and I tried some others to see how they were and almost always had trouble immediately with the tension – I am not good with tension!!  I went back to Presencia and never have trouble – I think I will stick with it.  I don’t like tension issues LOL – I need to get more colors though – the white is for piecing and the blue and gray are new – the light lavender was used on two other quilts.  The cones really last a long time.  I have smaller spools of black and beige.


Yesterday was a particularly lazy sewing day – we had not been home for a good part of the day as Mike was off and we had things to do – getting home in the middle of the afternoon didn’t give me time to really sit and sew – I did get this part of a hexie done though for the Handful of Scraps.


A little bit of basting was done on Thursday so I have one more about ready to work on.


I got the project box out for the Retro Air Ship Propeller blocks to take a look – I think I might try to work on one or two of these this weekend.  They have been neglected – more scraps to use up but I have to use larger pieces for these – I look through the fat quarters and almost fat quarters.  I’m linking to Tweety Loves Quilting today.


A new Craftsy fabric in the Boundless line is out – have you seen this quilt kit that uses the Boundless Flower Shop fabric – this kit is called “Mirage” by Janice Ryan.  The kit is $98.15 it makes a quilt 64 x80 inches and has 11 yards of fabric in it.  The link will take you to the kit where you can click on more photos to see the fabric up close – pretty!


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  • Kathi Feb 18, 2017

    Good luck making your thread decision… I like the grey and the blue 🙂
    I look forward to seeing your scrappy stars getting quilted and glad I am back to spending time at your blog… maybe eventually I will get to others as well… maybe slow stitching sunday links will help with that! lol
    Enjoy your propellor blocks… I saw one not long ago that was done and very cute when finished… I look forward to seeing how yours finishes too!
    I machine quilt with Aurifil 28 wt on top and 50 wt in the bobbin with no problems.. but I understand if your Juki likes a 60 wt Precensia brand thread at least you know this now and can buy in volume… please show again when you get to quilting how you keep the cone happy on your machine… I would like to try aurifil in a couple colors.. have heard of different ways to do it but none that I cared for or had to buy for!
    I am waiting to have the $$ and Craftsy to have a future sale for a rotating cutting mat that they sell… I will of course go through your link to buy this item when I do… may be in a couple months though. Thanks for remaining a Craftsy rep too!!!
    Have a fun and productive weekend friend 🙂 Kathi
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  • Marianne Feb 18, 2017

    All of the colors look good to me! I guess it will depend on the back of your quilt? I agree – use the thread that your machine “likes” so you don’t have to fiddle with tension. I tend to use gray a lot and my Elna likes Aurifil while my old Viking liked Mettler. I’m using up the Mettler gradually here and there – it is heavier weight so stands out more when machine quilting. It also requires a lot of tension fiddling with the Elna so I may just give it to a friend.

    • Karen Feb 18, 2017

      I guess a lot of people find that their machine works better with a particular brand of thread. I have a dark blue backing so I might be sticking with the blue thread I think – I don’t mind it showing up on the back of the quilt – if there are ever any thread nest (which I never seem to get) I fix it as I don’t like a mess on the back of the quilt.

  • maxine lesline Feb 18, 2017

    The Craftsy quilt kit certainly is intriguing… the fabric line will have a wide appeal. Sometimes taking a break from the projects helps to keep from burn – out… or at least boredom. i do admire the neat way you store your pieces..

    • Karen Feb 18, 2017

      yes I thought that kit was very pretty and wanted to share. I try to keep all projects organized so I can just pick up and get started when the desire to work on them hits – each has it’s own box

  • Alida Feb 18, 2017

    Picking the thread color is always quite a challenge for me… then actually whichever color I pick is always fine, so I guess that’s not making a big difference for me after all!! 🙂 I think the light blue is pretty nice! Thanks for sharing your inspiring projects!!!

    • Karen Feb 18, 2017

      I like the blue too – I wish now that I had found a quilt backing in a lighter shade of blue then this darker one – but when you find a wide back on sale I don’t know about you but I normally grab it – either the light blue or the light gray will show up on the back probably more than the front but I do believe I will be able to live with it.

  • Ruth Feb 18, 2017

    I like that Craftsy quilt, but I’d prefer to work off my stash. I’ll have to see if the pattern alone is available.

    Can’t wait to see the Scrappy Stars all finished.
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    • Karen Feb 18, 2017

      I love the quilt too and like you I am trying to use my stash. I did a search to see if just the pattern was available but do not see it listed,

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 18, 2017

    I, too like the blue thread, it’s such a pretty color. I use the same containers like yours. They really help to keep my projects organized. Your hexie quilt is going to be so pretty, it won’t be long before it’s done!

    • Karen Feb 18, 2017

      I love these project boxes and have been using them for years – they store really well and in the camper too — I like the blue thread too and believe it is the one I will be using. I hope to get the quilt pin basted on Monday or Tuesday

  • Nanette Feb 18, 2017

    My Husqvarna’s like Aurifil along with my HQ 16 – 50 wt. Each machine whatever the make likes one type of thread. I THINK I like the blue. On my HQ if I match the thread with the fabric it makes it difficult for me to see where I am going. May be a “just me” problem. Enjoy your week-end. I know that you Scrappy Stars will be beautiful!

    • Karen Feb 18, 2017

      yes it is weird how the machine likes a particular kind of thread – one of my readers has the same machine as I do and she uses a completely different kind and uses several different ones – of course she is much more experienced with a machine then I – up to about 4 years ago I did almost all of my work by hand!

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