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Wednesday was a day that not much time was spent sewing.  I’m not really sure what all I did but it wasn’t much sewing!  I did exercise and go grocery shopping – and spent a bit of time chatting with my sister while playing Word with Friends LOL – then I was texting another sister and one of my brothers.  Checking in on family about the storms that went through Tuesday night – none of the family had damage but my brother said damage only a mile from him – so knock wood! everyone came through it fine – we went to bed and the storms had lessened in our area and when they came on through I woke up briefly and fell back to sleep after I pulled a window shut – it had stayed warmer than normal and I had left some windows open nighttime and then of course it cooled off a bit yesterday and now we are back to low 60’s the news man says.

I got a little more binding done and hope to finish it last night – I write my post the night before you see it and schedule for early morning – when I got done writing last night I intended to find something on tv and settle in and get that last side of the quilt done!  All folded up nice and neat to work on.




Have you seen a little challenge and contest going on at “Quilt Shop Gal” make a super tiny block – post your photo of it and link back to her blog – prizes!  I will link my block in the morning after this blog post comes up (actually after I wake up I should say as I schedule it early.  There are 4 different patterns to choose from – all free with the links on her page.  This little block finishes at 1.5 inches!!! It is all about precision so I had to really work nice and slow at it yesterday afternoon when I decided to make one.  I like all four patterns and might make more and start collecting them up for something! ( I believe this is random – not on how perfect you are!  about 7 prizes? I think) So today I am linking to Quilt Shop Gals tiny little blocks with my little block called Rainbow Flowers.  I am also linking to My Quilt Infatuation today.


I certainly hope I have more to post tomorrow.  More cutting is needed for the Retro Air Ship Propellers and maybe I can get some sewed too.  I think I will stick with some of the same colors I just used and just swap out the shape for where they were used – they will look totally different.  Seeing as I have those fabrics out and pressed it will make it easy to get started.  I have not forgotten about the little applique baskets or the Handful of Scraps or the wool applique – LOL – too many projects still going I am loosing track of how many!!  And I committed myself to a couple child size quilts for a charity and I really need to get on the ball making those — I have two other baby quilts put aside already for a different charity drive – I think I committed to too many!!  I will need to drop everything and get those made soon.

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  • Jan Mar 2, 2017

    You are there. This quilt is perfect. I can’t imagine all those small pieces.
    Jan recently posted…Totally Triangle QAL @ 2 monthsMy Profile

    • Karen Mar 2, 2017

      Finished the binding last night – done!

  • Marianne Mar 2, 2017

    Where did you get your quilt labels? I ordered some and don’t like them. I like that you have your washing instructions right on them, too.

    Glad to hear the bad storms went around you and yours. We’re in Alabama now and there were some heavy thunderstorms predicted. Over the weekend, we drove through a hail storm in PA – no fun at all. I’ve never been in a car when it was hailing and hope never to do so again!

  • Deb Mar 2, 2017

    Glad that the storms didn’t affect you. We had severe storms and even a tornado warning mid morning which is unusual for our area…sometimes a watch / rarely the real deal! That tiny block is so cute!
    Deb recently posted…OMG: Flower Basket Medallion Border FinishMy Profile

    • Karen Mar 2, 2017

      I hate tornado warnings! can be scary – we have had a lot of them over the years and have always been lucky

  • Dottie bishaw Mar 2, 2017

    Oh my gosh, you certainly will be busy making the quilts for charity! You’re so wonderful to do that, besides all your other projects you have going on. The Scrappy Stars quilt looks so finished with that label you put on. I love tiny blocks and that one is so cute.

    • Karen Mar 2, 2017

      yes Dottie and I better get busy with them – it is hard taking breaks from the others though when I’m on a roll! Scrappy Stars finished and on the blog tomorrow

  • Rebecca Mar 2, 2017

    I sure love your Scrappy Stars quilt! Congratulations on a wonderful finish! I checked out the link you gave, those little blocks are so cute. I may have to make a few.

    • Karen Mar 3, 2017

      I think the little blocks are something I might make now and then for fun – I printed them all out so I can make a couple of each and make a little table mat or something

  • Nanette Mar 3, 2017

    Cute little block. Sometimes it is good to do something different. I like the labels too!
    Nanette recently posted…Success! 17 in 2017 Goal for February!My Profile

    • Karen Mar 3, 2017

      it is a cute little block isn’t it – I printed them all out and might make a couple of all of them just for fun to make a little mat or something

  • LisaS Mar 4, 2017

    I was going to ask where you got your labels but I see you answered that question up above. Scrappy Stars is looking great!

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