Air Ship Propeller & Hexies

Handful of Scraps, Retro Air Ship Propeller’s

In between blowing my nose yesterday and basically dragging myself around from this head cold (yes I am whining- I rarely get them) I did get some sewing done and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies as well.  Other than that I generally lounged on the couch with a book, peppermint tea and a box of tissue!

I did finish the 3 Retro Air Ship Propeller blocks that I had cut out though and now I need to select more colors – put the scraps back in the boxes and cut out more.


All of them laid out. Each block is 10.25 inches.  20 blocks finished.  I think I need to make more with the bright white background if I am going to use that one block so it won’t stand out so much by itself.  Sashing or not? Haven’t decided – on point – yes.  I took the photo at the wrong angle to show the on point LOL – wasn’t thinking my head is too clogged up.


The next hexie basted and ready to stitch – I was asked the size of the hexies the other day – in case you were wondering too – each hexie is 7/8th inch – odd size yes but that is what the pattern was for and the hexies are that size.


5 or the 8 needed finished and ready for Handful of Scraps for the area needed to start to “square” up before a border goes on.


The Azalea’s are now blooming – I will try to get a photo today but they are not in full bloom but starting to look pretty!

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  • maxine lesline Mar 4, 2017

    Tea dye that one dazzling white block? Usually that softens the dazzle. The rose and green combo is especially pretty… Lolling on the couch with a book is often effective medication for a cold.

    • Karen Mar 4, 2017

      I don’t know why I didn’t think of that – I have done that in years past on other blocks in other quilts that didn’t quite look right – I hadn’t done it in a long time though so I guess I just forgot about it!! thanks for mentioning it

  • Kathi Mar 4, 2017

    I just love seeing your bright and fun hexies laying out! 🙂 And I love seeing your propellor blocks getting into formation!
    Look forward to seeing your azalea blooming shots… even if not a full bloom yet… I tried growing azaleas here as they said certain hybrids would grow in Florida… but not to be for us anyway … and none of our neighbors have them growing… too much sun here I think! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Halfway done ~ Simply Woven for Kaydence!My Profile

    • Karen Mar 4, 2017

      Azaleas grow really good in Arkansas, I know I have seen them in other southern states but didn’t realize they didn’t grow well in your area.

  • Dottie bishaw Mar 4, 2017

    Oh Karen, your colors are so lovely on both the hexies and the Propeller blocks. You did so much even though you have a cold. I’m looking forward to seeing the azaleas pictures. I love them, but they don’t do good here, too warm I guess. Take care of yourself.

    • Karen Mar 4, 2017

      I have found that Azaleas do really well near pine trees although of course have seen them growing in other places as well. I don’t let something like a cold stop me – I have to be really sick to just lounge around all day 🙂

  • Kaholly Mar 4, 2017

    Wow! You always come up with the most interesting patterns to make. I love this Retro Airship Propeller block! ,,
    Kaholly recently posted…New Pattern, New DrEAMi! ProjectMy Profile

    • Karen Mar 4, 2017

      this pattern is also called by the more modern name “Steam Punk” but I got the old pattern that was in the newspaper back in the 1930’s and made my own templates

  • Michele Hill Mar 4, 2017

    Get well soon Karen…….I admire your stamina for still stitching while feeling so awful x
    Michele Hill recently posted…Retreating with Jude Part 2My Profile

    • Karen Mar 4, 2017

      well just a cold – I have skipped my exercise though but can’t stand sitting idle – I have spent a lot of time reading the last couple days though – hope to feel back to normal tomorrow – I want to get started on the garden work

  • Deb Mar 4, 2017

    The hexies and Airship blocks look wonderful!
    LOL did I catch your cold online? I went through half of a box of kleenex today and sneezed in between every nose blow 🙂
    Deb recently posted…This-n-That & Some Slow StitchingMy Profile

    • Karen Mar 4, 2017

      I think this cold is going around the states – someone else said they had it too! in between blowing the nose I have been picking out fabric today for more blocks – hope for a good nights sleep and back to normal tomorrow?

  • Mary Ann Mar 4, 2017

    Ms Karen
    The azaleas do well under the pine trees and oak trees. They need the acid pH to do well. They do grow in North Florida as we have a lot of oaks and pines. Mine all didn’t do great as we had little rain and I don’t water. Ours are full in bloom. Also the dogwoods already.

    • Karen Mar 4, 2017

      yes that is where I have my azaleas grow – right under the pine trees – for about 30 years now – the same plants and some off shoots of them – I think I have 7 or 8 of the plants and they do very well there. One of my readers in Florida said she didn’t have any in her area – glad to hear some of you have luck with them too – no dogwood blossoms right now but they shouldn’t be too far behind now that the redbuds are blooming.

  • Nanette Mar 5, 2017

    Air Ship Propeller’s are looking good. My favorite ones are the earth tone colors with a lighter beige (I think) background. But it is coming together and looking good. I think it will look fine without sashings and a nice dark first border to stop all colors.
    Colds are no fun. Cedar usually gets me but we had a very mild season this year – YEA.
    Hope you feel better today!
    Nanette recently posted…Success! 17 in 2017 Goal for February!My Profile

    • Karen Mar 5, 2017

      yes I need to play with layout for awhile, I have not decided on sashing or border, sometimes with this type of quilt the sashing finishes it off so you do not need borders. And yes allergy season still to come – the cedar trees are a problem for me too

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