Hexies and Flowers

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Back to the hexies  – this quilt top is moving along this past month and the center is getting closer and closer to a finish.  The lower right is the area I am working on this weekend and I will be linking to Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy today.  I plan on getting this corner finished of Handful of Scraps.  Linking to Quilting is More Fun Than Housework also.


A close up.


And another with rows ready to put together.


Strips cut for the next border on the Retro Air Ship Propeller quilt  EDITED:  quite a few of you that leave comments might have noticed that it says you have to be approved again before you comment shows up – a couple weeks ago I got a new computer and it seems this computer is not recognizing you or it is a coincidence that it started to happen after I got the new computer – after I have approved you once or twice it will not do that – you do not need to try to leave more than one comment I will approve your comment as soon as I see it waiting in line – sometimes it shows up faster than other times and sometimes my comments do not always come to my email once again so I have to periodically check the blog to see if there are comments that I haven’t seen or need to be approved – I’m sure it will all be back to normal soon.


a run to the grocery store yesterday had me picking up a couple pots of flowers to plant.  Everything is still on the front porch – we had a very rainy Friday night and netted almost 2 inches of rain but we were well away from the area that was near Little Rock that had a small tornado go through.  We barely even had thunder – but gosh the rain just came down so hard for about 45 minutes.


The tulips survived the rough rain and I think I had more open yesterday – they enjoyed the chilly day that got up to 58 then dropped to a chilly 54 all day long.


Craftsy is having a supply sale – Last Chance sale ends at midnight.

Deals on all kits & supplies!
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I couldn’t help myself and I ordered this kit – heaven knows when I will get to it but at less than half price now was the time to get it.  It has the pattern/papers (a $29.95 value) and over 8 yards of fabric for $89.95.  This is a paper foundation pattern – I do not have a lot of experience at this method but it is time to try something new.  Thanks to all of you who order through my links – I do appreciate it.


(I am compensated for any purchases made through my links.)

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  • Marianne Mar 26, 2017

    That is a lovely quilt and very tempting. I hate paper piecing although some love it. I don’t like taking the paper out at the end. I sometimes use freezer paper and fold it along the seam line so that I don’t have to remove the paper. But it’s easy to get confused with that method. Your hexie quilt is really looking great, as is the propeller one. Isn’t it nice to get a project close to done? I’ve been working on a scrappy quilt with 9 16″ blocks and am on the last round for the last three blocks. Will get it together today and then all a border all around. That will make 3 tops waiting to be quilted so I really should stop creating and get busy quilting.

  • Katy S Mar 26, 2017

    I have been watching the progress on your hexie quilt . It is beautiful! I can’t believe how fast you are at this! Want to wok in one of my hexie quilts? Lol

  • Gail Mar 26, 2017

    Your hexie flowers are blooming rapidly! We had lots of rain yesterday too. Our daffodils and tulips are up out of the ground but not blooming, I do have a few crocuses out. I always enjoy seeing your posts each week through kathy’s link up. Have fun stitching today.
    Gail recently posted…The Textile Museum and Slow StitchingMy Profile

  • Dottie bishaw Mar 26, 2017

    Three corners almost done yay, really coming along. I was glad the bad weather missed you. The rain is always welcome. I think we might get some today. Such beautiful tulips and flowers. You have a lot of fun planting all your plants coming up! Karen, I think that quilt is made with templates that are included with the pattern instead of paper piecing?

  • Dottie bishaw Mar 26, 2017

    I made a mistake Karen, I misread, it is a paper foundation pattern, my bad lol.

  • Kathi Mar 26, 2017

    I am loving your epp Handful of Scraps… which of your posts best outlines HOW you do this?? I read most every post but now can’t seem to locate the HOW of that to try a little flower of my own 🙂 I love the borders you are putting on your retro air ship quilt top… soon you will be quilting that one! 🙂 Have a happy sunday friend and thanks for the tulip shot! I love tulips and you know they won’t grow here! lol Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Hand quilting, Machine piecing, and Designing too!My Profile

  • CathieJ Mar 26, 2017

    That quilt kit is beautiful. So are all of the projects that you are working on. Your flowers are so pretty. It is cold and rainy here. Not very spring-like.
    CathieJ recently posted…Quilting and Cross-stitchingMy Profile

  • Cynthia Brunz Mar 26, 2017

    Your hexie quilt is getting so close to completion. It has been fun to watch. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!
    Cynthia Brunz recently posted…Oh Scrap! : A New ProjectMy Profile

  • Quilter Kathy Mar 26, 2017

    An amazing new project that you purchased… can’t wait to see how it comes together!
    Love the sashing fabric you have on the propeller quilt!
    Enjoy your slow stitching today…the hexies are growing so fast!

  • Sandra B Mar 26, 2017

    Love that kit you ordered, Karen! Great price, for the amount of fabric you get….
    Handful of Scraps is looking great! And you are making great progress on Retro Air Ship Propeller!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your flowers….here in Virginia, we are having a cloudy day, but in the 70s….we are getting some rain several days this week with the warmer temps….we could use the rain, so I hope the prediction is correct….I think my azaleas may bloom this week… I was working in the yard this afternoon and some of them looked really close to blooming….
    I am working on hand piecing while watching NCAA basketball….cheering for North Carolina….it is a tight game with Kentucky… I can tell you, not much stitching is getting done!!

  • Thimbleanna Mar 26, 2017

    Wow Karen — you’re amazing! I’ve been “away” for a few weeks and you’ve made more progress than I make in a year LOL! Your propeller quilt is looking amazing — I LOVE it!!!
    Thimbleanna recently posted…SeattleMy Profile

  • Kate Mar 27, 2017

    Your hexie quilt is growing by leaps and bounds! It really is gorgeous. What a great deal on that quilt kit. Happy stitching this week.
    Kate recently posted…Weekend Stitching: Finished and NotMy Profile

  • Denise :) Mar 28, 2017

    Your hexie quilt is darling — they always make me smile! Do you leave your paper templates in until you’ve finished whipping them all together? Nice kit purchase from Craftsy, too — that looks like fun! 🙂
    Denise 🙂 recently posted…working weekend . . .My Profile

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