What a Spring Day!

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Yes Spring – a high of 74 degrees!!! the first daffodil was open and more will be open today.  It was a short sleeve T-shirt and capri kind of day!! I spent so much time in the yard and porch but even so I got some sewing done.  So many leafs from fall did not get taken care of in the fall – this always happens some of the trees are so late in loosing them that I just do not get around to the whole yard until spring.  I planted the little live Xmas tree last month outside and collected up a wheelbarrow full of pine needles to use a mulch yesterday to pile up around it and pull all of the leafs out of this area so the bulbs can get some much needed sunlight.  The tree is little and will not be a really large tree (if it doesn’t die on me) and it looks a little closer to the workshop then it is – there is room for it there and close enough to the house that maybe one day I can actually put Xmas lights on it?


And yes there is the first open daffodil – real spring will not be far behind now – we always know it will be up and down weather from here on out for the next two months but more warm days then cold for sure.   More days in the 70’s in the forecast.


And because I had to spend some time on the porch with my feet up listening to the birds I brought the small applique block from Midnight Garden outside to work on.  The flower on the top is left to do and all the green.


Breaks inside of course were a must as yard work can really tire me out when I am not used to it so  a lot of times I will do it in spells of 30 minutes or so and then go do something else.  One scrappy patchwork sashing made and attached at the top of the Scrappy Stars – I had meant to get more work done on this one yesterday but the outside called to me – well actually Mike called! the truck was falling apart once again – well not falling apart – I exaggerate – our truck is 10 years old the last several years – several times a year – it seems almost like clock work Mike will be driving it and he can tell something is wrong  – sometimes he can get it to the shop and sometimes has to call for a tow – and then I am called to come get him so he can get to work – and that is what happened yesterday and I never got back to the quilt.  Linking to Sew Fresh Quilts today and Jo’s Country Junction and Quilt fabrication: Mid week Makers and My Quilt Infatuation.


The Hot Pad was finished as well.  I decided to see if I could machine sew the binding on a small project before I tackle a larger one.  Over all most of it went ok, but one side wasn’t as neat as the rest.  I just wasn’t watching closely to what I was doing.  I had laundry going so I tossed it in and it washed up nice and soft I did get a hot dish out of the microwave later and didn’t feel the heat through it so I think it is safe to use.


I do not know how I let myself get over so far on this part of the yellow binding I was sewing on the top looking at it!!  LOL


But I was satisfied for something like a hot pad but definitely more practice is needed before I try it on a quilt.


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  • Donna Feb 8, 2017

    I have been trying my hand at machine binding too! I only want to do doll quilts and small items but it does take practice! I think your potholder looks good!

    • Karen Feb 8, 2017

      I will keep practicing on small things first I would like to get better at it – I know as the arthritis gets worse in my hands as I age I will need to turn more and more to my machine

  • Marianne Feb 8, 2017

    I’ve been machine binding a lot of my quilts, especially the ones that are going to Parkinsons people who have to wash them frequently. Your pot holder looks just fine. A friend of mine has figured out how to stitch a little loop at the end for hanging, but I can’t seem to master that.

    I’m envious of your spring but in another month, we hope to be dipping our toes into Mobile Bay and maybe wearing t shirts and, for me, capris and sandals. We can hope! That daffodil sure looks inviting – my Christmas cactus just started blooming!

    • Karen Feb 8, 2017

      it might be hot by time you get to Mobile Bay and be summer at this rate! I’m sure you will enjoy it – this is becoming a yearly adventure for you? I will keep practicing the machine binding as I would like to use it on the donation quilts and save my fingers for special quilts

  • Deb Feb 8, 2017

    The first daffodils are always a thrill. We had fairly warm weather the last two days : 55 and 60 but only one was without rain.
    Deb recently posted…Chocolate, Love Story & The American DreamMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 8, 2017

      of course with warm weather comes the bugs and I imagine I will be complaining of mosquitoes and chiggers before you know it and all the other little bugs of the south

  • JoAnna Feb 8, 2017

    I use Susie’s magic binding on some of my quilts – makes a pretty flange and is totally done by machine. There is a tutorial at 52 quilts in 52 weeks blog if you would like to see it. I love your stars! That turquoise/green is my favorite color. I’m amazed at how much you get done!

