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Yesterday I didn’t touch the Star Quilt – I decided to finish the wool applique block instead and it is except for the embroidery embellishing that will take place when I get ready to put all the blocks together.  Seeing as I have just started this wall hanging it will be awhile before all nine blocks are finished and ready to put together!

So here is the first Midnight Garden block done other than embroidery!


My stitching isn’t perfect but hopefully I can improve that as I go along – I mainly used wool thread which is harder to use then regular embroidery thread or perle cotton.  I did use Thread Heaven to coat the strands and that did help but you have to be careful or your thread can break – gently as you pull through the fabric.  I do not plan on washing this wall hanging so if there is any fraying of wool it should be ok.  I will use tape to mark quilt lines if needed or I might just do a free style hand quilting on it – right now I was thinking diagonal lines but that is a way off so plans can change.


The dotted lines show you were the embroidery embellishing should be.  I think I will do the parts by the center of the coneflowers though before I set it aside and then do the tendrils when I put the blocks together as they are meant to overlap the blocks and create more of a joining if you know what I mean.  Linking to Esther’s Blog today.


As this photo shows – the pattern is by Deborah Kemball.  I’m not sure which block I will do next and just noticed those tiny orange flowers are on every single block!! darn it those were a pain to do.  Which block should I plan to do next?


I did get Handful of Scraps out to see what the next step was and could I start stitching anything before I made the final 8 hexie flowers – I need a row of neutrals all the way around – well that is except for the hexies on the top and bottom and both sides – you leave one side with none.  I have to cut and make more hexies though – I have no where near the variety that I need but I was able to get started and put about ten on total and took this photo right after I got started.  At the very upper left you can see what I mean with the neutrals outlining the pieces.


This is all I had left to work with.


Mike surprised me on Monday night with an early Valentine present – he is working late tonight – I really wasn’t expecting anything as he had gotten a nice jar of dark chocolates for me when I got home from my sister’s and I thought that was an early Valentine present!  Pretty dark red roses with some lilies to be opening any day.


In the bag – a supply of dark chocolate to last me a half of a year!!  Really I do not sit and stuff it in my face – I allow myself 2 or 3 pieces a day as “they” say dark chocolate is good for you in moderation LOL – so I treat it like a medical thing –and  if you believe that I have another story for you LOL


As I mentioned yesterday my web server has been having a bit of problems and we have learned they are doing “work on it” which means over the last month there are times when the blog doesn’t show up – if you have experienced that when you come to look – yes I know about it – and no there is nothing I can do about it or nothing that I know of.  One of these days I hope they have solved the problem and that it will be working all the time – if it isn’t there when you come to look please come back later in the day – it seems to be mainly night time and early morning when it happens.

An unplanned dental visit today – I have had a sensitive tooth the last couple weeks and they fit me in to see what is going on with it – I should have time to work on more sashing this morning though – I would like to get those final two rows of the Scrappy Stars finished – if not today then in the next couple for sure!

My daughter Jessica from All She Cooks now has a You-Tube channel – feel free to check it out.

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  • Ramona Feb 14, 2017

    Your wool applique block is beautiful. I really enjoy using wool, but have never used wool thread. I tend to use silk thread since it all but disappears into the wool. “Handful of Scraps” is looking good!
    Ramona recently posted…Kellen’s Tree SkirtMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 14, 2017

      I had joined a wool group on line and they all want their stitches to show and use wool thread, perle thread, embroider thread etc – none use silk thread – I thought I would give it a shot – you really must learn to do all the fancy stitch work though so you can show it off – I don’t know if I could ever get my stitches all as evenly and nicely placed as they do

  • Deb Feb 14, 2017

    The applique is lovely even without embroidery and what a nice Valentines Day surprise! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Snow, Snuggling, Playing & SewingMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 14, 2017

      thanks! I had actually forgotten I had to add the embroidery to the piece until I got the pattern out to give it another look over!

