First Day of Spring–Felt Like Summer

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Really people it felt like the first day of summer today not spring.  I do not ever remember having this warm of a day for the first day of Spring – 84.9 degrees – where the heck did that come from – and today as well.  I actually had to turn the A/C on in the middle of the afternoon and shut the windows – unbelievable. So did I get any sewing done!  Not much – I was outside.

Last December I bought a mixed bag of tulip bulbs – I believe this one is called a “parrot tulip” I could be wrong.  I well have 3 clumps of  these and one of another color – it isn’t open yet so I’m not sure – looks like it will be white but what will the second color be? (not shown in this photo)


A lot of clean up of the flower beds has been done the past week – I have one area of leaves pulled out from the beds that I need to mulch but after that I am done with clean up and on to planting the garden in another couple weeks – one can never tell with this crazy weather – our last chance of frost is not until the middle of April at least and I am not planting my tomatoes until closer to that.  We do not have grass that grows decently and would need to lay sod – this used to be a pine forest – I don’t mind it so we let it go like is – we do get a bit of weed/grass that grows and the area has a lot of wild violets that grow – they have just started so I will be seeing a  lot of green shortly.  This photo taken at 6:30 about last night.  The leaves on the trees are all beginning to bud out so it will look really full in another week or two – and I noticed last evening that it looks like I might get some blossoms on my 3 year apple tree that still looks like an extra large twig!!  well it is over 6 feet tall, but very thin still.


I have been bringing the tomato plants outside daytime so they can start to get used to the difference – hardening them up as they say, I started these from seed so pretty small still.


Yesterday this is all the sewing I got done with LOL  When I got started with this quilt I was going to try to count hexies as you can see on the print out – I gave up, I should have enlarged it more – It made me dizzy LOL – do I really care how many?– no


Worked on this section of the Postage Quilt on Sunday night.  Linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog.


I do not often buy fancy bakeware but there was something about this shortbread pan (can also be used for scones)  that drew me to it and finally after looking at it for the last six months in the King Arthur Baking Catalog I caved in and bought it and a round bread bowl.  I figured that after six months I really wanted them both and to dive in and get them.  Now of course do I try them out on this day when it is to get above 80 degrees again – you bet!!


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  • Gretchen Mar 21, 2017

    I’ve been eyeing that short bread pan also. Your tulips are beautiful. We had a warm February but March has been cooler/cold so our springtime has been put on hold for awhile. That’s ok, I just keep on sewing and quilting.
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  • Marianne Mar 21, 2017

    Love seeing your yard – so natural! I would love less lawn and more wildlife, but that doesn’t work in a condo in “suburbia.” I’m surprised you can grow tulips without their being eaten by deer. The deer seem to walk right through our yard every night; I see their tracks in the snow.

    I have one of those King Arthur bread bowls, too, and it makes very nice bread. Now that I have the bread machine, I haven’t used it much, but you have reminded me that I can be making a larger amount of dough in the machine and then baking it in the bowl. Hmm… may give it a try later in the week!

  • Deb Mar 21, 2017

    How beautiful that photo is with the light streaming through the trees. That is too hot for this time of year. The weather is alarming. I just read on the news where the peach and blueberry crops in Georgia and another state have virtually been wiped out from the weather that we had not too long ago ( too warm ) and then a deep freeze. 80% of the peaches for the USA come from there 🙁

    I think those are parrot tulips too. So pretty!

    It might hit 60 here today but then drop down again to the 30’s or lower tonight.
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  • Ruth Mar 21, 2017

    Our snow is melting, but there’s plenty left. I’m looking forward to warm weather, but not to 89 deg. Enjoy spring/summer.
    Ruth recently posted…Sock Madness 11 in progressMy Profile

  • maxine lesline Mar 21, 2017

    The King Arthur catalogs are always good to read.. text and pics both. Much of the wheat the company buys is Kansas grown. Two years ago King Arthur execs toured the fields and also the huge milling department at Kansas State . I was glad to know that King Arthur is owned by employees… Nice to see your home grown tomatoes.. best way to get favorite varieties.

  • Mary Wendland Mar 21, 2017

    Hi. You have such a beautiful property. I found your blog on Quilting Blogs. I live in Peoria Az so we have already had 90 degrees for a whole week! You can see my plants on my My tomato plant is now 2 feet tall and I have buds! I haven’t seen that bread bowl before. It would be a great gift for my daughter who uses the bread machine and then puts final step in the oven. Thanks. mary in Az

  • Dottie Bishaw Mar 21, 2017

    That does look like a parrot tulip, beautiful. Your yard is so pretty, love all the trees, and the open spaces. I really like that shortbread pan, so pretty, will make beautiful shortbread. Another beautiful warm day in the 80s. I guess I’ll move all my houseplants out tomorrow. Boy, that will be a job, I have too many, lol! It would take too much time to count all those hexies. A little hand quilting on Postage stamp will get it done sooner or later, no rush, just enjoy.

  • Peg Miller Mar 21, 2017

    Your tomatoes will catch up. I often plant mine when they are not much bigger.

  • Plum Cox Mar 22, 2017

    The weather is all over the place here in the UK too! Love your postage stamp quilt!

  • nanette Mar 22, 2017

    Someone has a great green thumb. I do not have one, but I can sew! LOL
    Really pretty landscaping. I discovered King Arthur flour last year. There are no histamines in it. Was not aware of the fact it is American flour – I have a little left of the Gold Medal and then I can start using KA again!

    I have never eaten short bread or scones. I will look them up. I found a receipe for bread pudding that I think I can make with my special bread and milk. Hopefully it will work.

    Again- beautiful landscaping! I will just continue enjoying watching our deer, birds, squirrels and Mischief the neighbor’s black cat waiting for black birds to fall out of the sky for breakfast! LOL

  • LisaS Mar 22, 2017

    Your tulips are so beautiful! I’m still waiting on our first blooms.

  • Vicki Mar 23, 2017

    That gives me hope because it still feels like winter here.

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