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You make scrappy quilts! I think everything I am making now is coming from the scrap bins or fat quarters.  Anything smaller than a fat quarter I call a scrap – some of you might not but I do.  What do you call a scrap?

Tuesday night I worked more on hand quilting and can now say that the 6th of 8 rows of the Postage Stamp quilt is finished – I laid it out on the floor to try to take a photo of what is left to do.  Looking at it from the side the border and the two rows above it need to be quilted.


I will continue here in the middle and work my way out to one of the sides when I pick it up again.


This hexie for Handful of Scraps is now thread basted and ready to work on.


The final row of Scrappy Stars is made but not attached – I had a killer headache yesterday and it bothered me all day – the blocks got sewed and then put aside – I hope the headache is gone today and won’t come back – rarely do I have a headache last all day like the one from yesterday did.  I have 3 long sashing’s to make.   A question:   I have had several readers ask if I was making the same sashing for the sides – my thought was of coursewhy was it questioned?  When you make a pieced sashing do you not attach long rows of pieced sashing to the areas between the rows, the top, bottom and sides?   Do I do it differently then some of you?


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  • Marianne Feb 16, 2017

    Sometimes I make the borders differently than the interior sashing, and sometimes I don’t. Just depends on how it looks or how I feel or … I think the scrappy look for your quilt should continue to the exterior borders for unity with that particular design. It unifies it somehow. Love it!

    • Karen Feb 16, 2017

      yes I like unity in a quilt and think the border to the sides is a must

  • Ramona Feb 16, 2017

    I have made quilts with sashing and not put it on the outer edges, but have done something different as borders. Is this what they mean? Your Postage Stamp quilting is really coming along!
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    • Karen Feb 16, 2017

      I think it was thought that I wasn’t putting a border on the sides for some reason – I am just waiting to put the side borders on last

  • Lorraine bujnowski Feb 16, 2017

    I am loving your scrappy stars quilt. I love working with my scraps and every time I see your quilt I feel I should do one as well. I just love how the turquoise enhances those stars!

    • Karen Feb 16, 2017

      thanks – I don’t have a pattern for the stars but if you start with the patchwork in the center I think most can figure it out – I used 2 inch squares in the center of each star

  • Ruth Feb 16, 2017

    I have scraps of scraps. I can’t ever get the stash down. It doesn’t help that I get tempted to buy more fabric. I might open a shop. Do you want any of my scraps? I’d be happy to send you some.
    Ruth recently posted…More, more, moreMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 16, 2017

      LOL – no I don’t want your scraps I have enough of my own LOL – I bet if you put that statement on your blog though you would get some offers 🙂

  • Teri Dingler Feb 16, 2017

    My scraps consist of all the fabric I have left over from other quilt projects that I didn’t use or cut from and then cut down to the “scrap bin” in workable sizes- 5″, 2 1/2″, etc. just whatever I can get out of what is left. Sometimes different sizes out of one piece! A scrappy quilt for sure!
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    • Karen Feb 16, 2017

      that is where most of my scraps originally came from – then I started to get 5 inch charm packs as well because they were so pretty LOL and some people gave me their scraps when I belonged to quilt groups – without asking if I wanted them! they would just hand me a ziplock bag before they left and took off not giving me a chance to decline LOL – now I of course have way more than I need and still need to organize some of the scrap boxes to usable pieces

  • Melanie Feb 16, 2017

    Just popped in while our server is down. Completely love this. A bright spot on a winter’s day.

    • Karen Feb 16, 2017

      thanks!! I need to try to finish this quilt today – the weather is going to start getting nice again after today and I know I will be spending more time outside again

  • JoAnna Feb 16, 2017

    Hi Karen, I love your postage stamp quilt! I’m not sure what the reader meant but I was taught to put side borders on first so maybe she thought you were only doing top & bottom borders? In this quilt it wouldn’t matter as the borders are pieced. On another note – I love your Dear Jane’s and have read your tutorial – which is great – did you use the book to print your copies or do you have the CD? Thanks

    • Karen Feb 16, 2017

      the comments were made when I was putting the sashing at the top of each row as I was putting the rows together. Concerning the Dear Jane quilt I only had the book and the rulers no CD – I printed copies onto freezer paper and used those as my templates I hand pieced both dear Jane quilts with a bit of applique and reverse applique as well.

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 16, 2017

    I like all sizes of scraps, and I used to buy some scrap bags from the Fat Quarter Shop when they were selling them. They were really good, a 12 pound box full of at least fat quarter size scraps if not bigger. I needed the variety of scraps for my hexies. The question about the sashing, I do what you do, so I don’ know what the reader meant by it. Hope your headache is gone.

    • Karen Feb 16, 2017

      sounds like a good lot of scraps stuffed in a box! yes headache is gone – sinus issues.

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