  • Mary Ann Peter Feb 14, 2017

    Your work is beautiful, Karen! Approximately how big is Handful of Scraps at this point?

    • Karen Feb 14, 2017

      it is 46 x 54 inches right now – it will be more squared off after I add the final 8 hexie flowers – 2 in each corner and then more neutrals. Then you can finish it off how ever you want of course, I will be appliqueing the piece to a back ground fabric and maybe more hexies in a border.

  • Judy Zoll Feb 14, 2017

    When I am doing wool applique I use fray check on the edges before I fuse my pieces down. It is another step that takes time but it keeps your wool neater on the edges. I forget whose blog I learned that from. Also when I stitch down tiny pieces I use a whip stitch instead of a blanket stitch. My friend took a class with an accomplished appliquer and she shared that tip with me. I love checking in daily to see what you have accomplished–I am trying to follow your example but sometimes other things win out.

    • Karen Feb 14, 2017

      yes this is a whip stitch I am using – I find it easier than blanket stitch, as this piece isn’t going to be washed I didn’t worry about using something like fray check. Also the pieces are glue basted not fused. I have found that some in wool groups use fuse and some do not – it makes the piece softer looking if you do not use fusing products. I have a lot to learn though with wool and glad I joined a facebook wool group – there are experts on that group! and give really good advice on how to work with it

  • Opal Feb 14, 2017

    That applique is lovely.

    I like your valentine’s day presents. I was impressed with your ability to eat dark chocolate in moderation and then I saw your comment. I’m much more of a savory eater, but occasionally, I do indulge with a good piece of dark chocolate.
    Opal recently posted…My valentines day (hand-knit) socksMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 14, 2017

      Most of the time I do stick with just a couple pieces of chocolate a day but sometimes I do admit to having 4 or more! I do love potato chips and nuts but try to limit the chips at least – the nuts are good for you if you stick with walnuts and almonds

  • sue Feb 14, 2017

    Oops your tooth might be protesting against the chocolate! haha! Arent you a lucky girl to get chocolates and roses. Your applique block is lovely. What is the group you are talking about? Is it a Facebook group?

    • Karen Feb 14, 2017

      yes it is a facebook group called Wool Workers – lots of great advice with this group that is growing and growing – I prefer the small group – I don’t usually care for them when they get too big but this one is ok for now.

  • Dottie bishaw Feb 14, 2017

    You’re wool applique block is so pretty. What a sweet husband Mike is. Whoa, that is a lot of dark chocolate! Death by chocolate ran thru my mind, Lol! Just kidding. Love the beautiful roses and your hexies. I love doing hexies for a hand project.

    • Karen Feb 14, 2017

      Yes so much chocolate – I really do only eat a couple pieces a day – rarely ever more than 4 – this chocolate stash will last me some time.

    • Karen Feb 14, 2017

      yes too much chocolate – it will last me some time!

  • Vireya Feb 14, 2017

    Love the wool applique. And the hexies. And the roses and chockies!
    Vireya recently posted…Filling SpacesMy Profile

    • Karen Feb 14, 2017

      Yes so much chocolate – I really do only eat a couple pieces a day – rarely ever more than 4 – this chocolate stash will last me some time.

    • Karen Feb 14, 2017

      thanks! more work on the hexies today – and that chocolate really well last me a long time

  • Joyce Mullis Feb 15, 2017

    The colors of your wool applique are so rich and beautiful.

    • Karen Feb 15, 2017

      thanks – some of the wool is hand dyed from a place called The Wooly Lady they have fantastic pieces – thankfully they are available in tiny pieces if you don’t want to pay the price for the big pieces.

  • Deborah Kemball Feb 28, 2017

    It is a real thrill to see Midnight Garden in wool. Sensational!

    • Karen Feb 28, 2017

      thanks! I’m amazed that you have seen my work on your pattern – you must have something on your computer that alerts you to your name being used! Love your work Deborah and thanks for stopping by

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