    • Karen Feb 8, 2017

      I have not hear of Susie’s magic binding – I will do a search for the tutorial you mention – thanks for stopping by – this aqua color is a favorite of mine

  • Ruth Feb 8, 2017

    We’re going up to 56 deg today, and tomorrow, we’re expecting 3-5″ of snow. Ah, New Jersey in Feb.

    Did you use a pattern for the scrappy stars? I think I need to make this one.
    Ruth recently posted…My favorite one so farMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 8, 2017

      no I didn’t use a pattern for the stars but I’m sure there is one out there! I use (because I have a box of them) 2 inch squares for the patchwork, then I figured out what I would need for the half square triangles and the squares in the corners – then I realized when looking through my accuquilt dies that I had the ones I needed for the squares and hst’s so I was lucky and it saves my cutting time!

  • Laura Feb 8, 2017

    I came here for the quilts, but thanks so much for the daffodil pic! You made my day. They are my favorite flower, and none of mine are in bloom yet.

    • Karen Feb 8, 2017

      you will find I normally post more than quilts but all about my day. So glad you stopped by and saw the daffodil! they made my day and I know I will have more open today there were a lot of them that looked ready to pop.

  • Gail Feb 8, 2017

    No signs of spring here yet. I love it when the daffodils bloom! I love your purple coneflower block. I have lots of those flowers in my garden.
    Gail recently posted…Elgin Piecemakers Sewing DayMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 8, 2017

      I do too – I love purple coneflowers – I will love it when they bloom too

  • Susan Feb 8, 2017

    The Midnight Garden block is coming along nicely! And love your scrappy stars – thanks for sharing some of your spring at Midweek Makers

    • Karen Feb 8, 2017

      thanks! applique with wool is a whole different experience then needle turn for sure – I do like it –

  • Cathy Feb 8, 2017

    I love Spring! It always makes me want to play hooky from work and go for hikes and camping. This year we haven’t had much of a Winter, only two cold days by my count, but the 88-degree weather yesterday told me we’re about done with it already. Love the peek into your garden. That daffodil is so pretty!
    Cathy recently posted…First Week of February!My Profile

    • Karen Feb 8, 2017

      I have missed camping, we haven’t gone in over a year – this year hubby is working a contract job so I have a feeling we won’t be this year either

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 8, 2017

    Your Midnight Garden quilt is so pretty. You’re doing a great job on that block. Love the picture of your daffodil. I always enjoy pictures of your yard and flowers. My daffodils are about to open too. Beautiful warm spring day here too. I watered some flower beds and continued my clean up of some of my perennials. Love that cute potholder.

    • Karen Feb 9, 2017

      I have not had to water anything but the little tree I planted – cleaning out all those flower beds though will take some time! On one I need to redo the stone border and dig a few plants out and spread them out a little – way to crowded.

  • Nicole Feb 8, 2017

    The scrappy stars look awesome!

    • Karen Feb 9, 2017

      thanks Nicole – little by little it will get done!

  • Nanette Feb 9, 2017

    Darn if problems would just go away, the phone would not ring unless it is a “fun” call, and we could have 5 JUST 5 days of straight quilting without interruptions.

    Hummm guess this is why some smart quilter came up with Retreats…..
    Nanette recently posted…17 in 2017 List and CompletionsMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 9, 2017

      well at least it wasn’t a real bad problem with the truck and it is back home today

  • Diann Bottrell Feb 9, 2017

    Love the scrappy squares you’re using for the sashing on your star quilt! I have to admire your signs of spring from afar – although we’re having warm days in Colorado right now, the daffodils won’t bloom until April. I do look forward to seeing my crocuses in March, though!
    Diann Bottrell recently posted…I like Thursday #17 – the Sing Along EditionMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 9, 2017

      we do get a lot of nice days – but today was darn right chilly again!

  • Sandy R. Feb 10, 2017

    I love your daffodil, I can almost smell the scent of it…one of my favorite flowers. We got between 4 and 5″ of snow on Wednesday and it was really cold. Today it is supposed to be a high of 61!!! And for the next week temps are going to be in the 40’s and 50’s. If that keeps up my daff’s will be coming up and it will be too early.. I really like your scrappy stars, that will make a lovely quilt…I really need to start using my scraps on something too…have a great day!!
    Sandy R. recently posted…The Four Great Grands and MeMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 10, 2017

      our daffodils always come up early with no harm to them – they are an early variety but once these come up all the others start one after another too – cold weather doesn’t seem to bother the bulb plants all that much – I have iris’s and tiger lilies coming up also and the crocuses too

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