Winter? Don’t Think So

Handful of Scraps, Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Retro Air Ship Propeller’s

What happened to winter? it is near 70 here again – I spent about an hour yesterday raking up leaves out of the flower beds – I still have 3 more beds to clear and I really have to think about getting some tall fencing wire to string around my raised beds this year – the deer went crazy last year and destroyed my green beans and sweet potatoes.  I better get that done before it is time to plant the garden seeing as we will be home again this year and not traveling as Mike’s contract job will go into next year.

I did get time in for a little bit of sewing and will be finishing up a hexie for Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy.  This one finished – one of 8 needed to finish up the main part of Handful of Scraps.  Also linking to Quilting is More Fun than Housework.


And this one needs to be finished, I thought I had it all thread basted as it was all stacked to fool me and then realized the ones on the bottom of the pile were not basted.


One Retro Air Ship Propeller block cut out and waiting for the machine – I’m not sure if I am happy with the fussy cut circle in the middle and might trade it out for another and save this one for another one – even though the colors do not have to match up or go together – this is scrappy after all, I just do not think I like it with this one.


Anyone remember this pattern that I got in a kit last year – flannel – well I have it out and will hopefully start it next week or the week after – I think it is about time – it might be closer to two years since I got it actually.


My computer seems to be on its last legs and it is time to get a new lap top – the fan is constantly going (well almost) and it is running hot – I have been unplugging it and shutting it off after writing my blog post or when I need to use it and using the Ipad mostly.  I’m not sure when I got this one – maybe 4 years ago? Doesn’t seem like a long enough time.

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  • Marianne Feb 19, 2017

    It was 56 degrees and sunny here yesterday – we have about two feet of snow on the ground, and was it ever melting! A nice break for us.

    Yes, do turn your computer off if it’s getting hot. I saw something on the TV news where a computer caught on fire and burned the couch it was sitting on. I guess it and many others have the same type of lithium battery as the phones that have been banned from airplanes.

    • Karen Feb 19, 2017

      I don’t think this is a battery issue as it is an older computer than those that have been having a problem but yes I am shutting it off and unplugging it when I am not using it. glad to hear your snow is beginning to melt.

  • Deb Feb 19, 2017

    64 degrees here yesterday / crazy!

    Yes I remember that flannel 🙂 Pretty hexie with the purple and orange and I like the airship with or without that circle or a different one. Enjoy stitching today! 🙂 I took an early morning walk with just a light jacket ; around 48 degrees early a.m.
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    • Karen Feb 19, 2017

      I think early spring is on it’s way unless it is going to be drastically different for March

  • Ruth Feb 19, 2017

    DD in Minneapolis reported 70(!) yesterday, and we’re supposed to go up to 62, which isn’t totally crazy for metro NJ, but still a bit high. I’m torn between worrying about global warming or just enjoying the weather.
    Ruth recently posted…And the blocks go onMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 19, 2017

      We have not had a February like this in Arkansas for some time – warm days yes but not the majority of the month – I do wonder what March will bring – well cooler weather come back?snow in March is something we have almost every year for some reason

  • maxine lesline Feb 19, 2017

    Palm trees coming soon to Nebraska? Anyway scientists agree on global warming… and here in Wichita is has been high 70’s… and 40’s for lows. Computer failures are crisis time ! I know so little about tweeking them that if something on my Lenovo moves to a different spot I am afraid to correct it. And , like most of us, having a functioning computer is essential now in my daily life.

    • Karen Feb 19, 2017

      Yes it seems like we all need our own computer! I have an Ipad and an IPhone – but I still need my computer!

  • Quilter Kathy Feb 19, 2017

    Have fun with your hexies today… the perfect slow stitching project!
    Quilter Kathy recently posted…Slow Sunday StitchingMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 19, 2017

      Hexies are the perfect thing for a slow sunday

  • Paula Feb 19, 2017

    Regarding the laptop fan, you might try opening up the shell and see if you can blow out any dust. Also, the fan can probably be replaced. It’s much cheaper, and less hassle that a new machine. I hate getting used to new computers.

    • Karen Feb 19, 2017

      I have never tried opening up a computer – I would probably make it so it couldn’t be put back together again LOL – I don’t mind getting a new machine this one was very inexpensive and at 4 years old or so it is already out of date and I have been having other problems with it over the last six months as well – thanks for the idea though as DD might want the computer and I will suggest that they try cleaning the fan if they decide to take the computer

  • Marly Feb 19, 2017

    Lovely hexies. Do you know yet how you’re going to put them all together?

    • Karen Feb 19, 2017

      I am using the pattern from Edyita Sitar’s book “Handful of Scraps” I will show a photo of it again tomorrow – I am not making her border though or it would take me another year of work – way too much applique

  • Karen Feb 19, 2017

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news…but, I don’t think one could build a fence high enough to keep out the deer. I struggle with this issue in my ND house. I’ve seen them reach high into our apple trees standing on their hind legs with their front legs on the trunk. They’ve destroyed all my tulips which now don’t come back and have even eaten the day lilies which the Gurney’s catalogue says are deer resistant. I guess the deer missed reading that page. But what does seem to work for us is a strand of electric fence. Occasionally, it will be knocked down but it seems to be getting less each year…they must be learning to stay away. I really like how you are able to post something most every day and take time for a little sewing every day.

    • Karen Feb 19, 2017

      I just have small raised beds – I can put a short fence up and make a curve over the top and it will keep them out – I don’t have big areas.
      Yes I take time to sew almost every day – right now this week I am doing outside work again too – but I can always do that for just so long before I need a long break – near 70 again all week!!

  • Kathi Feb 19, 2017

    Loving all your quilty progress… and your new flannel quilt plan sounds enticing… sorry you are having computer issues… I got a Dell as my latest computer purchase for the same reason you are needing a replacement and haven’t been disappointed 🙂 I got a manufacturer refurbished one from eBay with a 1 year warranty ! so happy to have that time to get settled in with my new purchase too… I know your hubby is your computer specialist though… maybe he has plans for what you should get as a replacement… either way… good luck and happy sunday stitching and raking!! 🙂 Kathi
    Kathi recently posted……And after this unplanned 3 month blogging hiatus…My Profile

    • Karen Feb 19, 2017

      Mike is already on it and is getting something – I don’t care what it is – just as long as it is small and fits on the sewing table ok – I prefer a small computer and I really don’t care what kind 🙂 I do believe I well be set up before the end of the week with a new one. Taking a break from outside – the yard is getting cleaned up and things growing all over the place – roses & hydrangea’s, clematis all have leafs coming on – all the bulbs are pushing up out of the ground and you can see the yellow of the daffodils all over the place

  • Belarmina Feb 19, 2017

    Karen bonitos bloques !!
    el edredón que piensas comenzar me gusta

    • Karen Feb 19, 2017

      thanks! I might start next week I hope

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 19, 2017

    Love the colors of the airship block, also the two hexies. It was a beautiful day in the 80s today again. I took a break from the yard work today since it was Sunday. Hope you get a good computer soon. Enjoy your slow stitching Sunday.

    • Karen Feb 19, 2017

      Computer is ordered and hope it will all be set up by the end of the week. It only LOL – got up to 72 here and I did spend most of the afternoon outside working on the yard – the morning was spent sewing.

  • Vicki Feb 20, 2017

    Nothing would make me happier than an early Spring!

    • Karen Feb 20, 2017

      as long as we do not get a really cold spell and damage things that are budding now

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